Our reproductive organs are one of the most important and sensitive organs of the body and must be taken proper care of for proper functioning. There are many factors which can affect the health of the male reproductive organ and some of these factors include stress, poor diet, deficiency of certain nutrients, high blood pressure, some chronic condition and even age. This pose is also called the half camel pose and is useful for toning the entire body and has positive effects on the urogenital system of a male. This is a pose which releases all the tension in the pelvic region and waistline it helps in treating erectile dysfunction because it promotes the overall uro-genital health. To do this pose, you will first have to sit on your knees and draw the higher right knee towards yourself while the left one remains slightly lower. This pose is considered great for treating erectile dysfunction because it improves the blood circulation near the pelvic area and makes the urogenital area more efficient. Now bend and hold the toe of both the feet with your hands and inhale and exhale in the process.
This is a superb pose as it helps in toning the pelvic region and boosts the health of the urogenital area of a male. To do this, you will first have to kneel, keeping the right foot ahead of you and bending your leg at the knee.
Sanda Retreats is a group of Premier Hotels & Spa Resort in South Goa (India), which focuses on Rejuvenating & Revitalizing of your body, mind & soul under the supervision of specialized doctors and nutritionist. People suffering from physical and mental strain find that the stress of an unfit body manifests in the bedroom as well. Some of the sexual problems which can be treated through Yoga include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and lack of libido.
Improving the functioning of these systems, says Petkar, can help train sensory receptors to reduce strain to the brain.Keeping the nervous system functioning at par will ensure sexual efficiency.

Moreover, yoga exercises keep lazy lower abdomen and genital muscles toned so they function at optimal capacity during the act.
Inhale slowly and simultaneously raise your legs, head and abdomen to stop at 45-degree angle.
Sit in Padmasana (Lotus position) or any other comfortable position.Keep your hand on your knees, close the eyes, relax and breathe through the nose.
Shut your eyes and sit in Padmasana.Inhale deeply and bend you head to fix the chin in the jugular notch (Jalandhar Bandha or Chin lock Position) holding your breath. I have never been into yoga asanas till date, but when i came across this article abt asanas i was really amazed. To do this, you first have to sit on your knees, tilt the back and lift the hips up in this position. To do this, you will have to first stand straight with feet 2 feet apart, pointed straight. Moreover, this pose also improves stamina which too helps to eliminate the erectile dysfunction. Now inhale and raise your hands overhead so that palms are kept together and arms are close to your ears. Such people find it difficult to enjoy sex.That is where yoga steps in to ease the mind and tone the body. Sex isn’t just a union of two bodies, It is a confluence of mind, body and soul Straining each one adversely can lead to sexual disorders.
Certain yogic poses reduce fat in this body region, increasing reflexes.This also directly improves endocrine function to up testosterone secretion. Hold your breath and in the same position raise your shoulders and back.Hold the toes of the legs with both hands and continue breathing.

Lift your legs up taking the support of your hands, so that your buttocks are lifted off the ground. After getting comfortable with this pose, bring your legs to touch the ground above your head, without any distance between the legs.
The tops of your feet must touch the floor and place your hands with palms facing downwards, under your shoulders. It helps in improving blood circulation and purifies the blood, thereby getting rid of toxins. It is also helpful in treating many illness and conditions, like thyroid, hair growth, etc. When a person is stressed, the sympathetic nervous system gets stimulated, seen as increased heart rate, blood pressure, mental excitement and the res piratory rate.
If you are unable to reach your toes, hold the legs at the ankles but make sure you don’t bend the knees. Try to draw the sexual organs upward by pulling and tensing the lower abdomen while concentrating on the pelvic floor muscles.
Allow your legs to sweep in a 180-degree angle over your head till your toes touch the floor. Yoga helps create equilibrium between the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. Focussing on your naval area, take five deep breaths and then slowly lower yourself down while exhaling until your face is flat against the mat again.

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