Erectile Dysfunction Treatments and Penile Rehabilitation Programs Aimed at Assisting Sex after Prostate Surgery or Treatment.
Penile rehabilitation is the phrase used to describe the process of using drugs and or devices in order to preserves erectile tissue health and minimizes erectile tissue damage following a radical prostatectomy or radiation procedure. Whilst the early application of penile rehabilitation treatments may promote improvement in spontaneous erections sufficient to allow sexual relations, the failure to pursue early post-prostatectomy treatments for erectile dysfunction is widely thought to contribute to higher rates of erectile problems after prostate surgery.
More than ever before, there are treatments available to men that have been shown to be successful in treating erectile dysfunction. Pharmacological treatments commonly prescribed for penile rehabilitation and erectile function recovery include: (Click on links to read detailed descriptions).
Despite many prostate cancer survivors pre-operatively reporting an interest in receiving treatment for post-radical prostatectomy-related erectile dysfunction, studies show that as many as 50% of men freely decide from the onset not to proceed with any form of therapy.
Men who receive specialist advice for their postoperative erectile dysfunction are more likely to report being very satisfied with treatment outcomes and were more likely to continue treatment for erectile dysfunction. By comparison, men who do not receive specialist advice were far more likely to be unsatisfied with reported levels of treatment satisfaction, with the majority of these men being either being non-committed towards continuing treatment or having ceased treatment altogether. Men who receive detailed instruction (preferably in the presence of a sexual partner), sexual counselling and medical follow ups every three months, are likely to experience higher levels of treatment satisfaction and continued use. Men reported that physical, psychological and social adaptation to life with postoperative erectile dysfunction, and their need for PTED, were highly influenced by the strength and nature of relationships they had with their partners. Treatment compliance was influenced by partner support and involvement in the penile rehabilitation process, partner acceptance of treatment selection, and the importance partners placed on maintaining an active sexual relationship. Apart from sexual communication, relationships in which partners had demonstrated a willingness to actively assist participants in incorporating treatments within sexual activities were more likely to lead to higher levels of treatment satisfaction and adherence. In contrast, men reporting low levels of sexual communication and involvement in treatment selection and acceptance were more likely to withdraw from treatment use.

Vacuum erection devices (Vacuum devices) are often used as first-line penile rehabilitation therapies. Whilst men often will be willing and able and "making the time" to use a vacuum device whilst on leave from work, once work resumes some men will consider vacuum device usage to be impractical and it is often abandoned. PDE5's (include Viagra, Cialis and Levitra) are often prescribed as first-line oral agents to treat erectile dysfunction due to their ease of use and perceived clinical value. Whilst PDE5 use has improved erectile functioning in up to 70% of cases, levels of erectile recovery success levels have been reported in some studies to be as low as 29%.
As easy as they are to use, researchers have found inappropriate use of these drugs to occur in as many as 56% of men.
Intracavernous injections are a standard treatment of erectile dysfunction in cases where the use of medications (such as Viagra) have been found to be unsatisfactory. Understandably, patients are often negative towards injection treatments due to the common perception that they are painful and they interfere with the spontaneity of intercourse. Time, developing courage and the assistance of supportive partners, are critical for treatment execution. Studies show however that for some men, once they were able to overcome their fears of penile injection, the use of injections have allowed them to experience increases in levels of sexual confidence and satisfaction as well as improvements in relationships with partners. Within our own research, we have found that men will experience varying degrees of difficulty with different treatments for erectile dysfunction. First Impression: I was going to make fun of his necklace, but then I saw what his job was and now I just have no words. But if The Bachelorette doesn’t elicit enough melodrama of her own, she has 26 suitors to join her.
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