Apart from these sites, when you apply for an online First Aid course from institutions such as workplace approved, they provide you with the username and password and you can watch exclusive online videos for doing effective CPR and First Aid by the best known instructors.
Some sites will ask you to pay the fees for watching the videos while the others such as on YouTube, you can directly have a look at the videos without paying any fees. The actual process of learning the technicalities of CPR and First Aid is a step by step process and you can learn it by enrolling yourself in institutions such as workplace approved and opt there for an Online First Aid Courses and Programs instead of just wandering with free CPR videos (which may actually misguide you).
With the best of our knowledge Cal Safety, the American Heart Association and others have only about 2% of adults are CPR certified in California. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is an emergency procedure to save someone from cardiac arrest with rescue breathing and chest compressions. Approximately 95 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims die before reaching the hospital. If bystander CPR is not provided, a sudden cardiac arrest victim’s chances of survival fall 7 percent to 10 percent for every minute of delay until defibrillation. This course will cover adult, child and basic CPR and First Aid training for the home, workplace and the general community. Advanced Training Center of Long Island is an official Training Center of the American Heart Association.
These videos are arranged in a set order so that you learn step by step about how to do an effective and meaningful CPR and First Aid without any lapse and hence help to save a person who is undergoing a cardiac arrest before any medical help by a professional can be given.
The sites which ask you for the fees also give you certification and it’s a part of a CPR or First Aid Course.

Few attempts at resuscitation are successful if CPR and defibrillation are not provided within minutes of collapse.
Please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about updates to this event or venue. Free Printable First Aid Training Certificate, that can be given to people attending a first aid orientation, training or course. This is the best and cheapest method to learn about – how to do an effective CPR and First Aid. Such sites are rather a guide for you to become a lifeguard instead of just an untrained professional who thinks himself an expert by watching a few videos on the net here and there. Sports safety training involves the ability to recognize injuries or the potential for injury, the type of training that is appropriate, and treatment of sport's related aliments.Our EMT's at the Cal Safety not only train coaches and their staff in CPR and First Aid but they also add further instruction in Sports related injuries. The videos provide you with adept knowledge to perform effective and real CPR & First Aid by giving online demos on dummies by real life professional instructors and life savers.
You come to know what exactly you need to do in a situation when you have to save someone’s life. Print this First Aid Training Certificate free using your laser or inkjet printer at best quality settings and quality certificate paper. This article will give you details about the best sites from where you can watch online demos for CPR and First Aid,why teaching through online videos is the most essential part of First Aid Courses and about paying and free online First Aid videos. While sitting at home you can have the feeling of the classroom come to live, and can imagine that now you are a part of the classroom when you watch such videos.

If your job asked for a "BLS For Healthcare Providers card," this is NOT it!  You'll need to click here and find a class with that title on our schedule.  If you are not sure which card you are required to get for your job, please contact your boss so we can get you into the right class! After they finish the training give them a certificate that can help them remember when they participate in the course.
Such videos provide you with extreme detailing and peculiarities about the actual process of First aid & CPR.
Lets get this started right here in California and CPR Certify all children by the age of 14 and set an example for the rest of America and maybe even the World!
Please help us teach the our kids CPR and First Aid in California by helping our cause and donate. No First Aid course is actually complete without a video training – a step by step watch of the videos can give you a complete idea about the actuality of the process of giving First Aid. We GUARANTEE that your institution will accept your certification for CPR & First Aid regardless of whether the course is taken in traditional classroom or blended learning format.
The certification card issued at the end of the mandatory in-person skills testing session is identical to the full classroom-based version of the course, and there is no way of knowing whether the participant elected the traditional classroom format or blended learning option.
The access key and instructions on how to log in to the course will be e-mailed to you, usually within 1 business day.

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