The site of Megaton began as a gigantic crater left by a plane wreck that was carrying an atomic bomb. However, as a result of the town's expanse, raids by gangs and super mutants became prominent. Megaton's construction was aided significantly by the Children of Atom, who had just began to worship the undetonated atomic bomb in the town center. During the same year, a group of raiders attacked the town, resulting in the death of 14 year old Colin Moriarty's father.
Many residents of Megaton came from the surrounding areas and weren't originally born there. By 2277 Megaton was still a large settlement and trading center, but still faced common wasteland threats. However, the raiders did not leave the area, choosing instead to remain at the Springvale school. Megaton had commonly received people who had escaped Vault 101, due to the fact the vault is located very near to the site of Megaton itself. Following the Brotherhood victory against the Enclave, and the activation of Project Purity and the distribution of Aqua Pura, Megaton slowly rose to a great fame throughout the country, and was instantly put on the map.
The city of Megaton has been built in a steep-walled crater around an undetonated atomic bomb, which rests in a small pond of radioactive water at the bottom of the depression.
Following the entry path to the bottom of the depression, the Megaton clinic will be on the right and The Brass Lantern on the left. Turning right immediately upon entering and following the lip of the crater counter-clockwise will lead past Lucas Simms' house, around the water processing plant, down to Craterside Supply, then back up to the men's restroom, Moriarty's Saloon and Billy Creel's house.
Turning left instead of right at the upper lip will lead to a locked house (which is a reward from Lucas Simms for deactivating the central atomic bomb), followed by Jericho's house.
The Megaton armory, only accessible by either picking the very hard lock or with Lucas Simm's key, can be reached by going up the ramp and around the Church of the Children of Atom to the right or by going down the hill starting from the back door of Moriarty's Saloon.
The common house can be reached by going around the women's restroom to the right or by passing behind Moriarty's Saloon rather than going around the front past the entrance to the men's restroom.
In front of the city, outside the walls, is a caravan stop, Micky the water beggar, and Deputy Weld. Revisiting Megaton's ruins after blowing it up in The Power of the Atom quest, the Lone Wanderer will find Deputy Weld's head with an orange (or purple) eye nearby, sticking out of a pile of debris. If the Wasteland Survival Guide quest has been started, Moira Brown will survive as a ghoul and appear to mention that she is relocating to Underworld. Bobblehead - Strength - inside Lucas Simms' house, on a desk in the bedroom to the left on the second floor. The Enclave is a secretive political, scientific, and militaristic organization that is descended directly from members of the pre-War United States government, and claims to be the legally-sanctioned continuation of the government, while also styling themselves and their overall demeanor as such. The Enclave takes pride in being the last known concentrated bastion of pure, unmutated humanity, aside from the unopened vaults, and being the most technologically advanced faction in the wasteland.
They, as well as other mutated creatures, like the various generations of super mutants and ghouls, are considered to be abominations that are, at best, to be used as conscripted assets or slaves, and at worst, eradicated so that "true humanity" could take its place as the "real" nation of America. The government is headed by a President, and, according to the speeches made on Enclave Radio, there is some form of Congress. The Enclave had also managed to gain access to one of the last known supplies of fossil fuel in the post-nuclear world, which is used to supply fuel for their Vertibird transports. One of the very few old world organizations to survive the Great War, the Enclave finds its roots in various branches of the pre-War American government and military. Though not a part of the Enclave, many influential corporations (most infamously, the Vault-Tec Corporation) lobbied for the benefits that they hoped would result from government-sanctioned war contracts. In 2073, as the global race to exploit the handful of remaining natural resources reached its most fevered peak, the United States managed to stake a claim on the entire world's last known supply of crude oil, buried thousands of feet beneath the Pacific Ocean.
Finally and relatively early in the fateful year of 2077, with the nation ultimately headed directly for nuclear devastation, the President of the United States and various other members of the continuity of government fell back to multiple secretive, heavily fortified locations all around the continent. Any voyage to space or recolonization of Earth would have been very difficult and fraught with unforeseeable complications.
Eventually, due to either a change of plans by the Enclave's leadership or the spacecraft being destroyed, the Enclave abandoned their initial goal of settling on another planet, and decided to resettle the one they already had, although the Vault monitoring and research continued as the Societal Preservation Program.
More Results Related to wasteland survival guide (quest) the fallout wiki Wasteland Survival Guide (quest) - Fallout Wiki - WikiaWasteland Survival Guide is a multi-part quest in Fallout 3.
