This weekend we (with Charlie in tow) did a first aid course over the Saturday and Sunday through Give Life Center, a first aid training and first aid supplies business in Lilydale, Victoria.
John who presented the course was excellent as he had worked as an ambo for years, and then was a trainer for the Ambos in rescue and recovery.
All in all a great course and it makes us that little bit more comfortable that we have our first aid basics covered off in preparation for the trip.
A few days ago a first aid training course was held in the town of St Catherine for Bedouin guides of the Jabaleya tribe in order to improve the safety of mountain hikes. Looking after yourself when something goes wrong is something all competent climbers should be prepared for.

Short-cut your way to success on your big dream, be it El Capitan, Half Dome, Troll Wall, St John’s Head or something further afield.
The event was organised by the Arab Medical Union (AMUEG), a non-profit Emergency and Relief Agency, in cooperation with the American Councils For International Education and the Mountains Tours Office, the tribal trekking operator in St Catherine run by Sheikh Mousa. Always stay away for a good distance (100 metres or more) from wells and other water sources.
They are good for windy conditions too, so keep it with you along the walk as some places can be windy.
You might save your life, or your partner’s, or you might get yourself slickly out of a silly situation that could have turned nasty.

Succeeding on big walls means being well prepared, avoiding problems before they arise or confidently dealing with what the Wall throws at you. He said that was not a problem at all which was fantastic as we basically had a private tutor for the weekend and we could stop at any time to look after Charlie if required. Learn and practice all the techniques you will need to climb a big wall: aiding, hauling, jumaring, traversing, beta on equipment, etc.

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