To help you sort though the seemingly endless list, I’ve put together the Dorm Room Essentials Checklist to help. Think of all the things you could make: baby shower gifts, party favors, stocking stuffers, BFF necklaces! You are the person who inspired me to start hand-stamping jewelry (through The Vintage Pearl and The Rusted Chain), and Beaducation has been my go-to website for everything! You could also tape down a smaller metal or paper circle for a guide to stamp around the outside edge. Taking God’s love to the streets… natural expression of a life touched with the grace of God. The legacy I long to leave: that somehow I have helped you to  Live the life that pleases and honours God. This is an amazing parable to me.You may be aware that I work for Anglican Retirement Villages, which is a large charity providing a range of aged care services from home care through independent living units to nursing homes as well as accommodation for older people at risk of homelessness. In my role as Remuneration and Benefits Manager I get to see a side of our employees that many don’t.
Many of our staff are committed Christians but when it comes to pay and entitlements I have sometimes been shocked by the reactions and attitude that comes through if they imagine they’ve been ripped off in some way or treated any worsethan someone else. Recently I had a young lady at my desk shaking with anger because she was convinced there was something wrong on her pay slip which she had printed off and was angrily waving in my face. But what really shocked me was that the day before we had both been in the morning prayer meeting where we pray for our staff, our residents and their families and she had prayed with real compassion and had especially prayed that our staff would be motivated by God’s love and not their pay and would put the residents and our mission ahead of their own wants. Even as Christians we want to make sure we get a fair deal and that there is equity in the system. Remember as a kid if someone got an ice cream and you didn’t then you’d cry “that’s not fair!”?
This is a concept peddled in many churches today if you think about it – although they use words like success and prosper rather than bluntly talking about wealth and power. After the incident with the rich young ruler, Peter, trying to get to grips with this says, “Lord, we’ve given up everything to follow you, what’s in it for us?” He’s still thinking about a wages economy – a contractual arrangement where we do this good thing and therefore God rewards us, but God’s economy isn’t like that at all. Following this parable, as if to reinforce the point, Matthew includes the story of James & John’s mother requesting special treatment for her sons because they along with Peter are the closest companions of Jesus. 25  But Jesus called them together and said, "You know that the rulers in this world lord it over their people, and officials flaunt their authority over those under them.
They were concerned about position and authority but Jesus draws them back to what His mission is really about – giving His life to redeem all who will come to Him in repentance and to serve not to be served. We can often get hung up on fairness and getting what we think we deserve.but God is much more concerned about redeeming,rescuing and caring for people in need and that is the point that I think Jesus is trying to make here in response to the rich young ruler and Peter’s reactions.
As you might expect in any larger organisation when a new position is created the manager needs to come to me to determine the rate of pay for that job. The salary rate for an employee is then determined by the job sizing together with relevant market data along with relativities to other like-size roles within the organisation.
So this is how we determine an employee’s worth or value to our organisation but it has nothing to do with how God sees things. The same thing applies to all our relationships: with our kids, our friends, other members of our congregation. God is about establishing and building relationships and caring for one another and that’s what Jesus is trying to tell us in this parable I think. He wants us to understand that we can’t possibly earn His favour there is nothing we can do to get into God’s good books.
The world has this idea that God is fair so if I’ve been basically good all my life, he’ll weigh up the good against the bad and because He’s basically fair and reasonable bloke I’ll get into heaven.
Grace reminds us that we are not nearly as self-sufficient, deserving, or independent as a wage based society would like us to believe. The tragedy of a wage-based life is that it blinds us to the presence of grace, the life of God, in our own life. If you think about it, you go into the village and there’s a pool of available workers standing around waiting to be hired. There is only one way to be fully prepared for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. The biggest debate that goes around is on the chronology of viewing the movies, because Episodes IV, V and VI, were the ones that came to the theatres much before the prequel trilogy (I, II and III).
Look at the prequel trilogy as a flashback, where what you learn in Episode V is explained in greater detail. The breaks during each movie may not be required, but it’s advisable to take a gap between each Episode so that you can run through what has happened in the movie, take a breather, quickly complete a few home chores, and more importantly, build an excitement for the next movie. Beyond my advice on how to watch the Star Wars marathon, here are a few things I realised about the series on watching things again. The Star Wars prequel trilogy is essential to the saga no matter what people say! The origins of Darth Vader are absolutely essential to understand better how entrenched he is in the dark side. Another reason I absolutely love Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace is because it’s the only one which has Liam Neeson. That was my defence laid down for the prequel trilogy which, before I forget, also gave us Christopher Lee and Samuel Jackson yielding lightsabers, Yoda fighting acrobatically with one, and also one of the fiercest fight scenes of the entire series towards the end of Episode III.
So catch hold of the six Star Wars movies and begin your journey to a galaxy far, far away. Saw those little bath bombs and you wish you had them for the fantastic shower celebrations at wedding or as the pleasurable items to serve as the wedding favors?
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Back when I was in university I couldn’t wait to leave the parental units at home and head off to greener academic pastures.
