Vault Dweller's Survival Guide: Pocket Reference Edition is a booklet published by Vault-Tec for the inhabitants of Vault 101. As responsible American citizens, we implore you to remain underground in the safety of your vault until the all-clear signal is given. On the other hand - and this is the important part - should you leave the vault, there is a slim chance of survival. Roughly one in one hundred test subjects has been found to stay calm in the face of gnawing fear.
Certain images from the VDSG appears as part of the Fallout 3 manual, just like the original Vault Dweller's Survival Guide was included in the Fallout manual.
Ridgefield[1] was a settlement full of military survivors who found the hill-nestled settlement about 100 years after the bombs fell.
Common belief in the Capital Wasteland is that this settlement is haunted, presumably because of the sniper firing on anyone who tries to enter the village.
Minefield consists of half a dozen houses (four of which are accessible) built around a curving road, with a playground in the middle between the road.
The settlement has four explorable houses: Benson house, Gibson house, Gillian house, and Zane house, all of which contain valuable loot, including pre-War books, medical supplies and an R91 assault rifle. Zane house (average locked): A Pugilism Illustrated can be found in the children's room on a teddy bear's lap. Gillian house (average locked): Two pre-War books are in the front room, one on the bookshelf and the other on a table. Gibson house (very easy locked): A copy of Tumblers Today is on a desk, and four pre-War books can be found—one in the front room, one in the children's room on the bookcase, one in the master bedroom's bathtub and the bedside table. For crafting needs, there are at least 10 leaf blowers, 12 lawn mower blades, 9 pressure cookers, and 5 vacuum cleaners in and around Minefield. There are 3 bottles of Nuka-Cola in the building that Arkansas is holed up in, next to the mattress.
Approaching cars triggers a script, causing shots to be fired at them (as if Arkansas was the shooter), which in turn makes them explode. To the northeast, half the way to Temple of the Union is the unmarked location The Roach King's throne. In the Capitol Post building in L'Enfant Plaza, a decapitated body sitting with its head between its legs can be found, with a note on it that says "SEARCH THE HOUSE." This is identical to a scene in Snatcher. This is an overview article which contains background information and cross-game comparisons. Mole rats are giant rodents that were engineered by the United States before the Great War. Mole rats have sharp claws and even sharper tusks that they use to tear great chunks of flesh from their prey. On the "Pentagon Library terminal" in the Citadel, it can be discovered that the mole rats in the Capital Wasteland are the result of an American government program (codenamed "CLOACINA") to develop an invasive life form that could be planted in China, where its aggression and fast breeding would help undermine the Chinese war effort. According to the report, naked mole rats most closely resemble a Heterocephalus glaber, also known as the sand puppy or desert mole rats. Mean, standing over three feet at the shoulder and weighing in at around at 200 pounds, these critters are fierce and dangerous.
Republished on Saturday, 31st October 2015: We're bringing this article back from the archives to celebrate Hallowe'en today. Originally published on Wednesday, 29th October 2014: It goes without saying that in lists of top titles from the survival horror genre, a Resident Evil release is bound to find its way into every one. Personally, I consider it to be one of the best in Capcom's franchise, and a heart pounding, terrifying experience that's tough to top.
While there are plenty of people who understandably complain about the archaic, “tank controls" of older Resident Evil games, I find them to be an essential ingredient. This prompted me to pay far more attention to what I created and used for my firearms the second time around, especially for the grenade launcher, which not only fires standard explosives, but ones infused with either (making assumptions here) liquid nitrogen, acid, or napalm. Regardless, I believe that this thrill ride perfectly combines feelings of vulnerability and courage throughout the entire experience, which can have you going from one spectrum of these emotions to the other at a moment's notice.
Joey has an unholy amount of Lego sets in his room and loves stuff like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Bionicle, DC comics and anything pertaining to dragons. 3 is actually my favorite, If I was to make one tweak it would be to make nemesis progressively stronger after each time he's "killed", they didn't do that did they? This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Simulations show drastic changes will occur in the human psyche due to the constant anxiety of daily survival.
Once you are able to see this harsh and violent world without attachment and anxiety, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your skills.
The very nature of living aboveground after a widespread nuclear event will create anxiety.
All that will remain of that more tranquil time will be decaying ruins and fallen landmarks. The way others perceive you and the way you perceive them will open and close the doors of possibility.
