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Secrets About Freeze dried survival foods Worth KnowingSecrets About Freeze dried survival foods Worth Knowing Are you a camping fan?
Handy tips for Preparing Survival Food Kits Now that you have access to nutritious survival foods, what next?
Outdoor Survival Tips : Annually fishermen and hunters find themselves in survival situations. They are the only company I found to offer a free cooler which was invaluable at keeping our water chilled!
Characters are such a big part of the experience and especially if your kids are believers in this kind of magic they are a must do.
Character meals are perhaps the best way to spend time with specific characters and have a nice break in the day.
We all agreed the meal at Tusker House at Animal Kingdom had the best food on the trip and we had so much fun with Mickey, Daisy and Goofy.  Daisy led the kids around in a conga line, Goofy followed the baby and I to the bathroom and we had nice photos with them all. This is the shot that they will come to sell you at the table at Tusker House, but they are ok with you using your own camera! Autograph books are a must when you plan on meeting characters, kids go wild over collecting everyone’s signatures. Collecting pressed pennies is also great, bring the coins stacked in a mini m-n-ms container to make your life easier. Each Disney resort offers great things to do and see, Downtown Disney is a fun place to unwind.
The views continued to be excellent, despite of the whales lurking around every corner and the switchbacks getting harder. A guy trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hike, play and just plain be in the outdoors.
UHF – Ultra-High Frequency (known as “440 MHz” or “70 cm”, which is the wavelength) amateur radios operate in a range from 420-450 MHz. VHF – Very High Frequency (known as “2 meter”) amateur radios operate in a range from 144-147.99 MHz. You can attach any size or type of external antenna to your vehicle, home (you may need a permit for a tower), or anything else, which can dramatically improve your reception and transmission ability. May be involved in emergency communications efforts with local or state government, the Red Cross, or others.

Getting involved with amateur radio exposes you to emergency communication learning and volunteer opportunities, which will also provide invaluable experience. Since they are more powerful and flexible, amateur radios are unsurprisingly a little more challenging to operate, and if you want to be able to operate proficiently, it will require some practice. In addition to using radios to talk directly with each other (which is called “simplex” operation), they can be used with repeaters (called “duplex” operation). As great as that sounds, you may not be able to depend on a repeater for more than a few hours or days if grid power is cut off.
In the second half of this article I’ll talk about some specific recommendations for radios to start with.
Just a small point, the testing is not entirely free, there is a nominal charge (about fifteen dollars) to cover the cost and time of testing. If so, Tarzan is one of the jungle legends you wish Read More Outdoor Survival Gear Tips Handy Tips For Preparing Survival Food KitsHandy tips for Preparing Survival Food Kits Now that you have access to nutritious survival foods, what next? There is never any harm in having actually a correctly prepared collection of survival gear. Saved us a lot of money in the parks, not to mention the rental price would have been triple the price if we rented from the parks. It is a lot of walking, often in humid heat, and kids need a break.  Our five year old was able to have shade and rest any time she wanted, she even took a short nap one day! I forgot this and went on a panicked search for a bigger memory card the day before the trip! Check your free Kenny the Pirate app to find out where the characters are going to be daily!
Tip: Character meals require reservations as early as 180 days in advance so plan ahead if you can. When buying a sharpie try to find the retractable kind at a craft store, we saw too many characters fumbling with caps and kids playing with uncapped markers!
It does take planning and research but when you get there it will all fall into place if you are prepared and relaxed. We're here to help you and your family find good gear, skills, and confidence to walk, hike, paddle, ski, and climb our great planet. You’ll have to pass a simple to get the Technician license, which will allow you to operate on UHF, VHF, as well as some other amateur radio frequencies. Note the advantage listed above: if you are licensed, you will have the opportunity to volunteer (volunteer = practice!) with emergency communications teams in your area.

Many get stuck while choosing a Read More Outdoor Survival Gear Tips Ultimate Survival tactics For Outdoor AdventuresNeed some survival tactics to see you through some great outdoor adventure?
My daughter was a bit in awe and was shy around the princesses until we used some of his tips like asking Belle what her favorite book is. Cinderella’s Royal Table is the only one that requires payment when you reserve, refundable if needed later. Connected to that antenna are a radio and amplifier, which receive and then immediately rebroadcast a message on a nearby frequency. The parks rent strollers but I feel they are not worth the money and time.  Mostly because they must stay in the park so the long trip to the car has to be done hauling all of your bags and heavy exhausted children. If you want to buy one or already have a costume bring it, almost every girl was in their finest polyester.   At each meal they give the kids a wand or sword and a wishing star.
Tip: Sharpies are best especially for characters wearing big gloves, I hot glued one with a retractable tip right to the book with ribbon. When you combine the elevation, the high-quality antenna and the high power of the amplifier, as you may expect, the signal range is far greater. Attitude will determine whether or not Read More Outdoor Survival Gear Tips Ultimate wilderness survival tipsDo you want to survive in the wild, then here are some ultimate wilderness survival tips. I did not have to carry a bag at all, I kept the camera in my pocket and used a wristlet hooked around my belt loop and in my pocket to hold my phone, necessary cards and money.
The Beast reads Sleeping Beauty by the fire with her and it is very romantic, if you were curious.
It was one of those magic moments we hoped our kids would have on this trip- she really believed the magic and it was precious.
Hanging around in the wilderness is not a Read More Outdoor Survival Gear Tips Secrets on how to survive in woodsNeed some secrets on how to survive in woods that will see you through a great adventure? They are also post immediately on the photopass website so if you send your password, folks back home can see some of your pictures while you are there.  We let them take photos throughout the trip, ended up only buying one photo of all of us in front of the castle, one digital download was $15. Tip: If you want a family shot in front of the castle do NOT do it at noon with the sun in your faces.
We rented the city mini double and it was delivered to our hotel in almost new condition, clean and labeled with our name.

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