The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires employers with more than 10 employees to record and report all occupational illnesses and injuries that occur in their workplaces.
OSHA requires employers to use three forms in OSHA accident and injury reporting: Forms 300, 300A, and 301.
The OSHA Form 300 is the Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses where employers must record accidents and injuries as they occur, classifying them and recording relevant information such as what body part was affected, the exact nature of the injury or illness and any days missed because of the incident. The OSHA Form 301 is a form that must be filled out for each individual injury or illness when it happens, and is used to then fill in the OSHA Log, or Form 300. The OSHA Form 301 Injury and Illness Report is used to record injuries and illnesses as they occur, and is used to record incidents in the OSHA Log (Form 300). OSHA regulations require employers to keep OSHA 300 Logs, any privacy cases, annual summaries, and OSHA 301 Incident Reports for five years from the end of the calendar years that they cover.
PAYDAY has HR Solutions to assist with all facets of HR compliance. Contact us to hear about how we take a proactive approach to HR, and how our HRIS can help. As Director of Operations, Jessica oversees the day-to-day operations for payroll, human resources, tax, finance and client affairs.

Jessica joined PAYDAY in 2004, and quickly advanced to Development Coordinator in 2006, when she took charge of Human Resources.
OSHA has specific forms for employers to use to keep track of injuries and illnesses, as well as specific posting and record retention requirements.
This is the form that counts up the total number of injuries and illnesses at the end of the year with brief summaries and classifications for posting. These forms are used to fill out the Form 300A Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses, which is the form that gets posted for everyone to see the employer’s record of accidents and injuries. Employers must update OSHA Logs with any information discovered later and correct any information entered incorrectly. She also plays an active role in formulating corporate strategy and developing client programs. She strives to build a team encompassing excellence and professionalism, and to play a large role in developing the staff on an ongoing basis. Employers must be able to tell the difference between medical treatment and first aid treatment for OSHA reporting purposes, and know what is reportable per OSHA regulations.

The period of five years allows employers and OSHA to spot trends in accidents and illnesses to take corrective actions to prevent or eliminate causes. February 1 is the OSHA Log Summary report posting date. Her passion for strong client relationships drives her in ensuring that clients receive the highest level of personal service and the best products in the industry.
Injuries and illnesses involving loss of consciousness, days away from work or work restrictions, and medical treatment are recordable. Employers shouldn’t wait until the posting date is nearing to review OSHA records and make sure logs and summaries are updated. Best practices for OSHA recordkeeping are investigating and recording incidents as they occur, and reviewing the annual log well in advance of the required posting date so any inaccuracies can be investigated and corrected in time for annual posting. OSHA reporting modules are included in HRIS solutions, automating the process and making reporting easier and more error-free than manual processes.

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