The Mojave chapter is a chapter of the original Brotherhood of Steel active in the Mojave Wasteland. The Brotherhood of Steel is a paramilitary organization devoted to the recovery and preservation of pre-War technology and information. Based out of the fortified bunker of Hidden Valley, the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel operated openly in the Vegas wastes for several years, carrying out several reclamation missions without encountering any serious opposition. By the year 2275, the New California Republic had established a firm presence in the Mojave Wasteland, having signed the New Vegas Treaty with the enigmatic Mr.
In the wake of such a catastrophic loss, now-Elder McNamara enacted, against the wishes of most of the chapter, an absolute lock-down on the Hidden Valley complex; no members were allowed out of the bunker, and those who were already outside at the start of the lock-down were not allowed back in. Though their power in the West has diminished greatly over the years, the Brotherhood of Steel still maintains hidden, in heavily fortified bunkers throughout the Mojave. The Mojave Brotherhood operates on a policy of strict isolationism: no outsiders are allowed anywhere near the chapter's bunker at Hidden Valley, any who stray too close are killed on sight.
Though deeply respected for his actions during Operation: Sunburst, which may have single-handedly saved the Mojave Brotherhood from extinction, Elder McNamara has been a target of some controversy within the organization, his enactment of the lock-down on Hidden Valley and its continuation years later have led some members to begin questioning the chapter's future. By 2281, the Courier is the only known outsider to have visited the Brotherhood's bunker and survived, and thus can determine the fate of the ill-fortuned chapter.
The Brotherhood of Steel is a militant organization devoted to the preservation of pre-War technology and human knowledge. The Mojave Brotherhood operated freely amid the Vegas wastes for several years, carrying out many reclamation missions without serious opposition. Since that defeat, the chapter's leader, Elder McNamara, has restricted activity outside the bunker to occasional reconnaissance missions and high-value raids. Since the NCR-Brotherhood of Steel War, the Mojave brotherhood has kept its contact with the outside world to a minimum, due to heavy casualties.
This Brotherhood chapter uses a mixture of both the T-45d and T-51b models of power armor, with the T-51b being much more widely used (see bugs). During the fight for Hoover Dam, the Brotherhood took HELIOS One, inflicting heavy damage on retreating NCR forces, but it was a pyrrhic victory.
I may need some builders who have a lot of experience with both Fallout 3 and New Vegas and know the characteristics of the game.
As I mentioned in my last video game post, Fallout: New Vegas is the creepiest game I’ve played. These were also created by the Master using human, dogs, and other kinds of animals using the FEV virus. About Nikki DayFrom a young age, Nikki would read any book placed in front of her and has always had an interest in writing. About the AuthorFrom a young age, Nikki would read any book placed in front of her and has always had an interest in writing.
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When I was discharged from the Navy, I was able to keep my uniforms, including the work coveralls, like this.
Since Fallout 3 is my favorite game, I want to do my Lone Wanderer in Vault 101 attire character from Fallout 3 and wear it to PAX East one year, but I have no clue where to find a jumpsuit that would fit me properly. Officially, the Brotherhood seeks to salvage such knowledge so that it may be used for the benefit of mankind, but in practice, they are oddly selective as to what is important enough to be saved, often ignoring basic but potentially useful technologies (such as agriculture and civil engineering) in favor of military hardware like energy weapons and power armor. Father Elijah, the reigning Elder at the time, eventually took a particularly strong interest in the dilapidated HELIOS One, a pre-War solar power plant. House the year before and subsequently cementing a regional stronghold at McCarran International Airport. In the years since the chapter's defeat and subsequent lock-down, Elder McNamara has restricted activity outside the bunker to occasional reconnaissance missions and high-value raids. Head Paladin Edgar Hardin has recently begun gaining support from like-minded members who have begun to doubt McNamara's leadership, with rumors suggesting that Hardin plans to usurp the Elder. Their professed mission is to preserve pre-War technology and human knowledge for the benefit of future generations. The balance of power shifted in 2274, when a large contingent of NCR troops entered the region and occupied Hoover Dam. Other than a few patrols that come in and go back out at night, no members leave the secure bunker and few people outside of the brotherhood ever enter or leave the Hidden Valley base.