There are wide variations in what various dorms and residences provide, so this list includes many essential items which may already be provided at your school.
My dad sent me of with a small toolbox (pink, of course), and pretty much every person on my floor used them at some point!
Taylor is the creator and lone writer of Squawkfox, a personal finance blog where consumer savvy is fun. Make sure your steel bench block is on a hard, firm surface.  The steel bench block keeps the impression from showing too much on the other side.

I started in the center and worked outwards.  Strike the stamp firmly once with your hammer! I have a fear of jump rings falling off, so I solder them shut.  You don’t want your hardwork falling off the necklace!
They have so many types of tags (blanks) to choose from, and their customer service is excellent! They also almost always have a 20% off coupon that you can find in either a magazine, online or in their mail ad if you get that. I am thinking of buying all the supplies to take with me when camping so all my camping friends can make their own.
We have nothing to offer those outside the family of God if we haven’t learn to truly love those within the family of God.
When you deal with people’s pay and benefits you start to see how paramount in everyone’s thinking is this concept of fairness and justice. I was shocked at the obnoxious way she was behaving but tried to calm her down so we could get to the facts and find out what the problem was. I remember counting the number of meatballs in my spaghetti and comparing that to how many my brother and sisters got to make sure Mum had been fair! I think this parable speaks to me especially because of my role in dealing with people’s employment and how we compensate our staff. The first place to start when trying to understand a parable or any passage of scripture really is to look at the context.
If you are living in God’s favour – the place where He wants you to be, then He will give you prosperity and success – very much an Old Testament way of thinking. Seems they had learnt nothing from what they had just observed with the rich young ruler and what they had heard in the parable of the workers in the vineyard. The rich are actuallythe poor ones, the first will come in last, theservant becomes the greatest. I’ve heard politicians justifying tougher road law policing on the basis of what it costs our hospital system to deal with road trauma. Would you only be valued so long as you cook and clean or take the garbage out or bring home a good pay packet? If the relationship is contingent upon performance or what’s in this for me,it just doesn’t work. It’s interesting that Paul tells us in Romans 6:23 that “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”. An animated film called Star Wars: The Clone Wars which was actually a pilot episode of a new TV series but was seen by George Lucas to be big enough to warrant a theatrical release. The last bit is what I realised in this marathon – the break actually increases the longing to know what happens next (even if you have known it for the better part of your life) and that allows the universe of Star Wars to sort of overwhelm your existing one and put you in the movie’s world.
Fans of the original series never warmed up to Lucas’ prequel trilogy which released from 1999 to 2005 and have been especially dismissive of the first two episodes. Not much about him is told in the original trilogy which added to the mysticism of the character and gave him a God-like status in the sci-fi genre.
This too can be a matter of debate on whether the original trilogy excels because of its leaner storylines and more focus on the core characters.
As for the original trilogy, which released between 1977 and 1983, there is little to say except that it is a masterpiece. But beware of putting much of the water as it will spoil everything and you will have to do all of the steps once again.
We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Would be a great tutorial, but next time, get a friend to help translate so it actually makes sense. I studied business and journalism and needed nicely ironed shirts when I did my work placements.
You can strike it again if you need to just make sure your stamp is still in place or you’ll get a ghost impression. I knew He was Holy and Righteous, I knew He was all powerful and all knowing… I needed to know He was the champion of the weak, because I was weak. A lifetime ago and for two years, I fed on these words while God healed my broken, damaged heart and mind. We also have hundreds of volunteers who give of their time to support our residents & clients. People like to compare themselves to others to see if someone else is getting something more than them. As it happened there was nothing wrong with her pay at all she just hadn’t realised that her payslip actually ran to 2 pages and she hadn’t read the second page where the final nett pay figure was. There’s a part of me that really struggles to comprehend this parable because it really does seem unfair doesn’t it.
It’s a natural human instinct I think to want to better ourselves – to improve our financial position, to provide for our retirement, to look for a promotion, to seek recognition and to be loved and appreciated and valued. We established a small call centre to take customer enquiries and we needed to recruit some staff to answer the phones.
This methodology arrives at a point score which then slots that job into a grade which then gives us a representative salary band. It seemed to me that the tragic loss of life and disabilities caused by car accidents is not enough reason – we need to put a dollar value on it to understand the cost. A marriage like that – based on performance rather than gracious, selfless love wouldn’t last long would it? The owner of the vineyard graciously gives the same amount to those who came last, not because they worked 10 times harder and earned it but because they needed it. The wages economy is comfortable with euthanasia, abortion, locking out refugees and treating other humans as expendable resources. They grumbled against the landowner saying, “These last worked only one hour, and you have made them equal to us.” The truth is they are not that different from each other. Episode VI has to be the last movie in this marathon, because it has a grand-scale climatic battle that sounds like the perfect way to end this mammoth series. Running through movies even if the eyes are hurting or the concentration is lacking ruins everything that a movie marathon stands for. But Darth Vader, more than anyone else, needed to be understood better and that is what the prequel trilogy does.
