Healthy Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies – like Red Velvet Cake but in a palm-sized cookie, and without any butter, oil, refined white sugar, bleached flour and artificial food coloring!
Just the other day as I was standing at the checkout line at Costco, the checkout employee asked if I liked to eat healthy. I used Earth Balance’s Organic Whipped Buttery Spread in these cookies to provide a nice texture and flavor, as a contribution to their Make Me Mindful campaign. Not only do I want to eat healthier foods, I want to eat more responsibly sourced and sustainably produced foods. So make these chewy, chocolatey, rich and delicious cookies.  Because dessert is for humans, carrots are for rabbits. Place the beet on a jelly roll pan and bake for 1 hour, or until a fork pierces through the center with ease.
Add the garbanzo beans, erythritol, roasted beet puree, almond milk, Earth Balance and extracts to a high speed blender (I used my NutriBullet) and puree until very smooth (batter should be a bright fuchsia). Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and line two cookie sheets with parchment paper.
Use a cookie scoop to portion the batter onto the prepared cookie sheets.  I used a 2" cookie scoop. However, if you’d like to reduce it, you can try using a different flour instead of the sorghum flour.
Sadly, canned beets don’t provide the same vibrant red color as freshly roasted beets. The kidney beans and beet puree should provide quite a bit of red color, and the vinegar should help maintain that color. Because, if you’re going to eat multiple times a day for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, why not be passionate about food and what goes in your body?
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Commit to happiness and health a€“ get your FREE 12-page Keto Starter Guide + weekly recipes, straight to your inbox. So many people have told me that they find it difficult to eat when the weather gets really hot.
I use protein powder as a convenient way to fuel up on the go – when Ia€™m on the run, too lazy to create something epic, or in the mood for a chilled keto treat to cap off my afternoon. The keto recipe is a simple combination of coconut cream and Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ made into a dough and pressed into a pan. This entry was posted in Dairy-free, Desserts, Dietary Preference, Frozen Desserts, Gluten-free, Keto, Nut-free, Recipes, Refined Sugar-free, Soy-free, Sugar-free, Vegan, Vegetarian and tagged eating high-fat, eating keto, eating low-carb, high-fat cooking, high-fat recipes, ice cream, keto, keto cooking, keto diet, keto life, keto recipes, ketosis, low-carb cooking, low-carb paleo, low-carb recipes, protein, Protein Powder, protein snack.
I just wanted to comment for anyone wondering if other protein powders work, I used grass-fed whey protein (it’s the Kaisen Naturals vanilla flavour, you can buy at Walmart) and it turned out super delicious. I have yet to find a good protein powder here in uk but love the sound of a fermented one and what better what to have it other than in ice cream ?
Hi I want to make your matcha protein ice cream bars but need to know where I can buy matcha and what is matcha. Third party links are often affiliate-based which means I receive a small percentage of the sale (at no extra cost to you). Inspirational QuotesThe way to happiness is: keep your heart free from hate, your mind from worry.
If all this talk has left you with doughnut muffin cravings, there are some options open to you.
Photos, original recipes, and text © Susan Voisin+ and Fatfree Vegan Kitchen, 2006-2016.