The booklet was given out by Bethesda Softworks at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) 2008 along side other promotional items. Travelers approaching the area must avoid the mines as well as rifle fire from a sniper named Arkansas, who will not only shoot at intruders but will also attempt to detonate nearby cars with a well-placed shot to the engine.
One day the slavers of Paradise Falls came to the town, gunned down anyone who stood in their way, and enslaved the rest of the inhabitants. In the Benson and Gibson houses, the safes are behind an upstairs dresser and contain pre-War money, ammunition, and occasionally a Stealth Boy. This scripted effect will occur even if the player remains undetected with a Sneak skill of 100. Here's some tips, tricks and strategies to guide you in the second half of the game with info on nuclear reactors, longer wasteland endurance and more. Without Parachute Or Wingsuit Online [VIDEO] Skydiver Luke Aikins will leap out of a plane without a parachute on July 20. The mole rats found in New California are mostly covered with fur and come from moles, and those from the East Coast and the Mojave Wasteland are furless and come from naked mole rats which come mostly from governmental experiments rather than the area, as mole rats are not native to the United States. Mole rats are either huge rats or the result of gene-splicing Kodiak bears with maladjusted lab rats.

It is noted that a genetic "kill switch" was included to help the US Army clean up the rats after the theoretical fall of China.
Their origins are unknown but like albino deathclaw, appears to be caused due to a different mutation with the FEV. They have very little hair on their body and are usually found in packs of roughly 3 or 4, but rarely in 2 or by themselves. The glowing mole rat produces radiation in a short perimeter around and benefits from radiation to heal or getting his defenses reinforced.
Whether it's the classic game's memorable sequel Resident Evil 2 or the revolutionary, timeless Resident Evil 4, there are several worthy entries to choose from in the series.
Honestly, the likes of Dead Space and many of the Resident Evil games fail to keep me in a constant state of terror. Turning around slowly and having to shoot while standing still are examples of how cautious and strategic players must be, and Nemesis improved upon its predecessors by streamlining character movement and adding meaningful mechanics – such as the dodge and 180-degree turn moves – that paved the way for new enemy AI behaviour and overall better gameplay.
Instead of the typical clips and magazines for rifles, shotguns, and whatnot, you need to be constantly alert for three kinds of gunpowder throughout the game's environments. Despite the upsetting setback, I still found replaying the game, to my surprise, more rewarding; my conservativeness and caution with ammo paid off when I finally got to lay down the hurt on Nemesis where he stopped me before, and it felt incredible to watch him fall before the awesome Jill Valentine. His stature, strength, mutilated body, and rocket launcher lend him a grotesque, intimidating presence, only made more nerve-racking since he can come around any corner with frightening speed at any moment. Although Nemesis' unpredictable patterns had me on edge more than any other game, I loved weighing in the risks of retreating or fighting him if I kept my cool and played smart. He just used more of the tentacles in his body (I think) during that point in the game to try and grab you.
From what I know, he can show up randomly in some locations depending on some of the things you do. It falls down by not having the interesting characters of the first game like Barry or Wesker.
From what I recall it was the first one where you could walk down most staricases in real time, and zombies would actually climb them too! Resident Evil going back to old school survival horror would be great but they are very resistant to the idea unfortunately.
Negotiate this world with care, as the exposed rebar and damaged stairways of unstable buildings may lead to grievous pain. In the Gillian house, the safe is upstairs under the double bed, while in the Zane house, it is behind the dresser in the ground-floor office. Additionally, it is revealed that the researchers attempted to use the Forced Evolutionary Virus to further augment their creations, but dismissed this course of action as FEV had a tendency to render subjects sterile (defeating the whole purpose of the rats' being invasive).
While larger than their ancestors, the naked mole rats have similarly low brain function, possibly due to an exceedingly tiny brain organ. What always astonishes me, though, is that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is rarely mentioned whenever survival horror games or Resident Evil in particular are brought up in conversation. But though I love these titles, and think that they're definitely scary in their own ways, Nemesis is the only one that I've played that accomplishes this feat most notably. It may feel dated to some, but the game has objectively solid design and features that took Resident Evil to new heights.
You dictate what ammo you receive by mixing it together in various ways, so you're free to use whatever weapon you want depending on what gunpowder you discover, but also must be aware of what's needed for future encounters with particular enemies like the titular Nemesis.