Their weapons are all extremely advanced, with tri-beam laser rifles being almost standard issue to the ordinary guard, while Gauss rifles are also used in high volume. This ending will override the others even if Eyesight to the Blind or Tend to Your Business was completed. They aren’t hard to kill, per say, it’s just that they come in packs and come at you quickly. They live in fresh water and like to sneak up on unsuspecting Courier’s and try to kill them. They are hard to kill, you have to dismember them, disintegrated them or have them eaten by Dog.
Probably because he is the strongest creature in the game, taking out even the Legendary Deathclaw.
She saw Sailor Moon, Red Dwarf, and Highlander (to name a few shows) on TV and they got her more interested in anime and sci-fi, which led to fantasy, her favorite genre.
Deathclaws are powerful, but there’s something about mutated human victims trapped inside broken suits that lurch around, seemingly resurrect themselves, and slash at you with rusted knives and bear traps in a toxic city that puts their creepiness factor a notch above that of deathclaws. I was planning on turning one set of them into a Vault 101 jumpsuit from Fallout 3, as well as removable pieces to make it look like jury-rigged armor, like the Armored Vault suit here.
Visit your local fabric store and look for a good yellow in a similar material that you can cut out and attach.
I'd been tossing around the idea of the vinyl(?) stuff they make the jersey letters and numbers out of.
All Rights Reserved.All comments and posts in our forums are the opinion of the respective poster. They are notoriously secretive with their discoveries and distrustful of outsiders, even outright hostile in some cases. Despite the objections of the chapter's Paladins, who contested that the plant was too big a target for their relatively small forces to properly defend, Elijah decided that the vast promise of HELIOS One far outweighed the risks. The only individuals granted access are a precious handful of patrols, scouts, and procurement specialists sent out into the wastes to gather food and other supplies. House and Caesar want nothing more than to see the Brotherhood wiped out from the region, the New California Republic is more flexible.
In practice, its definition of technology is strangely selective, ignoring basic but potentially useful technologies (genetic modification of crops and civil engineering, for example) in favor of combat technology such as energy weapons and power armor; and even now, nearly two centuries after the Great War, the Brotherhood zealously restricts the use and knowledge of such technologies to its own membership.
Though the Brotherhood's ascetic lifestyle has prepared its members for a sequestered existence better than most, the passivity of their current situation has proved highly stressful. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.
Many of the feral ghouls are fast and some even explode with radioactive goo when they die. They are a mutation of some type of lizard, made before the Great War to replace humans in dangerous situations.
Right now Nikki is devouring anything Middle Earth related and has very much fallen in love with Tolkien's world.
I know where I can get leather belts and scraps for the armor, as there's a farmers' market and two Goodwills within 10 miles of me. You can literally do whatever the fuck you want in those games, so how can you possibly get a voice to match that?
Even now, more than two centuries after the Great War, the Brotherhood zealously restricts the use and knowledge of their technological finds, even within their own ranks. Over the next several months, the Brotherhood commenced repairs on the power plant, hoping to restore it to working order.
Elijah, still believing that he could unlock the facility's hidden capabilities, refused to abandon the power plant and forced his Paladins to continue defending it. Since their crushing defeat at the HELIOS One facility in 2276, the chapter has watched from a distance as the New California Republic's presence and power in the Mojave Wasteland continued to grow; the possibility of having to engage the NCR once again is a disquieting notion for members of the group, particularly the leadership. Should Elder McNamara remain in place as leader, the Courier may negotiate a truce between the two factions, thus ensuring the Brotherhood's survival in the Mojave Wasteland. Nearly two years of guerrilla skirmishes culminated in a pitched battle at HELIOS One, a solar energy plant the Brotherhood had been refurbishing for several months with the goals of bringing it back online and activating its hidden offensive capabilities (the ARCHIMEDES II death ray).