This year I got a little ambitious with my summer garden plans, and as a result, nothing’s really as it should be. But while my summer garden is still in its early stages, my winter garden is finally coming into its own.
Finally, operating under the theory that organically-grown chard clumped together in a pot will never get as big as the grocery store variety, I decided that it was time to harvest the biggest leaves.
I could have just sauteed it as a side dish, but I really wanted my precious chard to be the star of a main dish. I just made this for dinner and I am eating it as we speak (type) and it is so yummy, savory and everything I hoped it to be. But this time, I went out and bought chard, probably a tiny bit out of season, just to make this recipe. I found some beautiful organic swiss chard at our local health food store and I knew I had to try this recipe! Made this tonight but used kale I had in stead of chard & then added halved grape tomatoes to the cooked kale mixture. If I take out the salt added to this, can I use this for a breakfast in the 6 week eat to live program? I wouldn't recommend using dark-colored sweeteners like sucanat, date sugar, coconut sugar, brown sugar, etc.
Ia€™m literally writing this listening to the song Ice Cream by Jacob Plant dancing at my standup work desk.
These keto bars took me 15 minutes to whip up, theya€™re great for afternoon keto snack action (think: frozen keto fat bomb avec protein!) similar to my Keto Fat Bomb Ice Cream but this is a less messy alternative. As you know, Ia€™m in love with Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ because ita€™s just about the only protein powder that doesna€™t reek havoc on my digestive system. Theya€™re no bake and you dona€™t need an ice cream maker to feast on this vegan, keto ice cream.
Youa€™ll notice that the matcha powder wasna€™t added to my dry ingredientsa€¦ because I needed to taste the flavor bit by bit until I reached the right level. Can you use collagen or Gelatin instead of the protein powder and if so how much should I use?
My only thing was I left it in the freezer too long so it was really hard to cut into… then I let it thaw for too long and it was too soft to cut into, so I recommend following the freeze for 2 hours instruction! Another reason is those boring and hard work outs that for most of us don’t even go past the first few repetitions. Start with sitting on the edge of a chair, your hands right next to your thighs and legs stretched, not bent. It’s a pose where you take a warrior position by standing with one leg pointed forwards and bend to 90 degrees and the other stretched backwards and the foot pointed towards the outer side of the mat.
If you speak and act with a polluted mind, suffering will follow you, as the wheels of the oxcart follow the footsteps of the ox.
All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days.
When you buy something through my links, I receive a commission that helps support this site at no extra cost to you. Back in January when I planted my summer seeds in trays in my kitchen window, I took a chance and sprinkled some bok choy, mizuna, and rainbow chard seeds in the garden and in some large pots outdoors. Using kitchen shears, I carefully cut the largest of the white, yellow, pink, and vibrant red stalks, leaving the smaller ones to become, perhaps, a second harvest. I also wanted my daughter to eat some of it, and given her current aversion to green leafy vegetables, I knew I stood a better chance of overcoming her objections if the chard was mixed with ingredients she likes.
I used arrowroot powder instead of one of the starches because it’s what I had on hand.

I had planned on making it with the OODLES of organic fresh-from-the-garden swiss chard I had received from my in laws (whose thumbs are much greener than mine), but alas, I never got to the chard in time. Lightly tap the center of the cookies, if they are mushy in the middle then bake them for another minute or two.
I’m super impatient and don’t want to wait for vitacost to ship me the sorghum flour I ordered ?? would coconut flour work do you think?
One question though – you have 1 tsp white vinegar listed in the ingredients, but you never say where to use it. Not so much from a hunger perspective, but when ita€™s a scorcher of a day, the last thing I want to do is be cooped up in my kitchen. To maintain a similar consistency, you’d probably need to completely replace the protein powder with the same amount of collagen. I want to live in a world where every woman loves her body, nourishing fats are enjoyed at every meal, and the word a€?restrictiona€? isna€™t in the dictionary. And one of the most common places for fat is the upper arm area also known as flabby arms or batwings.
Your palms should be placed to the sides of your body, behind your butt with fingers towards the toes.
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For some reason, the seeds sown in the garden failed to thrive, but the ones I planted in pots did well. So Ia€™ve been thinking of ways to live a fat fueled, keto life with as little keto food prep as possible – simple keto treats and good keto eats with minimal cooking + maximum nutrients.
Sure, you could add the protein powder to a shaker cup and move on with life, but thata€™s not nearly as fun as feasting on these dairy-free, keto ice cream bars. And while you can’t really fly with them, they don’t look attractive and the most common way to get rid of them is by doing push-ups. With the help of your hands, lift your butt and hips and try to keep a straight shape of your body.
I’ve already harvested the last of the bok choy and mizuna, but the chard took its time.
Not all people like or can do push-ups and in order to tone your arms and get rid of the flab, you can do many other exercises that don’t involve push-ups. They always make me feel like I am eating something completely sinful but yet, I look at the nutritional info and it’s quite healthy and low fat.
Remain in this pose for half a minute or so and start pushing your weight with your hands towards the feet. Despite the very strong chard flavor of the pie, E granted the recipe 5 out of 5 crumbs on her rating scale and went back for seconds.
Unfortunately, the recipe makes only four servings, so we had to divide that last piece three ways!
In a large skillet, saute the onion and chard stems until softened (about 5 minutes), adding a tablespoon of water if necessary to prevent sticking. Vanilla Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ is lightly sweetened with stevia, so therea€™s a bit of sweetness coming from it already.

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