Reading a skill book permanently raises the corresponding skill by three points (four with the Comprehension perk). The first number in parentheses indicates the total number of skill books with all add-ons included. Big Book of ScienceAshton silo control station Lonesome Road (add-on)In the north corner of Launch Deck level 3 of Silo wreckage just past a hard locked safe.
Big Book of ScienceBrewer's beer bootleggingIn the cellar all the way in the back room with the sign, on a table with the chem kit to your left. Big Book of ScienceCamp Forlorn HopeIn the Command Center, in the Southeast corner, on the desk (must be stolen).

Big Book of ScienceExecutive suites Dead MoneyOn a bookshelf in Vera's room, which is found in the Executive suites area of the Sierra Madre Casino.
Big Book of ScienceHELIOS One dialogueReward for distributing power through the network during That Lucky Old Sun. Big Book of ScienceREPCONN headquartersLocated on the ground floor through the door next to the radioactive barrel display. Big Book of ScienceY-0 research center Old World Blues (add-on)In a corner of the canyon south of the Y-0 building, between two xander root plants by the hand of a skeleton. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualCamp SearchlightIn the east church, down in the gecko-filled basement, on the floor at the foot of some metal shelves. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualGoodspringsIn the Goodsprings home inhabited by Trudy and Sunny Smiles, East from the schoolhouse, on a bookshelf.
Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualNCR Sharecropper FarmsOn some papers, by the corner desk inside the Sharecropper barracks near the four water towers in the northeast corner of the fenced in area. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualPuesta del Sol switching station Dead MoneyIn the eastern most room of the switching station there is a huge machine on the south side of the room. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualVault 3Living Quarters, right after you come down the stairs from the recreation area. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualX-13 research facility Old World Blues (add-on)On the floor, opposite the door in the room where the chest plate for the stealth suit Mk II is. Chinese Army: Special Ops Training ManualX-13 research facility Old World Blues (add-on)In the testing facility section, in the reward safe upon completion of all the Stealth Suit tests.
Dean's ElectronicsAbandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker Dead MoneyOn the metal sill, opposite the reloading bench, in the area with the office. As part of Fallout 4’s E3 2015 reveal, Bethesda released a huge pile of screenshots and concept artworks. Check them both out in the galleries below, along with some copy from an accompanying fact sheet. Do whatever you want in a massive open world with hundreds of locations, characters, and quests.
An all-new next generation graphics and lighting engine brings to life the world of Fallout like never before. It is built in and around a crater with an undetonated megaton class atomic bomb at its center, after which the town is named.
Shortly after the crash, several wasteland survivors, including Manya Vargas' grandfather, attempted to gain entry to Vault 101 and huddled down in the crater, since it provided shelter from the dust storms. Manya Vargas' father became rich on the caravan routes, and convinced the other settlers to construct their homes in the crater using aircraft debris and plane scrap from a nearby airport.
The settlers were forced to leave the bomb unmoved in exchange for their much needed help.
In February 2241, an expeditionary party of Vault 101, led by Anne Palmer and sent by the Overseer of the Vault, made contact with the residents of Megaton. The Stahl family came from the north, Moira Brown came from Canterbury Commons, which is the main source of Megaton's food and supplies, and Doc Church came from Rivet City. A gang of raiders who had been occupying Springvale Elementary School launched a raid on Megaton. Boppo's successor recognized the folly of any raid on Megaton, and instead began attempts to tunnel into Vault 101. Around 2267, a girl from Vault 101 stumbled into Megaton and had Moira Brown armor her vault jumpsuit for her (though the girl never came back).
By 2297, the town became the hub of the Wasteland Survival Guide distribution, and brought in masses of assistants for the town.
Just past the bomb to the right is the Children of Atom building and past it to the left lies Mister Burke's house.
Going down the ramp from there will lead around Nathan and Manya's house (a blue bus) and to the women's restroom. From there, going down will lead to Lucy West's house while going around to the left will lead to the end of the right hand path. Behind the city, near the southwest corner, between a group of 3 scorched trees is the hollowed-out rock. Because of the effects of radiation and the Forced Evolutionary Virus on the people of the Wasteland, most members of the Enclave generally do not consider them to be completely human anymore, often attacking them on sight. Its founding members embraced the inevitability of nuclear war; they believed that the majority of the nation could not and would not survive it, and that as long as the 'important people' of the United States survived, they could regroup quickly when worse came to worst, ultimately wipe out communism once and for all, and restore and rebuild the country.
