This course is HSENI Approved and is for anyone who wants to receive training in emergency first aid. The Emergency First Aid at Work course will allow you to apply basic first aid techniques to a variety of situations from conscious to unconscious casualties as well as dealing with breathing and non-breathing casualties. It is accredited by Qual Safe and on successful completion of the course and continual assessment, the delegate will receive a Level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work certificate.
CommunityNI is developed, managed and hosted by NICVA - Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action.
The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work. If, having assessed first-aid needs, an employer decides to appoint first aiders, the first aiders must have a valid certificate of competence.
The author of The Safe Dog Handbook has designed this course for all pet lovers who want to learn more about canine first aid and safety. Melanie’s approach to dog safety has been praised by top veterinarians, VPI Pet Insurance, national humane organizations and countless dog parents. You will learn the basics of canine first aid, be able to prepare for emergencies, have a great first aid kit ready, give your dog CPR and deal with wounds and injuries. The course is broken up into concise, single topic lessons so it is really easy to follow and you can go at your own pace, with quiz assessments throughout to consolidate your new knowledge!

About UsHere at OfCourse we believe that it's best to learn from experts and that everyone has an area of expertise. Paul MartinI am the Director of Multimedia at ProTrainings, as well as the primary blogger here. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Anaphylaxis Training for ProfessionalsThis course is designed to help Nurses, Health Care Professionals and Teachers etc who work with children or adults who might be at risk of an anaphylactic reaction. AnaphylaxisThis course is designed to help Nurses maintain their annual update and training in Anaphylaxis as required by the RCN.
This course is certificated for one year and a course booklet is provided for later reference. HSE & Resus Council NewsThe Resuscitation Council (UK) is working in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, supported by numerous organisations, to lobby Parliament to include Emergency Life Support as a mandatory part of the national school curriculum. Swan First Aid Services are one of the South's leading Health & Safety Executive approved training companies who pride themselves in delivering the very best training via medically qualified professionals such as Nurses and Paramedics with years of front line experience. This half day course is designed for all employees who use substances hazardous to health at work.
It introduces candidatees to substances, the risks and controls available and outlines what to expect from a COSHH Assessment.

The course will prepare employees to contribute to the safer use of hazardous substances in their workplace.
This is specifically suited for nominated first aiders in smaller, low risk working environments. These regulations apply to all workplaces, including those with five or fewer employees, and to the self-employed. For regulatory purposes, successfully completing an EFAW course will enable the candidate to act as a first aider in the workplace.
First-aid provision in the workplace covers the arrangements that need to be made to manage injuries suffered at work. Unfortunately dogs can’t talk, so this course will arm you with all the skills, resources and knowledge you need to react to your pet in the real world. This course is also appropriate for other Medical Staff, Carers and Teachers who work with children or adults who might be at risk of an anaphylactic reaction. How much first-aid provision an employer has to make depends on the circumstances of each workplace.

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