Please note that certificates issued as part of our Young first aider package, or which are externally accredited (eg. 80 staff members have been trained in Family & Friend Awareness and Skills training program.
We are associated with American Heart Association (AHA) and American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) to provide certified courses in CPR, AED usage, BLS & ACLS and First Aid.
Today we had visitors from St John First Aid come to our school to teach us how to do First Aid.
The lady showed us what to do at each step and then different students got chosen by Miss Kotlarewski to demonstrate how to do each step in an emergency. At the end of our lesson we got a Certificate saying we have successfully completed the St John Ambulance Primary School First Aid Awareness Course.
I think the first aid program is very interesting and helps us learn together to help someone if they are hurt badly. About the celebrations around the world I reckon we should do research on Africa and Austria.

St John Ambulance created the animated video after discovering only one in four parents know what to do if their babies stop breathing. Sue Killen, CEO at St John Ambulance, said: "We know that a major barrier to parents learning is that baby CPR frightens them, so we’ve removed the fear factor and made it reassuring and as easy as possible to learn. St John Ambulance's survey of 2,000 parents, conducted by OnePoll, found an "unconscious child" is the most frightening scenario for 74% of parents. Most parents who know first aid (62%) learned it through a workplace first aid course, yet the charity said baby CPR is different to adult CPR. The charity hopes the easy step-by-step video tutorial will teach baby CPR in a short, clear and reassuring way to help parents remember what to do in an emergency.
If you’re on your own, you need to give one minute’s worth of CPR before you can call for help, taking your baby with you. The video will be appearing on TV from 20 January during Coronation Street and the extended version (two minutes) is available online. Our Mobile Training Unit allows us to bring the training at your site, for your convenience and on all days of the week, around the year, thus preventing any disruption in your performance.

Without oxygen, permanent brain damage can result in as little as four minutes, with death following soon after. We all got to practice on our partner and then switch with them so they could have a go too. I like the st johns training program because we got to do learn about what to do if someone needs help if they were actually hurt. However, the immediate delivery of CPR, even by an untrained bystander, can protect and sustain a victim until skilled medical assistance arrives.

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