We’re very proud to be a leader in baby and child first aid and pleased we could help so many stay calm and apply first aid when your child needed you most.
Each person is given a small bag with a double-sided A4 reminder wall-chart and printed notes with the key points to your course and a space for writing your own notes.
The six Scottish FA regions deliver children and youth courses from level one to three, and levels four and five are coordinated from Hampden.
Coaching Pathway  Our Coaching Pathways have been revamped to fall in line with UEFA guidelines. CPD If you are a Scottish FA licence holder, you must take part in Continuous Professional Development activities to ensure that your qualifications remain valid. Quality Mark The Quality Mark Accreditation Scheme is designed to support your club to fulfill its ambition. The Scottish Football Association Ltd, Hampden Park, Glasgow G42 9AY - Want to advertise on this site?
The newly formatted ceremony was hosted by County Chief Executive Nichola Trigg and the evening included several guest presenters.

Chad Ehlersten, who is the FA Regional National Game Manager for the West Midlands, handed out awards to Club Secretaries who have achieved 20 years service in their posts; there was also a single 10 years award. Our former colleague Adam Watts, who now acts as a Senior Coach to PGMOL Assistant Referees, made the presentations for the FA National Carlsberg Refereeing awards, There was a County FA nominated award for work done with the Referee Development Programme, as well as a National Award for an outstanding contribution to refereeing. County Development Manager introduced Trevor Smith, who is the Worcestershire McDonalds franchisee - he made the presentation for The FA McDonalds Community Awards. Award-winning Journalist Steve Carley, from the Worcester News handed out the FA RESPECT awards to clubs nominated within the Worcestershire FA. The Worcestershire FA were the first County Association to hold an annual awards ceremony for Long Service and were happy to extend the highly successful evening to include awards for recognition from FA partners.
We have a no-cash policy for trainer security and each trainer is equipped with a portable EFTPOS machine which also accepts Visa and MasterCard.
No matter what level of the game you are involved at, we can help to improve your knowledge and share best practice. You are required by UEFA and the Scottish FA to attain a minimum of 15 hours of Continuous Professional Development credit over a three-year period to ensure that your licence remains active.

Previously known as the Long Service awards, the event this year was expanded to include County, Regional and National recognition from the FA Carlsberg Referee, FA McDonalds Community and FA RESPECT awards.
County President Percy Rushton made  awards to Council Members for 30 years service to the Association, as well as a Life-Membership to Charles Poole.
All recipients received an engraved momento of the occasion as well as a framed photograph from the ceremony.
We assist with relevant handouts from various government organisations (eg Poisons) when available.

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