For Barney the Collie cross dog, a casual flick of a stone was to have catastrophic consequences. Saved by a picnic table and a group of canoeists Katherine was enjoying a stroll with her sister-in-law and her nephew when the accident happened. From PE to dogs via mountain rescue team Luckily for Barney, Katherine happened to have extensive experience of human first aid.
Learning on dummy dogs Having qualified as a Canine First Responder in 2014, her first dog first aid training course was fully booked up. THE Daily Record is supporting the Red Cross' first aid campaign, which is being reinforced by a Glasgow run of advertising posters.
THE British Red Cross Everyday First Aid programme is reaching its youngest ever audience a€“ by going into nursery schools. Pupils at Kidsplay Childcare in Kirkintilloch, near Glasgow, were the first to have a go at learning potentially vital skills during a pilot scheme.
Four-year-old James Bishop even considered giving up his dream of becoming a footballer to help drive ambulances instead after he met the charitya€™s volunteers. Mum Paula, 34, of Kirkintilloch, said: a€?Ita€™s a fantastic idea and James came home really excited about the first aid course. The children have been taught how to check if a person is conscious and breathing and how to put someone in the recovery position. Nursery manager Charmaine Ness said: a€?The first aiders used an accident-prone teddy to show how to bandage an injury.
Volunteers say the course dispels the myth that first aid is difficult and can take years to learn. Alex Taggart, 71, who has been a first aid volunteer with the Red Cross for 23 years, said: a€?This was the first nursery we went to with the demonstrations to test out how the children would react and see if we could get their attention. The British Red Cross and Daily Record have teamed up in a bid to turn the whole of Scotland into a nation of lifesavers. Wea€™re supporting the charitya€™s campaign to make Glasgow a safer city for the Commonwealth Games by encouraging as many people as possible to learn simple first aid skills.
Wea€™ll be bringing you stories which show how the Red Cross has made a difference to peoplea€™s lives - and by checking our website you can access links to download free apps that can turn YOU into a lifesaver.
We also want to hear from you if youa€™ve used first aid skills to save a life - or have been saved yourself.
East Dunbartonshire business woman Jennifer Hardie's company is the latest organisation to support our charity and 17 great causes. Ita€™s the brainchild of new chief executive Martyn Phillips, who said: a€?This new initiative is about us practising what we preach at the WRU. You have to think like a coach I rocked up at the WRUa€™s National Centre of Excellence in the Vale of Glamorgan not having played rugby for years, but still being able to think a bit like a player.
Be creative The message came through loud and clear that coaches should be facilitators, that they should encourage players to make their own decisions on the pitch and take the initiative.
Realise you could be coaching a session containing children who have never played rugby The trick, we discovered, is to slowly introduce the fundamentals of rugby through a range of fun games.
The size of the court to be used, safety issues like not having the try-line to close to a wall, equipment, inclusivity, experience and age of the children to be coached all had to be taken into consideration.
Learning to tackle and fall The thing that stood out to me during the workshop was that an adult must never hold a tackle-bag for a child to tackle because the difference in size and strength can make it dangerous.
It was an enjoyable and enlightening day WRU finance chief Steve Phillips, who used to play for Amman United, said: a€?The course reminded me how much I enjoyed playing and was an eye-opener. So what about former Wales captain Ryan Jones, now in charge of the grass-roots of the game in Wales? The parents of a six-year-old girl who choked to death on a grape drove 100 miles to confront an ambulance chief executive. Now the couple have revealed how they were repeatedly hampered in their quest for answers about the ambulance service response on the night Jasmine died in August 2014.
Rob added: a€?Finally, in June, last year, we drove to St Asaph, in north Wales, where the Welsh Ambulance Servicea€™s board meeting was taking place. Mum Kathy, 39, who works for Liverpool council , said: a€?Wea€™d both done first aid courses before this happened - Ia€™ve done a paediatric course - but nothing was getting that grape out. If It Fits Your Macros - aka IIFYM or Flexible Dieting - is one of the most popular lifestyle trends in recent years. Everywhere we turn, there is opposing nutritional advice flashed in our direction and almost every week, a new diet term is coined.
However, there is one thing we all innately know: if you want to lose weight, there must be a deficit between the energy you intake and the energy you put out.