Based in many of the Enclave's research facilities, most were either protected and preserved, or partially grazed and excommunicated during the nuclear firestorm of 2077. Poseidon Oil, which in the years leading to the war became the world's leading monopoly on remaining oil reserves, was contracted to build an oil rig and quickly extract the invaluably precious oil.
Thus, many of the Vaults were designed to have some sort of critical flaw in order to test how an average American would be able to deal with various circumstances.
In order to monitor the populations being experimented upon, the Enclave's oil rig possessed a great deal of equipment that allowed them to observe and control the Vaults.

Dead Money adds an additional copy of each skill book type, with the exception of Wasteland Survival Guide. The second number in parentheses is the total number of skills books with Old World Blues Skill book crafting mechanic included. There is another door behind the counter you must pick (hard difficulty), the book is located on a shelf past the door.
Journal of Internal MedicineBuried Buildings Lonesome Road (add-on)Just after exiting the Cave of the Abaddon, in the south corner under a nightstand, in the room with the bed and the exit to The Divide.
Journal of Internal MedicineHELIOS OneUpstairs in the main building, lying on a bed in the same room with the east terminal password. From the blasted forests of the Commonwealth to the ruins of Boston, every location is packed with dynamic detail. The town of Megaton is protected by large metal walls made from various scavenged materials, primarily the scraps of old pre-War airplanes, which were assembled and reforged together several decades ago by the founders of Megaton in an effort to make the town safer. Everything had been scavenged from the airport by other wastelanders and all that remained were the planes, which were used in the town's construction, and so the airport no longer remains.
Initially the locals were cautious of the strangers, but eventually they were accepted and welcomed into the settlement. A group led by Boppo staged the raid on Megaton, but the attack ended abruptly when Boppo was shot in the head and killed by the town's sheriff, Lucas Simms.
Confessor Cromwell will be found here standing in the puddle and sermonizing to random Megaton settlers. Craterside Supply can also be easily reached by taking the ramp directly to the right of the Megaton clinic. If Jericho was hired and is following you at the time of the detonation, he will linger around the ruins for later recruitment. Ostensibly, they were intended to allow a selection of privileged United States citizens to survive the Great War. A spacecraft designed to ferry the human race to another planet was either under construction or ready to go before the War. Vault 12 in Bakersfield had a faulty Vault door that wouldn't close all the way, allowing dangerous radiation to leak in, leading to the creation of California's ghoul population. For example, the Enclave sent the all clear signal to Vault 8 shortly after the War, prompting them to leave their Vault and build their city. Honest Hearts introduces the workbench crate, a container with random loot that has a chance of containing various skill books, but no static book locations.
Note: If the game is unpatched, the door is unlocked, and you will be able to enter and get the book.
From a Power Armored soldier to the charismatic smooth talker, you can choose from hundreds of Perks and develop your own playstyle. With 28 named inhabitants, 10 unnamed Megaton settlers, and 4 Children of the Atom, it is rivaled only by Rivet City in population. Palmer appointed two Vault residents, Agnes Taylor and Lewis, as Vault ambassadors to Megaton and, as a result, remained in Megaton to further study the town and the surrounding environs before eventually returning to Vault 101.
James, Cross and the Lone Wanderer (as an infant) visited Megaton in 2258 on their way to Vault 101 and stayed in Moriarty's Saloon. Vault 15 was built normally (the rock slide that buried its control center was accidental), but was populated with a diverse mix of races and people to see what sort of tensions arise when varied backgrounds are packed into a small environment.
These monitoring tools also let the Enclave see that the population of Vault 13 was largely intact, although this wouldn't become important until much later. Old World Blues adds two copies of Chinese Army: Spec Ops Training Manual and a copy of Big Book of Science, in addition to a new mechanic enabling the player to create a single copy of each book at a workbench using 25 blank books, two tubes of wonderglue and the appropriate recipe. As a result, Megaton had become a full-on trading center by the time Manya's father was born.
The area around Megaton will contain progressively higher levels of radiation closer to the town's ruins, up to 11 rads per second. Vault 13 was intended to stay shut for a full 200 years to test the effects of long term isolation. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes from Fallout 3 has been removed, since the Big Guns skill has been dissolved into other skills.
The Lone Wanderer (as an adult) entered the town in search of their father, and disarmed the atomic bomb during their visit. Vault 101 was to be sealed permanently to study the evolution of small communities in complete isolation from the rest of the world.

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