I want to take a few of these first aid items that confused me a little bit and go into more detail about why they are important. Hopefully by the end of this post you will understand more about these first aid supplies and why you might want them in your first aid kit, as well as how to use them for their intended purpose.
Important:  this article is not medical advice, If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider. Mepilex foam dressings are thick foam that you can use in a variety of conditions, and for many different types of wounds.
Mepilex is a brand name of foam dressing, and there are other brands, so if you are looking for different types, they are available. The easiest part of this dressing is that it has a slightly tacky backing that you apply directly to the wound, which makes it easier to keep in place when you are adhering the dressing, with either tape or an ace wrap, or whatever else you choose.
Mepitel is a wonderful product that you can put over wounds like burns, pressure ulcers, abrasions, and wounds that have a lot of drainage, because the drainage will come through the dressing, and stay off the skin.
Just like the picture shows, you place the mepitel directly over the wound, and then cover it with gauze, foam, or whatever you have. And then the next time you change the dressing, and remove the mepitel, it will not stick to the wound, and will not rip off those precious new skin cells you have worked so hard to have return!
An adaptic dressing allows air to get in, and also allows the wound to drain if it needs too, not trapping the moisture or drainage next to the skin, which can be detrimental to wound healing. The benefit to this is the drainage is absorbed by the dressing and keeps the skin drier, and allows the wound to heal.
As an example without being to disgusting, if you get maceration between your toes, and then you end up with a wound, you can wrap this around the toe, filling the crease, and any excessive moisture will be absorbed by the dressing, and keep the perfect balance of moisture on the skin, allowing the skin to heal. I said we we’re only going to do 5 but I remembered about the Israeli Battle Dressing and decided to add it to the post.

I learned about this dressing for Tom at Prepared Ninja, the Israeli combat dressing is a great addition to not only your first aid kit, but also your bug out bag. It is easy to put on, will not stick to a wound, adds pressure (compression to stop bleeding), and adheres to itself. We have quite a few articles about first aid and wound care, Lisa will be adding more in the future. Filed Under: Featured Posts, First Aid Skills, Prepping Skills, Survival Skills About LisaAs a registered nurse, a mother of 5 and Dale's wife I post on this website from time to time about what I know and love, Preparing my family to survive any sort of unforeseen situations. Enter your email address to subscribe to Survivalist Prepper and receive notifications of new posts by email. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Safe and easy to use, and unlike water, stays on the burn to keep cooling without repeated application. Adults, Elderly and, Children: After cleansing the wound, Crysatide cream is applied 2-3 times daily on the affected skin area. This comprehensive and versatile PPE Kit is ideal for many Construction and Industrial employees and can help to ensure that your legal obligations are satisfied for new employees.
By Lisa 2 Comments As some of you may know my wife Lisa is a Registered Nurse, and knowing first aid skills should be at the top of the list when it comes to preparing for any disaster or off the grid event. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information on this website. But this is the type of dressing I use on a daily basis so this is the one I really know well. You can use Mepilex on abrasions, cuts, burns, pressure ulcers, and even over surgical incisions.

This is a petroleum impregnated gauze that can be placed over wounds that are a little too dry (crusty.) In order to promote healing, you need a balance of moisture. You can change the xeroform dressings every three days, and hopefully within a week or two, the blister will have deflated, meaning the fluid will have gone back in the body while the outer skin shrinks down, and will get dry and scabby and flake off. The gauze is not as tightly woven as the xeroform is, and it allows a little more air exchange to the wound area that you are covering. Because if a wound is draining a lot of fluid the skin will get macerated and look really white (like what your skin looks like when you have been in the shower way to long) and macerated skin can’t heal. Most of my articles will probably be based on medical needs and prepping techniques, but you never know, I may surprise you every now and then. These kits can be personalised with company logos or modified to meet specific company requirements.
Events such as these are likely to create an overburdened medical system and make it impossible to get the medical attention we need.
This will work directly on a wound, or as an outer layer to provide padding to the effected area. When the wound is draining, you put this directly on the wound, and as the wound drains, the aquacel AG transforms from a felt type feeling dressing into a gelatinous thick film.
If you have any questions though please leave a comment below and Lisa will answer them to the best of her ability.
A dry film will appear on the skin after application, this can be washed off with water.Adverse EffectsCrystaderm is generally well tolerated and not associated with any serious side effects.

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