Stuck outside, perhaps wet cold, area with wild animals--The knowledge of how to start a fire can mean life or death. Gather wood or other burnables, Make a small pile of them for the fire itself with the thinest driest materials at the bottom. With the ability to start a fire being a primary survival necessity, a single-handed fire starter is an important asset.
Boy Scouts Handbook 1911 Both Boys and Girls should insist on getting a Boy Scout Handbook at least 1979 or newer.
Roasters can be made from green branches to roast meat, corn, fish, bread, marshmallows, hot dogs or just about anything solid. But successful cooking on a grill takes a little practice which you can get on your own backyard grill.
Coat hanger wire or heavier wire can be used instead of chicken wire or cutting metal to make shelves. Just put your Canteen Cup or other style pot on top, put in a heating tab, light it and your all set. Stove is powered by Esbit solid fuel tablets (sold separately); tablets generate up to 1,400°F of intense heat and burn for about 12 min. Other Versions The Whisperlite Internationale ($10 more) is capable of operating on alternative fuels such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline, and jet fuel.
MSR also sells an Expedition Maintenance Kit, which includes all necessary parts and instructions to disassemble and repair a damaged Whisperlite.
The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove™ combines the benefits of a backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger so you can cook a meal while charging your gadgets at a backcountry campsite.
CampStove can also burn wood pellets (available at many home and garden stores) if you're camping in a spot where you're not allowed to collect twigs or trees aren't present. Anodized-aluminum legs create a stable platform for cooking; legs fold in for compact storage when you're done making dinner.
CampStove's starter battery helps kick-start the fire before the stove begins generating its own power so it's best to charge the battery for 2 - 4 hrs.
Charcoal burns hotter, cleaner, and more evenly than wood, air is fuel as much as is the charcoal so give your fire some air.
JUST A FIRE ALONE Lowest cost, But much more time consuming, wood availability uncertain, may have to pack in wood, cooking time uncertain may be impossible in wet weather.
CANDLES USED FOR FUEL Must be wind shielded, slow cooking, slow boiling, low cost, reliable, dependable, have to be stored away from heat.
ALCOHOL BURNERS Must be wind shielded, slow cooking, slow boiling, reliable, dependable, may be more expensive depending on quantity purchased.
WHITE GAS STOVES Must be wind shielded, fast cooking, fast boiling, reliable, dependable, Less expensive than Propane.
If you look at what experienced back packers use they usually use either the Butane or the White gas stoves. Square lashings are used to bind together two spars that are at right angles with one another. A loose Sheer Lashing made around the ends of two poles will allow the poles to be opened out and used as an A-frame. Maps There are road maps and Topographic maps which show the physical features of the land as well as roads. The constellations (groups of stars) appear to change through out the year as the Earth travels around the sun.
Now we have hand held GPS devices or GPS directions finders as phone apps built into cell phones. IF YOU ARE FLYING KEEPING TRACK OF YOUR LOCATION IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU CAN'T STOP AND READ ROAD SIGNS.
If the known height is lets say 5 feet (one boy tall) then just use a stick and count how many 5 foot sections high the tree is.
You can go to Google maps and print out both a satellite and road map of the area you are going to be in.
Topographic Map Quadrangles Also go to your state government site or do a Google search for your state. Ten reasons why you should try hammock camping Light weight, comfortable, Insect free, no rocks, affordable!, refreshing!, You can still use your regular sleeping bag and pad, It gets you off the rocks, roots, bugs, muck, and slope of the ground.

A hammock maybe used with 1 tree and a pole if the pole is strong and is staked in three directions. Cot Tent DoubleThere also single cot tents which are more expensive and not for backpackers. But Tents are the old standard and can be lightweight, easy to set up, with full insect and rain protection. The closest thing to refrigeration is a flowing stream which in most cases now-days is rather rare. It doesn't have to be expensive like the top of the line items in the following backpacker link. Most sporting departments of large stores have water bottle filters often good for 100 gallons. Solar still One may see that it would be good to carry extra water, some plastic sheeting, drinking tube and a container, when traveling in areas where water is scarce.
In the new Scout Fieldbook they start this chapter with this Quote "We should all realize that every right implies a responsibility every opportunity an obligation, every position a duty, and that the most effective sermon is expressed in deeds instead of words." from Waite Phillips whose gift of property to the BSA became Philmont Scout Ranch. When most of our country was wilderness making a fire or tossing trash was no problem but now many people camp in parks, and use the same trails.
Major bleeding apply direct pressure and pressure point if that fails send for materials for tourniquet.
New American Heart Association CPR Guidelines released by the American Heart Association recommend that the three steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) be rearranged. New guidelines released by the American Heart Association recommend that the three steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR be rearranged. The new guidelines may inspire more people to perform CPR, says Sayre, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Ohio State University, Columbus. If you’re alone with a child or baby who is unresponsive and not breathing (or only gasping), call 911 after you’ve done 2 minutes of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
For a baby, place two fingers on breastbone, For a child, place heel of one hand on center of chest at nipple line. Continue this cycle of 30 compressions and 2 breaths until the child starts breathing or emergency help arrives. If you are alone with the child and have done 2 minutes of CPR (about 5 cycles of compressions and breathing), call 911 and find an AED and use it.
Blister while hiking can be treated by applying a piece of moleskin cut slightly larger than the blistered area and perhaps with the center cut out to take pressure off of blister. Prevention is better use caution when gathering firewood and stepping over rocks, logs etc.
Most spider bites are no problem but the Black Widow and Brown Recluse and a few others can be painful and ocassionaly deadly. Symptoms: Pale skin, clammy, Nausea and tiredness, Dizziness and fainting, Headache, muscle cramps, weakness.
The night of April 1, 2005 is a night that Aimee Wakeman, then 9, of Troop 1933 from Lakewood, won't soon forget.
At its 36th annual Youthpower dinner last Friday (March 4), the Seneca Waterways Council honored Eagle Scout Cody Jordan, Troop 111, Sodus, for saving his father’s life. Blood Circle - a method of safely moving the tool around you to determine if your work area is free of obstacles that could cause potential problems.
The circle is found by holding the blade of the cutting instrument (never the handle) in the hand used for cutting, and slowly swinging the arm in a 360° arc.
If you are working in an unsecured area such as a trail use “Coming Through” and “Go For It”. While a lighter, or even matches in many cases, can be used with one hand, when push comes to shove what you need is a reliable artificial flint style fire starter as your ultimate back-up. The stove fits conveniently around a canteen cup and then whole thing stores in the canteen pouch . The priming process involves releasing a small amount of fuel into the fuel cup, lighting it, and letting it burn down.
The two stoves are mechanically identical with the exception of a wicking cup for lighting less flammable fuels and several interchangeable jets for different fuel types. Isobutane burns hot and clean, and in colder conditions it outperforms conventional butane.

