Babies and toddlers are curious and explore the world by putting things in their mouths – it’s a natural part of their development.
Toddler Jacob Jenkins died in hospital in November last year, five days after choking on a grape. Learn first aid for choking and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).Always supervise mealtimes.
Choking incidents can occur when an older child gives dangerous foods, toys or small objects to a younger child. Avoid toys with small parts and keep small household items out of the reach of infants and young children.
Be aware that latex balloons pose a choking risk to both young children and older children.
A person who is choking may cough continuously until the food or liquid is expelled from the throat or airway. On completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of attendance, ‘Paediatric First Aid Made Easy’ manual and a laminated wall chart. Just a few years ago,  Michelle Truett lost her 1 year old son, Aiden, after he had swallowed a button battery. If any of these symptoms rear their ugly head, or if the object hasn’t been passed in a couple of days, call your doctor immediately. If she thinks that the object will pass safely through your baby, she’ll give instructions as to what you need to watch for while waiting.
Of course, an x-ray might give further clues as to what exactly was swallowed, and its position in the body.
Simply enter your email to receive a free first aid lesson, just like those you'd experience during one of our live first aid workshops. I've been surprised this past week how such a simple investment could make me feel more confident as a parent, but it really has. Also, the HSE strongly recommend that all First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders in the workplace should attend annual First Aid Refresher training. The Resuscitation Training Course is in line with the Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines 2010 and can be adapted to suit the client in respects to what age group they may be resuscitating, be it babies, children or adults.
Candidates range from First Aiders through to Dentists, Nurses or other Healthcare Professionals.

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Children under eight years have much narrower windpipes than adults, and are still learning to chew, swallow and breathe in the right order, which makes them far more susceptible to choking. Children younger than 4 years of age should not be given round, firm foods unless they have been chopped into small pieces. However, in some cases the object, food, or liquid becomes lodged in the throat, cutting off the air supply.
Try 5 abdominal thrusts (pictured) instead of chest thrusts if the child is too big to pass over your lap (do NOT do this in babies). One of their key learning mechanisms is by putting things in their mouths – taste and touch working in tandem. It’s a tragic story, but one that serves to highlight the need to be vigilant with young children as they get used to the world around them. If the item swallowed is not sharp or dangerous in any way, your baby will probably pass the object naturally.
If there is any doubt as to safety, the doctor may remove the object herself; perhaps using an endoscope to reach into the baby’s oesophagus or stomach.
The best way to learn this technique is by taking a course specifically written for parents of young children.
We hope that you’ll never need to use these new skills, but it always pays to be prepared.

My husband had not done the course and booked it and did it straight after, as he would not have known what to do. As she and her 11 year old brother got off the bus and crossed the road, the young woman walking in front of them collapsed.
My daughter moved the young woman to a safer place on the road by an island and placed her in the recovery position. We found the course was very practical and helpful and thought that Craig was a fantastic presenter. Choking is a leading cause of accidental death in under-5s and only 2 weeks after, Thomas Ford choked on a blackberry while he was out on a walk with his parents and older sister near their home in Norfolk.
Age guidelines reflect the safety of a toy based on potential choking hazards as well as children’s development. But every now and then, a baby will swallow whatever it is they are trying to learn about: and that can have disastrous effects.
There may be a wait for nature to take its course, and while waiting you should watch for signs of something a little more serious. She had a fever that rose quickly and becuase of your course, i recognised the signs of what was happening, placed her in the recovery postion on the floor till the fit stopped and called the ambulance.
Knowing of his extensive experience and hearing his stories was great but we also found him to be very clear and good at reinforcing the main points.
Although a terrifiying experience as i was home on my home own, i kept calm and felt in control knowing i had the knowledge to help me daughter through.
His stories kept things lively as well as illustrated the skills we need in a way that I'll remember. In the stressful situation of an emergency, this kit helps refines the process, which is the crucial first step in saving lives.

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