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Being a vegetarian in Japan can be difficult, but with some effort and pre-planning can also be very rewarding. Not many Japanese people speak English and learning a few phrases is essential to making your needs as a vegetarian understood. You could try telling people that you are vegetarian (“Watashi wa bejitarian des”) but they probably won’t understand exactly what this means. It is often possible to find meals without meat or fish in them, or at least the restaurants are willing to adapt meals for you, but the biggest problem is that fish stock or dashi is used in many dishes.
If you want to completely avoid fish stock then it is best to eat in only vegetarian restaurants but this will limit the destinations you can visit in Japan. Although you could use the recommended phrase above and turn up in any Japanese restaurant and hope you get a meal, we found it much more enjoyable to eat stress (and dashi) free at vegetarian restaurants. If you get stuck, like we did in Nara when the vegetarian restaurant I had researched was closed, try looking out for Indian restaurants. Luckily there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants in Kyoto, as Japan’s ancient capital has a long tradition of shojin ryori or Zen Buddhist temple cuisine, which is entirely vegan.
Set meals at vegetarian restaurants are a great way to explore Japanese food as you don’t have to worry about being able to read a Japanese menu and you can be sure that everything is meat-free. Shojin ryori or Zen Buddhist temple cuisine is the beacon of hope for a vegetarian in Japan. A great opportunity to try homemade kaiseki, a gourmet, multi-course traditional Japanese meal is in a ryokan or traditional inn. We had a house sit in Kyoto and an apartment in Tokyo for part of our trip so were able to self cater. Tsukemono or Japanese pickled vegtables are an essential part of a Japanese meal and always included in set meals.  I love the crunchy texture and salty, sweet and sour flavour that provides a contrast to the more delicately flavoured dishes.
Cold soba (buckweat) noodles are popular in the summer served on a bamboo tray with nori seaweed, spring onion, wasabi, and a soy sauce broth that we skipped as it probably had dashi in it.
We tried Hiroshima style okonomiyaki which includes noodles in the batter along with eggs, lots of shredded cabbage and beansprouts, and is topped with a type of Worcestershire sauce and herbs. We tried to pick it out the best we could but it did somewhat ruin the otherwise delicious dish for us. Gohei mochi are a specialty of the Kiso Valley area that we were lucky enough to sample in the small, traditional village Tsumago.

Grilled rice balls in a soy sauce glaze are served with tofu, cold greens and pickles on the side.
Onigiri (rice balls) are found at every convenience store and supermarket and make good cheap packed lunches. Red rice and azuki bean balls are another tasty packed lunch you can pick up from a convenience store. Pumpkin croquettes can be found in the deli section of supermarkets and some restaurants and make a delicious, cheap vegetarian meal. Who would have thought that Japan would be the first country in a very long time that we’ve eaten in a burger restaurant?
There is plenty of tofu in Japan and it is much higher quality than anywhere else in the world. Yuba is made from the thin skin that forms on the surface of boiled soymilk – it sounds weird but is delicious, creamy and light.
In Kyoto we recommend Mikoan (now closed) for a tasty, good value vegetarian meal, Shigetsu for a splurge at  Tenryuji temple, Yoshuji in Kurama for a great day out, and Tosuiro tofu restaurant for a beautiful and unusual meal but only if you don’t mind dashi.
In Koya-san you can get shojin ryori meals for dinner and breakfast by spending the night at any of the temples – we stayed in the cheapest temple Haryoin. In Hiroshima we enjoyed a few delicious healthy meals at the Vegan Cafe in Shanti Yoga studio. To find out how much we spent on food in Japan see our post How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Japan? We use our travel budget app Trail Wallet to track our expenses—it has helped thousands of travellers stay on budget. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine what would happen if you became ill and couldn’t work, or if an earthquake or hurricane or bomb left your community devastated. You can easily print selected information from the dozens of charts and tables to help you organize and improve your personal and family preparations! It’s the season on buying gifts for those you love, freaking out and realizing you only have xx amount of days until Christmas.
Although we despaired at times of finding a veggie-friendly meal, and fish did turn up in our food on occasion, we also had some of the most unusual and delicious meals we have ever eaten. Don’t be too worried though – although learning to read Kanji takes a lot of time, the spoken language is easier to pick up that I expected. It is better to be clearer and instead say “watashi wa niku toh sakana wo taberarimasen” which means I don’t eat meat or fish. Soups and noodles in broth in non-vegetarian restaurants will definitely contain it, and you’ll need to decide whether this bothers you or not. We ended up finding a lovely little place that did great vegetarian curries at reasonable prices. You would really be missing out if you didn’t spend time here, especially as there is so much to do with 2000 temples and shrines to explore plus many interesting other attractions. We had some incredible meals in Kyoto – our favourites were at Mikoan and Shigetsu and Yoshuji.
The monks make it possible to enjoy delicious, healthy, creative, Japanese meals and be sure that it is all vegan. We stayed in a minshuku, a cheaper family-run version and had a fantastic feast for dinner and breakfast. Be aware that anything that includes broth is likely to be fish dashi unless you are eating in a vegetarian restaurant. Ask for vegetables only or point to it if there is a picture menu and it makes a great, quick meal. Although it usually isn’t vegetarian it can be adapted to be and in fact in many okonomiyaki restaurants you can make your own on a hotplate at your table and choose your own ingredients. We found a tiny okonomiyaki restaurant in Hiroshima called Rie where we sat on stalls in front of the large hotplate and watched the friendly owner cook our food to order. We watched as she piled up the ingredients and realised too late that the grey stuff she added was dried fish. So be aware of this when ordering okonomiyaki and try to stop them adding any kind of fish.
The problem is the labels are in Japanese so it is difficult to see which ones are vegetarian – umeboshi (pickled plum) and gari (ginger) are the most common. Naigamo yam is rather unusual, and wasn’t like the dense, heavy yam that we are familiar with but instead light, crunchy, sticky and watery.

