Although supplements are generally safe to take and may help in optimizing sexual libido in males and dryness of the vagina in females; but it is highly recommended to consult a physician prior to initiating a hormonal supplements to minimize the risk of possible side-effects. Based on the clinical efficacy and potential benefits, Siberian Ginseng is considered superior to other varieties of Ginseng. It is imperative to understand that Ginseng is not as potent as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis (especially in the short term) but it can be used to address mild cases of ED and low sexual desires.
It has been in use for centuries as herbal remedy for the long term management of musculoskeletal pain and gynaecological problems. Avoid black cohosh if you are pregnant or breast-feeding (3) to minimize the risk of any complication in the baby.
Mediterranean in origin, this herb is approved to be used as treatment for pre and post-menopausal symptoms in Germany. It helps in improving immune functions of the body, besides serving as a stimulator for the synthesis of protein and muscle mass deposition.
Gingko has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, fatigue, asthma etc. Some studies have shown that in some genetically susceptible individuals, Yohimbine may lead to drug induced ED but limited data is available to derive a reliable association. Pycnogenol is extracted from the bark of French maritime pine and is believed to protect vessels and promotes nitric oxide production. Females looking for an aphrodisiac herb should try ArginMax which is a combination of Panax ginseng, gingko biloba, L-arginine, minerals, damiana and multivitamins.
Its efficacy is supported by two large clinical studies that found enhanced sexuality in menopausal females or females with decreased libido. A study conducted by Zestra Laboratories Inc., showed improvement in zestra group in terms of better arousal but showed genital burning as a possible side effect. DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a natural hormone which can transform into masculine or feminine sex hormones and is used as an anti-aging formula. Incorporate exercise to your daily regimen as it improves the blood flow to all the organs and organ systems of your body.

Low fat diet and weight loss also helps in restoring sexuality and promoting confidence (or image of self).. Codeine Linctus helps relieve dry, unproductive coughs and is intended for short term use only. The NHS recommends that unproductive coughs lasting longer than 2 weeks should be seen by either your doctor or local community pharmacist. This product has largely been replaced by Pholcodeine Linctus which your DIMEC Pharmacist would recommend over this particular product. Repeat orders that indicate this product is being used for anything other than the treatment of a dry cough will also be denied. The subsequent text contains answers to the questions related to efficacy, outcomes, scientific work, adverse effects, cost-effectiveness and alternatives of these supplements. Based on the latest research reported in the Colombian Journal of Anesthesiology (3) black cohosh can adequately manage pre and post-menopausal symptoms like dry vagina, hot flushes and night sweats. It also promotes nitric oxide production and improves blood circulation in the genital region (especially penile tissue).
Males taking Viagra or nitrates for chest pain should refrain from taking L-arginine because it can cause severe drop in blood pressure. Studies show that it also enhances nitric oxide production, making it a useful supplement in the maintenance of libido. Few products may contain sub-standard, low quantity Yohimbine that may not produce desired effects.
Its efficacy is questionable due non-availability of sufficient data but since it is a vegetable, the risk of adverse effects are minimal.
Some randomized controlled trials have shown that pycnogenol can increase nitric oxide production when combined with L arginine. It constitutes evening primrose oil, borage seed oil, coleus extract, angelica extract, vitamin C & E. Like Viagra, Ginseng exerts its action by increasing the production of nitric oxide and many clinical studies have shown its effectiveness in the long term management of erectile dysfunction (2).

Additionally, black cohosh has estrogen like characteristics that helps in promoting optimal circulation to the genital region.
It also decreases the Prolactin secretion which is known to alter the libido in males and females. According to a new study, combined formulation of L-Arginine, glutamate and yohimbine can significantly improve the sexual functions in males who are experiencing moderate degree of erectile difficulty.
A lot of study is not available to prove its efficacy as an aphrodisiac or sexual stimulant when used alone; however, males experiencing varying degrees of hypogonadism may experience significant improvement in cognition and intellectual functioning with gingko supplementation. The ideal product should contain extract from yohimbe tree with active ingredient yohimbine or yohimbine hydrochloride.
In a preliminary study, Zestra showed improved sexuality in normal as well as affected females.
The history of ginseng in the management of erectile dysfunction in ancient China (3500-2600 BCE). Increased circulation also helps in increasing the sensitivity and lubrication which further improves the quality of sexual encounters in females. Similarly in another study, low dose arginine has been shown to improve sexual functions and overall libido in affected males.
In some individuals, yohimbine can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, gastrointestinal ailments or psychiatric disorders.
No side effects or complications have been reported with long term use of Zestra in females.
Direct rubbing of the oil on the clitoris improves the blood flow that is responsible for the improved sensitivity and quality of sexual stimulation.

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