We all know the story of the young stuffed bear in rain boots who travels from Peru to London where he’s taken in by an English family.
But his exalted position is threatened when Katie brings home a giant, fluffy mutt named Duke (Eric Stonestreet). Like Woody and Buzz, Max and Duke are instantly at odds.The rival pups are trying to sabotage each other when they become separated from their dog walker and captured by animal control. This sends them on an adventure into the animal underworld: literally the underground headquarters of a bitter bunny named Snowball (Hart) and his team of Flushed Pets.

Abandoned by their former owners, their motto is "liberated forever, domesticated never."Max and Duke try to fit in, but Snowball soon observes, "You've got the scent of domestication all over you," and sends his army of rogue animals after them.
At one point, the little rabbit steals a bus.Meanwhile, the other pets from Max and Duke's apartment building notice the two are missing and set out to find them. Though the characters in "Pets" are entirely anthropomorphized — they speak English and can operate electronics — they retain some recognizable animalism. When Pops wants to shut down one of his famous parties, for example, he turns on the vacuum cleaner.

And Buddy's movements are especially amusing, as he navigates his elongated dachshund body around corners and down stairs.It's fun to imagine what pets get into when no one is home, and "Pets" does a great job of taking that idea to an extreme.

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