The new model that is being offered is done with the first 8 hours being done with online training – and the remaining 8 hours being done in the classroom. Should you be interested in taking the Red Cross first aid course, please contact the management at the Steinbach Aquatic Centre. By clicking 'register' you are agreeing to our terms of use & giving us expressed written consent to contact you.
Even if you are not attending the course, we can still arrange purchase of the first aid kit for you to ensure you are prepared for emergencies.

Heart Association and the American Red Cross are both ready to set up courses for your squadron. The American Red Cross is now offering a revised Adult First Aid class in both Spanaway and Lakewood.
The program covers a wide variety of topics including: Injury Prevention, Choking, CPR, Bleeding, Fractures, and much more! This course is designed to help the average person overcome any reluctance to act in an emergency situation.

Some of the topics covered include CPR, first aid and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

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