How a casualty is treated in the first few minutes after an accident can make all the difference and in extreme cases this can mean life or death. Contains 6x washproof plasters, 6x safety pins, 1x HSE 18 x 18 dressing, 2x antiseptic wipes, 2x triangular bandages, 1x vinyl gloves, 1x first aid advice leaflet.
6 x washproof plasters, 1x HSE 18 x 18 dressing, 2 x triangular bandages, 2 x antiseptic wipes, 1 x vinyl gloves, 6 x safety pins, 1 x first aid advice leaflet. 1 - 50 people kit contains: 20 x washproof plasters, 4 x HSE 18 x 18 dressing, 12 x HSE 12 x 12 dressing, 6 x eye pads with bandages, 8 x triangular bandages, 20 x antiseptic wipes, 1 x vinyl gloves, 12 x safety pins, 1 x first aid advice leaflet. As employers, you need to provide first aid equipment, materials and training at all places of work where the working conditions require it.
Construction, farming, forestry, garages would be considered more hazardous workplaces than offices and therefore may require more first aid provisions than other places of work (again this will be highlighted by your risk assessment).
You should have a list of the local emergency services and contact details available in your workplace in case of emergency.
Your risk assessment will determine the requirement to have a fully trained first aider in your workplace.

It is recommended that workplaces like schools, creches, retailers, factories, construction sites, mines and quarries etc. Records of first aid treatment provided by the first aider should be kept in the workplace.
Records of treatment must be kept secure due to the confidential information which may be included on the record. The Health and Safety Authority provide a comprehensive list of answers to First Aid Frequently Asked Questions. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. The contents for schools and workplaces are different from those we have at home as certain rules apply.
They are extremely useful in case of car crashes and emergencies, but are equally useful for any minor injuries sustained in any other environment. However we should all have one and the contents should be in date!After we had practised bandaging each other's heads, hands and arms correctly we progressed to slings and their various uses.

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The course includes dealing with bleeding, coping with choking, fainting, stings and bites and allergic reactions. We learned how to assess a situation and how to put the casualty into the recovery position. Plus we were taught Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation.You never know when you will need first aid skills and I would recommend taking a course. Keep it in your glove box where it'll be easily accessible.Bandages of various sizes (about 20)5 sterile gauze pads and 5 sterile gauze rolls (3 inches and 4 inches)cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs5 antiseptic wipe packets and antiseptic ointment (eg.

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