That would be true to a large extent, but the politics angle brought up in the prequel trilogy brings a whole new flavour to the Star Wars saga which a series of such stature could not have avoided.

Not only was it out of the world back in the old days, it still stands aside as a piece of cinematic magic even today.
We just linked the file or embed from Youtube then display them here to make visitor easy to find it.
If you’re a student about to live in a college dorm room (or university residence) then getting organized can be a daunting task. I believe that if we are going to minister to others… we need a good measure of healing our own hurts and brokenness… or we risk passing those imperfections on to others instead of the graces of God. This principle is enshrined in our industrial relations law – that’s what the Fair Work Act is all about. Just before this parable in chapter 19:16ff we read about the rich young ruler who asks Jesus “What good thing must I do to get eternal life”.
I thought they were Call Centre Assistants or Sales Assistants but was quickly corrected by the Sales & Marketing Director (sales manager). We review the salary bands each year against market movement data before we conduct our annual remuneration review. Like you go to Godfreys and buy the expensive robotic vacuum cleaner and you get the free steam mop which breaks the 1st time you use it but you don’t worry about it ‘cause it was free anyway so you don’t care because you don’t value it. The world says the last are last and the first are first because they deserve it they’ve earned it. Grace holds before us the truth that each person is more than their behaviour, their looks, the colour of their skin, their accomplishments, or their failures, their abilities or disabilities. Moreover, it completes a journey, and feels like a proper ending unlike any other movie in the series. It’s a different sort of film, meant to be seen in a different setting, and hardly of the same quality as the Star Wars saga; so my suggestion is to completely skip it, and maybe have a look at it sometime later. I especially loved Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, and now I am going to make a case for the prequel trilogy. Calm, poised, charismatic, someone who looks deeply knowledgeable, he is one of the highlights of the movie.
The whole scheme that is being hatched by Darth Sidious is cunning, and feels akin to the politics we see on our homelands here too.
The ambition in writing the script itself is praise-worthy, but then to be able to pull off such a saga and give rise to a new era of ‘blockbusters’ is phenomenal. Once you are completed with the two halves of it, and then get them together tightly as one ball. Humility is still the posture I take in God’s presence and seek to bring into my life and ministry. We will hurt them more than we will help them if we don’t take real steps to ‘heal ourselves’.
Since I have an LR license I sometimes drive a bus to take residents on outings for example. Contentment turns to discontent if when we compare ourselves to someone who we regard as our peer is getting something we are not receiving because that’s not fair. At the same time of course we’re always trying really hard to secure a better deal for ourselves than for anyone else.
Jesus challenges him to sell all he has and give it to the poor and he goes away sad because he was very rich.
The degree to which this parable strikes us as unfair is probably the degree to which our life and world view is wage based. Both groups needed a job and both groups were chosen, invited in, by no effort of their own doing. They entered the vineyard trusting they would be paid “whatever is right.” Whatever is right is not determined by the workers hired first or by a wage based society but by the goodness of the landowner. It explains the idea behind the Storm Troopers, it shows the master plan of Darth Sidious, it sets the stage for Yoda’s journey to the swamps of Dagobah (though that one was clumsily handled, I must admit). On the other end, I know almost everyone found the character Jar Jar Binks, who also made an entry in Episode I, to be darn annoying, but try listening to him with the subtitles for the movie on, and it might just make things bearable. The journey of the Galactic Republic to became the Galactic Empire, and the crumbling of democracy, elevate the series to a bigger level than it being only about rebels trying to bring down the Empire through force.
The final lightsaber duel between Luke and Darth Vader would always remain as my favourite bit from the entire series, but there are so many other moments that can never be forgotten – Darth Vader’s entry, Yoda’s training of Luke and that legendary line “Do or do not.
This shocked the disciples because they had assumed that being wealthy was a sign of God’s favour. Whether the sign on the office door says general manager or you don’t even have your own office let alone a door with a title on it.
The free gift that God gives is the single most desirable and valuable thing there is – eternal life. A wage based world view allows little room for grace in our own lives or the lives of others. Our understanding of fairness, however, does not seem to have priority in the kingdom of heaven where grace is the rule not the exception.
Eventually we set up standards and expectations not only for ourselves and others but for God too.
So I cannot see any other way to bring this marathon to an end other than Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.
As I said earlier, opinions on this would be divided, but I could not have loved the whole politics shown in the prequl trilogy any better. There is no try.”, Han Solo and Princess Leia getting off on the wrong foot during a mission to rescue the Princess, and other epic moments that I will not point out in case you haven’t seen the series yet.
But in God’s economy, if we turn to Jesus and follow him then we don’t earn anything or accrue any benefit.
Grace looks beyond our productivity, our appearance, our gender, our race or ethnicity, our accomplishments, our failures. The only precondition of grace is that we show up and open ourselves to receive what God is giving. He just sits at a workstation in our open plan office like the rest of us because he wants to model that prestige, position and pride have no place in our organisation.

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