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A three year study which surveyed the dietary habits of over 16,000 Americans found that a large portion of the population failed to meet the recommended intake for many key nutrients.
Unfortunately many of these nutrients are also responsible for healthy reproductive and sexual function and a deficiency in one or many of them can cause low sex drive, reduced testosterone production, infertility, erectile dysfunction and various other sexual disorders.
Deficiencies in zinc are directly linked to low sex drive in both men and woman.  Zinc is also required by the prostate gland in the production of sperm as well as it helps in the production of the most important male hormone – Testosterone. Zinc has been shown to help male infertility, increase sex drive and is necessary to keep sperm healthy. Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency is closely linked to erectile dysfunction in men.
Approximately 50% of the selenium in a man is contained in his testicles and seminal ducts. Iron is directly responsible for synthesizing the neurotransmitters which regulate our sex drive – otherwise known as libido.
If you are thinking a simple multivitamin will do the trick you are in for a nasty surprise. However that changed in the early 1940’s when many brands began producing synthetic tablets made from which are the same tablets that can be found today. Any health conscious individual would conclude this is a rather backward approach to improve our own health.
To find out how to naturally include these key minerals in your diet simply, naturally and inexpensively, sign up for the Virility Protocol Course. It is completely free.
Used by Peruvians for well over 3,000 years, the ancient herb commonly known as maca is gaining popularity among men  looking for a natural method to boost their testosterone levels. Maca, also known as “Peruvian Ginseng” is an ancient food source and herbal medicine rich in nutrients, including vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, amino acids and sterols.
Maca is not only used to boost natural testosterone levels, but also as a natural alternative to hormone replacement and for correcting impotence, improving fertility and erectile dysfunction.

In fact, maca has been so successful at boosting natural testosterone levels, that many bodybuilders are taking it as an alternative to anabolic steroids. The benefits of maca are not just limited to improving male health. Ancient and modern use of this medicinal herb also includes treatment for anemia, stomach cancer, enhancing memory, reducing stress and improving mental clarity. Recently, this ancient herb is gaining popularity among scientists and the medical profession because of the effectiveness of these adaptogenic properties. In a recent study, rodents fed with maca showed increased energy, stamina and sexual activity when compared to those not fed maca. Most interestingly for men who are suffering from low testosterone or erectile dysfunction is both the healthy animals and those with low testosterone responded equally well to the maca treatment.
Some historians even believe maca was one of the reasons for the success of the Incan Empire. An increasing amount of research and clinical trials are showing the beneficial adaptogenic potential for maca, especially in the treatment of hormone-related health problems. The good news for men is the most popular area of research for maca is its effect on the endocrine system, with a focus on improving sexual performance. It is believed that maca nourishes the glands within the endocrine system, helping to balance hormones, returning them to normal or higher than normal levels. Maca has shown to increase fertility, libido and sexual function.
Recently there have been many studies on maca regarding its effect and benefits on adrenal balancing, hormone replacement therapy, sexual function, fertility, libido and boosting of overall male sexual performance.
In a four month study involving healthy men between the ages of 22 to 44, maca (taken orally) was found to significantly increase semen volume and sperm count and motility. In another double blind study of 50 men suffering from mild ED, maca (taken orally) also showed significant improvement when compared to the control group. This ancient herb is only one of many ancient herbs used for centuries by native and indigenous people to boost male virility. A good SEO specialist will start by getting your site on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter and on the social bookmarking pages of Stumble Upon Digg, Delicious and so on.
Dermatology delhi focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of hair, skin and nails conditions. There are dermatologists who are qualified medical doctors, trained in the profession and field for years.
Magnesium helps to increase blood circulation, relax muscles and has a de stressing effect. Selenium is released into semen and it is an essential mineral which the body needs to replace through diet. Although iron deficiencies are more common in woman as it is lost during menstruation, low iron effects men and can also contribute to join pain, fatigue, hair loss, and loss in sex drive. The mineral iodine is important in healthy sexual performance and interacts with the protein L-Tyrosine which produces thyroxine – a hormone which regulates body heat, cellular energy production.
Most of the multivitamins sold today are derived from synthetic sources with artificial additives like colors, flavors, sugars, chemicals and fillers.

Our bodies are specifically designed to extract the necessary and essential mineral from plants. It’s seven weeks long and will provide you with everything you need to boost your virility, improve your quality of life and overall health. Its adaptogenic properties are believed to be responsible for its numerous benefits including its ability to help the body adapt to stress.
Maca was given to their warriors before battle to boost their energy and stamina. Science is only now starting to understand the benefits of this ancient herb and all natural super-food.
Sadly, not many studies are available that have been done on humans but a few of them are included below. Your web designer will make your web site attractive to look at and your SEO expert will get your site looked at by more people, which means more potential customers.
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We had taken this picture on the internet we feel would be probably the most representative images for raha tupu blog. A deficiency of manganese has been linked to low sex drive, low sperm count and even infertility. Maca will increase libido and other things as well.when it come to increasing testosterone, tankgat ali is your best bet.

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