Of course it comes into the equation that clean foods such as lean meats, complex carbs and vegetables are lower in calories than takeaways and sweet treats. However, in general those who advocate it say it helps them keep on track and achieve their goals, as it makes room for treats and splurges, all while allowing an individual to keep an eye on how many calories they consume on a daily basis.IIYFM or Flexible Dieting was started by a group of bodybuilders, who had grown tired of eating the bland and boring food they were being told to feast on, such as boiled chicken breasts, steamed vegetables, egg white omelettes and brown rice.
To date, it has transformed how millions of people around the world approach their eating habits and stay on track with long term, sustainable diets.Here, Human Nutrition and Dietetics student Meabh Durkin weighs in on the matter and explains the science behind it. A passionate foodie who has amassed thousands of followers thanks to her healthy recipe Instagram account, due to her Type 1 Diabetes, Meabh doesna€™t follow a€?IIFYMa€™ strictly but she does advocate its benefits.a€?The concept behind IFFYM is that you can eat anything you like so long as it meets your individual kilocalorie and macronutrient needs, and still reach your specific goals- be it fat loss, muscle gain or body composition changes,a€? Meabh explains.

Meabh recommends using an online database such as MyFitnessPal to help keep track of what you eat and your daily activities. John von Radowitz An hour of moderate physical activity per day is enough to cancel out the deadly effect of sitting behind an office desk or watching TV, research has shown. Patricia Murphy A Limerick mum who transformed her body and shifted seven stone said a fear of embarrassing her children was the motivation behind her massive weight loss. Patricia Murphy The number of Irish men undergoing cosmetic surgery to tackle excess male breast tissue has increased significantly in recent years, according to a leading Irish surgeon. A major clear up operation is underway after large parts of Stockport were battered by heavy rain and flood waters.
Northern Rail has warned that train services between Buxton and Hazel Grove will be suspended for several days after a landslide at Middlewood Station in Disley. Father-of-four Howard Lambert, who also lives on the street, said they have a€?never had anything like it beforea€™.
A Facebook page and online fundraising page has been set up by kind-hearted residents to raise funds for victims of the flooding in Hazel Grove, Bramhall, Offerton and Poynton. Liverpool 2 AC Milan 0 player ratings: Who shone for the Reds in comfortable pre-season win?
Blue star Antony Costa and his fiancee Rosanna Jasmin could do little more than watch on helplessly as their eight-month-old daughter Savannah suffered a dramatic fit last week. Finally, doctors told us Savannah had a virus which had made her temperature shoot up, and had thrown her into a fit called a febrile convulsion. Successful learners will receive a certificate valid for 3 years (although an annual refresher course is recommended).
Deciding to chase it, he followed the pebblea€™s trajectory over a stone-wall a€“ and plunged 45ft into a quarry, breaking his neck. Another is scheduled today (January 31), with the spring course on April 10 (details below).
Canine first aid is an emerging field, with a growing number of practitioners across Britain.
Theya€™re going to be going to school soon and it teaches them to be responsible, to be a good citizen and help others if they need you.
They were also shown how a person is transported safely to hospital and had a go at applying bandages. It didna€™t take long to realise there is far more to coaching than playing, that a different mindset has to be adopted.
Whether ita€™s through playing netball with a rugby ball, keep-ball or a variety of other innovative games, ita€™s about getting players to see and utilise space.
The emphasis was on enjoyment, on the importance of keeping on learning and aiming for self-improvement. Things like learning how to pass backwards out of the hand and getting to grips with the off-side law come much later. First aid, head injuries, the merits of protective helmets, mouth-guards and tackle technique were among items discussed. Jones said: a€?We are extremely proud of the fact that by the end of the summer over 900 community coaches from clubs around Wales will have passed through 40 or more level one courses all held at convenient venues in their local areas. Ex-cabbie Rob, 42, claimed: a€?We found the ambulance service very defensive, concerned with their own position rather than how it affected us. When you decide to a€?clean upa€? your diet, you automatically omit things like sauces, sugars, refined carbohydrates and alcohol.
But browse through the #IIFYM on social media and you will see people eating chocolate bars as a topping on their porridge, lashings of peanut butter on protein pancakes and tupperware containers with mountains of pasta. They decided to experiment whether they would still achieve the physique they wanted if they had some fun with their food. First, they must determine their Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) which will show how many calories your body burns over the course of the day.
The canine course is one of several offered by Active First Aid Training, a company set up by Katherine in 1999. Last week pet retailer Pets Corner announced it would be providing training in canine and feline first aid to all of its 600 shop floor staff.