While it's possible to defeat him in unscripted encounters to acquire special items, he's only meant for the skilled and bravest players to take on, which I was only able to accomplish once. In summary, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is one of the greatest survival horror titles in my book, and should be on your list of games to play this Hallowe'en – even if you'll probably end up a Jill sandwich at the hands of Nemesis multiple times. By the way, I wrote my last post in a hurry, so I said "chemicals" instead of "tentacles" for some reason. Without any warning, he'd come blazing down an alleyway as the freaky music kicked in, and I was caught way off guard a lot. I know nothing about a RE2 remaster, but I'm glad I looked it up because it actually exists!
But the Nemesis coming out of nowhere and chasing you through the streets and corridors is implemented really well, especially for a PSone game. Also, I though the ammo powder was a nice idea, but it's a shame they didn't take it further.
If you still feel it necessary to venture out of the cocoon of safety provided to you by Vault-Tec, make sure you have completely read the following material. But remember, while those aboveground will be seasoned by the horrors of the Wasteland, they are people just like you. What may seem like a harmless item – a common toilet, box of ammunition, even a baby carriage – may in fact be a nefarious tool of harm. If you suffer an injury, but can dust yourself off and walk away, consider the experience a lesson learned. It's simply one of the most pure, rewarding, and exhilarating survival horror games out there. In fact, since I was not careful with my usage of gunpowder during my first playthrough, I had to start the game over because it was impossible to defeat Nemesis with my low ammo count near the ending. I remember the former being the hardest part for me; you know, the battle with him after he shoots down the helicopter. You think you've finally defeated him, but he's back for more in one of the hardest fights in my opinion. He feels almost unstoppable and the fact you can actually take him down each time for special rewards is really awesome. After several readings, we are confident you will understand why staying underground is the best option. However, you will likely encounter the need to eat irradiated food like raw chunks of two-headed Brahmin meat. In addition, the naked mole rats have extremely low levels of Substance P which results in an incredible pain tolerance.
And, in your darkest of moments, when all options are spent, you may shamefully choose to eat the flesh of your own kind. Since then, Arkansas has remained the town's protector, shooting or blowing up any intruders.
I remember the bit where he rips a door off its hinges to get to you, thus removing a loading screen area, that was pretty unexpected! I am pretty sure I’m nearing the end game, and a part of me hopes Bethesda will release an update so that we can all enjoy this post-apocalyptic Sim City just a little longer.At any rate, for those who are just getting started on playing Fallout Shelter, this probably isn’t the best article for you to read, as the tips are definitely geared towards the player in the advanced stages of vault management – 75 dwellers or more.

For those with less than 30 in the vault here’s a good beginner’s guide to surviving in the game.
Gamezebo Tips Set #1: On Wastelands Survival And Finding The Best Outfits And Weapons How long can a dweller last in the Wastelands? OK, so this answer is really difficult because I’ve seen people saying some crazy amounts like 3 ? days (I’ve personally only had one out about a day). At any rate, here are some things I’ve figured out to help your dweller survive longer amounts of time in the WastelandsExperience level affects endurance – Ok, so I started to notice a trend with more experienced vault dwellers. It seemed they were able to survive a whole lot longer in the wastelands than a guy with just a little experience. For example, take a guy who is at a level 30 or 40, he can last probably about a day in the Wastelands with the proper gear, stimpacks etc. Take a guy at level 10 though with the same gear and medical supplies and he’ll only last half that time. I’m not sure the exact correlation but if you want people who will last longer, send out your most experienced.
As your dwellers stay out in the wastelands longer they do encounter more dangerous enemies who can deal greater damage, but on the flipside of that, it’s deep in the wasteland you’ll find your most valuable weapons and rarest outfits. Another thing I noticed about experience levels is that if you send out a dweller with little experience and one with a lot of experience for the same amount of time, even if they are trained with the same specials, equipment and medical supplies, the more experienced will always come back with better weapons and outfits – and usually more of them.Maxed out specials help too (any of them) – While endurance is probably the best special to send your dwellers out with for longevity, any special at a level 10 or higher makes your dweller very capable of surviving in the wastelands a long time, so make sure you are training dwellers in their strong areas to max them out – somewhere in the 10-12 range. Training dwellers high in Luck rooms can be particularly useful if gaining more stuff I a shorter time is your goal. But when you look at the price tag on Nuclear reactors and such, you may have thought to yourself, “Do I really need it? How will it help me?”The main advantage of resource rooms like the Nuclear reactors, gardens, etc. For example, a 3 room wide power plant, upgraded to level 3 produces 49 power and has 300 storage. When you get into these advanced levels you are going to start to notice you are producing more product than you can use or store so taking the time to replace old resource rooms with the upgrades as you have the caps to do so is a good idea. The only annoying thing about replacing rooms is you have to start replacing rooms furthest from the elevator first, so it’ll take some thinking about before you start destroying old rooms to build the updates. The reason is because 1) It increases non-sick dwellers up to 100% happiness and 2) It increases your population! As long as you are well prepared, making tons of babies is a great idea on the early stages. Around the 50 -75 dweller point, however, I began slowing down the baby making because honestly, it starts to get insane in the vault with all these buggers running around and your food, water, power production become more of an issue.