I’d describe Mos Burger as a fast food chain, but the Japanese are rather proud of it and a local pointed out that the food is made to order and brought to your table unlike in McDonalds.
It is surprisingly good and cheap at 300 yen (US$4) but it isn’t that filling so we were glad we had fries and onion rings with it. It’s actually not tofu at all as it isn’t made from soymilk but from sesame paste, water and kuzu, a thickening powder. It is reconstituted in water and becomes springy and sponge-like, absorbing the flavours it is cooked in. It is coated with a sweet miso sauce and grilled until it caramelises and becomes golden and slightly charred.
We didn’t eat at any sushi restaurants in Japan, as the vegetarian options are limited, but if you do find yourself in one then look out for inarizushi.
We also ate the set lunch at Bon On Shya International Cafe on the main street which is vegetarian but serves international food rather than Japanese. We use and recommend True Traveller, which is the best option we’ve found for UK and EU residents.
This Exclusive Lifetime warranty exists in addition to all other stated warranties on Berkey Systems. It was a strange gift at the time but now I enjoy it, plus it’s cute as a little decor ?? to brighten your workday. We loved the foodie culture in Japan and found the food to be high quality, beautifully presented and healthy. We tried to avoid it as much as possible but there were times when we didn’t have much choice so decided to be flexible about it.
We also learnt a lot about Japanese cuisine and ate an incredible meal by taking a vegetarian cooking class. The food was unlike anything we had eaten before and we loved having the opportunity to try something new. Supermarket prices aren’t cheap (Japan is an expensive country) but we found the array of fresh noodles and tofu to be delicious and reasonably priced.
There are some expensive tempura restaurants but we went to Tenya a cheap tempura chain where it cost 550 yen (US$7). If you explain you don’t eat meat or fish you should be able to get a vegetable only version, although the stock will likely be fish. I just asked a nearby stranger in pigeon Japanese “Dore umeboshi des ka?” and she pointed out the right one.
Be careful in tofu restaurants though as they aren’t usually vegetarian and even if they can make it vegetarian for you they will probably still use dashi. It certainly has a different texture from the tofu we are used to as it’s soft, creamy and melts in your mouth.
When unexpected disasters happen, people who are even a little prepared are much better off than those who have taken their dependence on outside resources for granted. We will process the claim and, if it’s approved, ship the replacement parts to you within one business day. DISCLAIMER: The content on the blog Happy Money Saver is for educational and informational purposes only, and is not intended as medical advice. I have heard that it is possible to ask for noodles or soup to be made with just miso instead, but we found communicating this to be difficult. The best places to eat in temples are in Kyoto and in the mountain temple town Koya-san where you can even spend the night in a temple. When you imagine the security of not having to worry about going to the store for even a few weeks, a comprehensive storage system begins to make sense.
Now before I begin sharing my top 25 best white elephant gift ideas I wanted to tell you that I haven’t had this much fun writing a post in a while. I am not a medical professional and the information contained on this blog should not be used to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease or health illness. Please consult with a qualified healthcare professional before acting on any information presented here.

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