This can be done by drinking pure water and eating food that has been adequately cooked, using pots and utensils that have been sterilized, washing hands before preparing and eating food. The new first step is doing chest compressions instead of first establishing the airway and then doing mouth to mouth.
Sayre, MD, chair of the emergency cardiovascular care committee for the American Heart Association and co-author of the executive summary of the 2010 AHA guidelines for CPR and emergency cardiovascular care.
Press down so you compress the chest at least 2 inches in adults and children and 1.5 inches in infants. This is the night that she acted in a manner that was mature way beyond her years and risked her own life to save her father and brother's lives after an intruder broke into their house and started attacking her father.
The idea is no one except the person using the tool is inside, this keeps other from being accidentally hit and or hurt. If you decide to gave a tool to someone, you will not let go of it until the other person say “Thank You” letting you know that – that person has it and will not drop on you or anyone else. For example a shovel should be carried at your side with your hand half way down the handle with the shove blade down but out in front of you. For example if you are using an Ax shouldn’t you be wearing boots to protect your feet, long pants to protect your legs, long sleeve shirt to protect your chest and arms, gloves to protect your hands, goggles to keep flying wood out of your eyes, and a hard hat to keep a branch from knocking you silly. This added versatility may seem appealing, but because white gas is widely available throughout the world we believe it’s necessary only for a small percentage of users. MOST EXPENSIVE BUT SAFEST, fast cooking, fast boiling, reliable, dependable, Easy clean up.
The frapping turns used to tighten the lashing may be omitted and replaced with wedges inserted between the poles. Folding Spoons and forks as part of a knife need to be placed in boiling water before use, Eating utensils should have a hole in the handle that will allow them to be dipped in boiling water. The old approach, he says, was causing delays in chest compressions, which are crucial for keeping the blood circulating.
Take a normal breath, cover the victim’s mouth with yours to create an airtight seal, and then give two, one-second breaths as you watch for the chest to rise. While a hand ax the blade is carried in the hand, and a large ax you carry with the blade facing the ground and your hand about halfway on the handle so that it is angled to the ground.Place a sheath over an ax blade whenever it is not in use. This may seem a little over kill and it might be, until one or all of these things could have save you from a lot of pain and your life.
Here’s how: prime, light, turn off, release fuel pressure, pump three times, and light again.
While it is never a good idea to enter another person’s blood circle, it is customarily the responsibility of the knife-holder to clear the circle, or to move if the circle cannot be cleared. This site is being constructed so let me know if there is anything you desire to know that is not here. Once it starts to heat up, Perfectheat™ Technology gets the temperatures just right and the PerfectFlow™ Pressure Control System keeps the heat steady—even in cold weather, high altitudes and when fuel is low.
The outdoors has become like our kitchen in that all those who use it should clean up their own mess.
The best one was the 9th edition of 1979-1990 which can be found used for a low price on internet. Regardless of the make and model, this process is roughly the same for all liquid fuel stoves. Full Flame Control: Glove-friendly controls allow precise flame adjustment, from a simmer to a boil Wind Clip™ wind shield boosts efficiency in breezy conditions. Most important if you feel your hair standing on ends get down put your feet together and cover your head with both hands.
In his book, The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide, author Andrew Skurka estimates a typical 8-ounce fuel canister should heat about 30 pints of water. A freeze-dried meal usually requires 2 or more cups of water to rehydrate, so a canister is a good bet for 15 to 20 meals—barring cold temps, high winds or similar factors that could diminish stove performance. Also we recommend you get a Scout Field book which has more advanced skills displayed in pictures.

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