If you need to cheer up a dweller but really can’t afford to be making any babies right then, you can actually let your folks just get to the dancing together stage and then send them back to their assigned rooms before they run off for the happy green smiley face time.
Now, up to this point, I’ve found any room with a risk level of 25% or less will generally be successful. However, I have yet to rush a room over 30% that was successful, so proceed at your own risk. The higher the luck of your dwellers in a given room does lower the percentage of risk and increases the caps benefit of a successful rush.Training Rooms: Who Should I Train And For How Long? So, when your vault gets over 100 you find there’s a lot more dwellers than are really needed to manage the vault – this is particularly true if you’ve honed in on your dwellers strengths and trained or placed them in the right rooms. There’s a couple of different strategies I’ve heard people discuss with regards to training room assignment and to be honest I am using both.The first strategy is to make a roster of your dwellers by strength level and then rotate them in and out of a training room as one gains a higher special. For example, if you have 4 dwellers in a power room with strength specials of 4,4, 3,and 5 and 2 dwellers in a strength training room with a level 4 and 3 strength special, I would take out the level 4 trainee and replace him or her with the level 3 one from the power room. This way your power room has the strongest possible players in it, maximizing happiness and efficiency.The other strategy is to hone in on a few specific dwellers and train them in a given area repeatedly until they max out their special at 10 or more.
You can update your training rooms to cut the training time in half but it still will be a while. I’ve actually been placing a lot of my pregnant women in training rooms since they can’t fight in various incidents. It keeps them busy and out of harm’s way for the most part.I would actually recommend, no matter what a given player’s special is, that you try to rotate as many players as you can through your gaming or luck training rooms.
Luck is so useful for everything from successfully rushing rooms, to gaining more and better resources in the wastelands, to increasing the benefits of successfully stopping an incident in a room. The further along you get in the game, the more aggressive the Raiders seem to get and even if you have a room full of dwellers fighting them, one or more of them may die in the battle.
However, if you tap on your dwellers while they are fighting the Raiders or RadRoaches you can give them StimPacks to up their health levels back to 100 percent and help them endure the fight. While this may not be the best strategy if you don’t have many StimPacks, for those who have a huge stockpile, giving the mediation during a fight will save you caps you’d have to spend to revive the slain dweller. You also want to make sure to give StimPacks and RadAways to any dwellers involved in incidents like fires and radroach infestations as soon as the problem is cleared away or they might just keel over when you least expect it.Evacuate Rooms With Dead Bodies – Ok, nothing kills morale like working in a room with dead bodies.
If you don’t have the money to revive a corpse yet and you don’t want to remove them, then remove the living dwellers to another location. If every room is full, arm them ad send them to the Wastelands, but keep them out of the rooms with dead bodies.Evacuate Rooms Without Power – After a killer incident like radroach infestation, your bound to be low of power, food, everything.
Rooms that don’t have power won’t work and your dweller morale will decrease so it’s best just to evacuate dwellers from rooms that go without power for long stretches of time and have them fill in other essential rooms.
This will increase the production in those rooms anyway.Hand Out StimPacks – Everyone will likely need one of these after a major incident, so go through your dwellers administering them until you run out.
If the dweller is healthy they won’t take one, so you can literally go room but room and check.
Same applies for RadPacks.Revive Dwellers As Soon As You Can – You have the option to remove dead dwellers if you want, but generally I don’t like to do that since it takes so much effort to get new dwellers. However, the longer you leave them dead in a room, the longer that room remains unusable so revive them as soon as you can by earning caps.Welp, that’s about all I’ve got for now. As I continue to the endgame of Fallout Shelter I imagine I’ll put out at least one more set of tips for the last few miles.
If you have a great tip you think should be included for advanced Fallout Shelter gameplay, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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