Depending on the Courier's choice they can set up a treaty between the NCR and Brotherhood.

The server will be white listed using world edit and a few other plugins from Bukkit to further assist the building process. The creepiest thing about them is that they are workers from Sierra Madre who got stuck inside the suits. The worst ones are probably Deathclaw mother, Legendary Deathclaw, the Divide Deathclaws, and Stripe in Old World Blues. Nikki plays a lot of video games ranging from Final Fantasy to Mass Effect to Assassin's Creed III. I really need help on finding something to make the yellow trim and lettering for it though.
In BioWare games you’re still defined in having to do certain things and having the same end-goal. However, Father Elijah had his own hidden agenda for the plant: in his studies, the Elder had discovered that HELIOS One was secretly connected to ARCHIMEDES II, a still-functioning orbital weapons platform. Although the chapter had refrained from participating in the NCR-Brotherhood War like their brethren back in New California, hostilities quickly flared between the Mojave Brotherhood and the resident NCR forces, attempts at communication and hope for possible cooperation proving futile and ultimately breaking down into violence. Unable to test their combat skills in real-life situations outside, the chapter's Paladins are only able to keep themselves sharp through the use of virtual reality simulators and hands-on practice on the bunker complex's firing range. The battle for HELIOS One (Operation: Sunburst) proved a disaster for the Mojave Brotherhood.
If this treaty is signed the Brotherhood will discontinue the lockdown and will openly operate in the wastes, such as assisting NCR patrols on the Long 15 and in select locations in the Mojave. Their scouts continue to find weapons in the Mojave, resulting in many unused weapons being stored in the Brotherhood armory.
Like when I’m selecting an option in a conversation and the camera shows my character then you see her not speaking what I just selected, I think it makes the scene rather awkward. What followed over the following year was a series of guerrilla skirmishes that culminated in 2276 with Operation: Sunburst, a full-on assault on HELIOS One by the NCR. If the character does not interact with the Brotherhood it will result in the Brotherhood ultimately launching an attack on HELIOS ONE and regaining control. Whereas in Bethesda games, you never see your character like that (unless you have the camera in 3rd person, which I don’t).
But in Skyrim, for example, you could be a stealthy assassin killing everyone you come across, or a shy huntress who never harms anyone, or a proud warrior doing his duty to the Empire… I could go on.
After years of unchallenged dominance, the balance of power in the Mojave Wasteland shifted in 2253, when New California Republic forces entered the region and occupied Hoover Dam. Despite their technological advantage, the Brotherhood forces were gradually chipped away by the relentless NCR reinforcements. Unnerved by the arrival of such a potential threat, Father Elijah declared that HELIOS One would now serve as the Mojave Brotherhood's home base. The Paladins continually urged Elijah to signal a retreat before their losses became too great, but the Elder dismissed their pleas, too obsessed with his work on HELIOS One and unlocking its secrets.
They rarely if ever use conventional weapons, which, as stated above, results in many rather high end weapons such as anti-materiel rifles and miniguns being unused and collecting dust in their armory. With little other choice, the chapter subsequently uprooted itself from Hidden Valley and moved into the plant. It was at the height of the conflict that Father Elijah abruptly vanished, leaving his chapter without any sort of explanation. However, they do give conventional weapons to their members that go out into the wasteland to collect supplies, as to not draw suspicion from factions that want them dead such as the NCR or Caesar's Legion. Seemingly abandoned by their leader, the remaining Brotherhood forces were led by Head Paladin McNamara, who took on the title of Elder for the chapter.
McNamara launched a desperate counterattack against the advancing NCR forces, buying him and his people enough time to escape the facility and retreat back to the safety of the Hidden Valley complex. Sunburst was nothing less than disastrous for the Mojave Brotherhood, with more than half of the chapter's Knights and Paladins having fallen in combat, and HELIOS One, the facility they fought so hard to defend, was left in shambles due to collateral damage.

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