In more recent times, men (and some women) have sought the benefits of various herbs, bones, horns, and the flesh of certain animals to help restore their waning sexual potency and performance.
A big shift in treating erectile dysfunction happened in 1994 when the Pfizer pharmaceutical company in England sent representatives to investigate why certain volunteers in the Phase 1 clinical trial for sildenafil citrate (an experimental heart medication) refused to return their unused allotment of meds once the trial was over.
When researchers discovered that this medication was of little value in treating angina or hypertension, but had a huge affect on men’s ability to have and maintain an erection, they understood why. There’s no argument that Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other medications for erectile dysfunction have helped many millions of men regain their sex life — and that’s a good thing. However, taking a prescription drug everyday or in anticipation of having sex falls short of being erotic or romantic.
Measurable male enhancement (especially when used in conjunction with a penis vacuum pump). After 25 years of doing penile injections to help men overcome severe erectile dysfunction, I was impressed by the results other physicians were having with the Priapus Shot™ — so much so that I became a Priapus Shot™ practitioner. Named after the Greek god of fertility (see image above), the Priapus Shot is a series of six penile injections that rejuvenate a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection. Since PRP is derived from your own body, there have never been any reported systemic side effects. Compared to other treatment options for erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement, this non-surgical procedure is relatively inexpensive (approximately $1,500). As with all PRP procedures, the Priapus Shot™ begins with a couple of vials of blood being drawn. The chemokines and cytokines within the PRP stimulate the local “uni-potent” stem cells (stem cells that only produce new cells in the adjacent tissue), which in turn initiates the production of new tissue in and around the injection locations.
PRP injections also enhance the proliferation of fibroblast growth factors (FGF) that direct the formation of new blood vessels and capillaries (angiogenesis) and wound healing. As with healing any wound, the rejuvenation of the penis involves numerous tissue types (blood vessels, nerves, smooth muscle fibers, lymph vessels, connective tissues, endothelium and so on). Think of PRP as the fertilizer that restores a tired garden back to its former verdant luster. As Runels tells it, a salesman from a PRP kit manufacturer came to visit his office and told him, “Dr. However, the lack of medical literature on such an injection, coupled with the fear of priapism and having to go to the emergency room to have his penis drained, kept Dr.
To help move the PRP around throughout his penis, Runels decided to employ a penis vacuum pump so the platelets wouldn’t pile up in one place.
Despite the lack of increase in penis size, the San Diego patient was very please with the injections.

For more information about the Priapus Shot™, please contact Choices in Health at 303-444-0840. We offer the following recommendations as an easy-to-follow check list to help you improve your bladder health.
Your doctor may advise you to receive physical therapy for urinary problems and pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). User Agreement:  None of the information contained within this Web site has been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Osbon Erecaid Vacuum Therapy System OTCThe Osbon Erecaid Vacuum Therapy System OTC system uses vacuum therapy, a proven method, which is easy and simply to learn. The Medical Department Store (MDS) has been serving SouthWest Florida for over 30 years and is proud to maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
We are committed to providing for all your home medical equipment and supply needs and stand by our promise with guaranteed service. Our staff is fully trained in the proper use of all equipment and supplies we sell or rent. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Ginseng, tiger bone, rhino horn, oysters, and the genitalia of large powerful mammals (Rocky Mountain oysters) are some common examples of this practice. This quarter century of experience gives me many times more than the 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell claims are required to develop mastery of a particular skill. These injections restore proper blood flow into and out of the penis and boost erection quality by a staggering 98 percent! The plasma that contains the PRP is then separated from the red and white blood cells by a centrifuge. The growth factors within PRP stimulate the productions of new cells, enhance the migration of these cells in and around the injection sites, repair damaged cells, and extend the life of existing cells — all of which contribute to tissue rejuvenation. So when the body, in this case the penis, receives a concentrated pulse of bioactive glycoproteins and FGF from a PRP injection, it immediately begins the generation of new tissue in the corpus cavernosa and throughout the entire penis. Runels created the Priapus Shot on the heels of his success with his first signature PRP procedure, the Vampire Facelift.
Runels called his potential patient in San Diego and told him, “You’ll be the first patient, and it may not work — or you could have a bigger penis in a month. Runels has since discovered that the men who see the biggest gains in penis size are the ones who use the pump in conjunction with the injections. Tom Bunn is friendly, knowledgeable, makes you feel comfortable, and gives a clear understanding of what appears to be the problem.

His expertise and his healing modalities have given me, at 74, the maximum opportunity to remain healthy and active. That’s the unspoken question each one of our new patients asks before they pick up the phone and call for their first appointment. As with all recommendations on this site, without seeing you in person, we cannot know your individual concerns, nor can we address specific conditions. This application of physical therapy in your pelvis is essentially the same as PT for other parts of the body (back, neck, or shoulder). This Web site and its content are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We do this by consistently offering quality brand name products, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service. Our service team will take the time to explain, demonstrate and educate on the proper use of equipment. The platelets, which contain highly active glycoproteins known as growth factors (also called “chemokines” and “cytokines”), are then injected with an extremely thin needle (27 gauge) directly into these six injection areas. Now, we are using the Priapus Shot procedure to help our patients have the most meaningful sexual experience of their lives.
And she understands a great many things that most other doctors unfortunately seem to have little to no knowledge of.
I initially saw Tom eight years ago for a condition that traditional medicine was unable to diagnose. There are several top-notch urology clinics in the greater Denver Metro area, so why choose us? Always consult your health care professional before taking any action based on the information presented on this Web site — especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.
Each MDS Team Member follows established supplier standards and will conduct themselves with the highest degree of professionalism.
In addition, more than half the men who receive the Priapus Shot™ report measurable penile enhancement.

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