Getting a wolf spider bite is surely not something you would wish to happen to you or anyone you know, but still a wolf spider bite is something inevitable.
The number one clear way to identify a wolf spider bite is to see a wolf spider doing the actual biting. Oftentimes, a bite can be done by an insect or another organism, so it is not fair to blame the wolf spider unless you are certain that what you have is a wolf spider bite. But of course, before you do the wolf spider bite first aid above, you must know what to look for to confirm it. Knowing what kind of spider has bitten you or your loved one is very important especially if you have not seen which type of spider did it.
A wolf spider is typically a non-aggressive creature, unless you provoke it or give it a reason to bite you. A wolf spider bite can be safely managed at home if you are sure that it is a wolf spider bite and there are no other symptoms which might suggest a more harmful spider bite. This is (obviously) a real picture, so I'm wondering what they were actually doing there in the first place.

Oh wait, before you post a reply, I gotta mention I am actually having sex with two girls right now while I type this, my insanely high Einsteinesque IQ helps with multi-tasking. A wolf spider is very easy to distinguish because their two largest eyes are very visible even in the smallest species. Acetaminophen can be taken by the victim for the pain, or an NSAID like aspirin to help bring down the swelling as well. If symptoms persists for a week or more or if they worsen, contact your health care provider immediately.
Their venom of course is a toxin, but for the wolf spider’s venom to affect you, it has to be injected to you by the spider. While usually very gentle and will not harm humans, a wolf spider may bite if it feels threatened, startled, or thinks that its young are in danger. Arming yourself with the knowledge on how to identify and diagnose a wolf spider bite and the first aid for it empowers you to help keep your loved ones and yourself safe.
The following is a table that aims to help any person to identify a wolf spider bite versus the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider, both of which are dangerous.

A wolf spider bite is very uncomfortable to very painful depending on which specific wolf spider has taken the bite. There probably got a white guy trapped in there and banded together to attack him, because the rations are running low. The people that do no good, and never contribute anything, and sap all the humanitarian aid? In conclusion to the question, “are wolf spiders poisonous?” they cannot poison you unless you plan to drink their venom. There are over 2000-3000 species of wolf spider in the world and of course, they will all bite if they feel it has to be done. Kidding aside, since poison, venom, and toxin is oftentimes used interchangeably, then yes, the wolf spider can harm you, but it will not be fatal.

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