There have been really young people who have saved lives just by picking up a phone if they see a family member lying there. Did you know that all of the WRUa€™s 240 employees are currently being put though a a€?tastera€? coaching course to get a flavour of what actually happens on the rugby side of the business? In the spirit of openness, Walesonline's rugby correspondent was invited to take part in a community tag leader course, designed to acquire the skills to coach children at level one.
There were nearly 30 employees on the course from all aspects of the WRU organisation, including head of finance Steve Phillips and legal eagle Rhodri Lewis.
In other words, it was about using the ball to beat defenders rather than attempting to run through them. A practical session then took place with foot placement, hip alignment, straight back, shoulder placement and head position being demonstrated and addressed. Chief executive Martyn Phillips added: a€?These are the foundations upon which Welsh rugby is built.

So did you ever stop and think that the reason you are shedding pounds is not due to the a€?clean fooda€™ you are eating, but simply the caloric value of it?
This is why a€?IIFYMa€? is one of the more controversial lifestyle trends, as it causes a lot of arguments about what exactly constitutes a healthy and balanced diet. A quick and easy way to find out your TDEE and macro requirement is to input your details into an online system. But they said it can happen to anyone a€“ children can suffer from them up to the age of five. But is there really a need for canine first aid a€“ can you not simply apply human first aid principles?
That's everyone from those who mark the Principality Stadium pitch to lawyers, accountants and administrators. We were split into smaller groups for a team building workshop in which we had to come up with some of the skills a coach needs. One game saw us split into two groups a€“ rats and rabbits a€“ and we were ordered to run in different directions. We also decided the ball could be kicked forward to a receiver, who had to catch it on the full.
We were taught the importance of what the coaches who took the course called a a€?band of steela€?, where the tackler wraps his arms around the legs of the ball-carrier, clamps them together and brings the victim down. These are record numbers for our coach education department and a hugely important part of what we are trying to achieve in terms of maintaining coaching standards and raising participation for both men and women at mini, junior and youth levels and beyond. The diet is based more on meeting your macronutrient requirements (carbs, protein, fat, fibre) than worrying about whether the food you are consuming is nutritious and beneficial. The water was up to your knees.a€? Brook House Nursery in Poynton was hosting a first aid course when the flood water burst in.
Gill Forrest, who has run the nursery for 26 years, said: a€?Ia€™ve never seen anything like it.
We knew a little, but if the doctor hadna€™t been there I dona€™t know what we would have done. But there was a serious side to it, because coaches use this age-old game to identify players with evasive foot-work and speed, and leaders who take responsibility in organising the defensive line. We had to explain it to another group, play them at it, and then take them on at whatever game they had devised.
Local people and parents have been amazing.a€? A number of road closures remain in place on Bramhall Lane South in Bramhall and Strines Road in Disley after flooding damaged bridges.
My fiancee Rosanna and I had gone to an open evening at the hotel where we are planning to get married.
When you have a baby, you are taught how to feed it, how to change a nappy and things like that, but they dona€™t teach you what to do in an emergency like this. We had Savannah with us, and although she had been suffering from a bit of a cold, she had seemed fine.
The staff at Addenbrookea€™s Hospital in Cambridge were amazing and we salute all the midwives and nurses out there. I wanted to talk about this because I think every parent should go on a first aid course, so everyone knows what to do if they are faced with an emergency. But it is the worst thing as a parent thinking you are going to lose your baby and being so helpless. We had read a little about febrile convulsions before this happened, but you dona€™t really appreciate how scary they can be until it happens to your child.
Luckily Savannah is on the mend, but we now carry a thermometer with us all the time so we can keep an eye on her temperature. There we were on the dance floor of the place where we were going to get married a€“ where wea€™ll have our first dance together as a married couple a€“ and we were looking at our daughter in agony, not knowing what was going on. But if therea€™s one good thing that comes of this ita€™s that, by sharing our story, we can encourage other parents to be aware of what they need to do if it ever happens to their child. The first dance at our wedding is going to be very emotional as we stand on the same spot where we thought we were going to lose our beautiful baby. Rosanna remembered some of the stuff we had seen a€“ and laid Savannah on her side and tilted her head. Rosanna was going to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her but then a woman came rushing towards us, and it turned out she was a doctor. It was horrible seeing her like that a€“ normally shea€™s so peaceful when she sleeps, but her breathing was heavy and we were so worried. They took us straight to hospital and what was probably a 20-minute journey seemed like an hour.

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