Our Instructor-led training programs allow the Instructor flexibility to match personal teaching style to students’ needs. This interactive course design is the most effective in keeping students interested and increasing retention of skills. Our programs have been reviewed and approved by numerous federal, state, and local agencies and exceed Federal OSHA requirements.
Target Audience: Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Communities, Caregivers, Businesses that Cater to Seniors. Through the course of a typical day, a mother can utilize the skills of several occupations.

Because they know that if you take your child to visit their primary doctor regularly, the likelihood that you will need to take them to the emergency room is slim. Regular heart checkups help us recognize heart issues early on so that we can bring the heart of our children to the Lord in prayer and petition.
Our program includes the 2010 guidelines for First Aid & CPR and meets Occupational Health & Safety regulations with the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB). Canadian Red Cross takes your privacy seriously.We do not distribute or sell your email address to anyone.
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To view the Health, Safety & Respect course features and details click on the link below. However, many of our daily ER situations produced from the heart’s of our children could be avoided by taking preventative actions. Each section is completely self-contained so that you may stop and re-start at the next lesson without loss of continuity.

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