Using the exertion of nearly 1 kg with my PeniMaster for around 8 months got me 3.5cm longer. The curvature of penis can be congenital or acquired.The assumed cause of congenital curvature of penis is a temporary lack of testosterone during pregnancy. The acquired penis curvature Peyronie’s disease, also known as Induratio penis plastica (IPP), is a connective tissue disorder involving the growth of fibrous plaques in the soft tissue of the penis, presumably the consequence of an inflammation of the cavernous bodies.
The causes of Peyronie’s disease aren’t completely understood, yet few factors are usually involved. It is generally assumed, that the inherent penis curvature can’t be treated with the help of penis extender. There are 3 surgical methods of treating Peyronie’s disease: shortening of the unaffected side (usually shortens overall length of penis, might cause erectile dysfunction), lengthening the affected side (even greater risk of erectile dysfunction), penile implants (considered when patients have both Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction).

One of the most effective methods of naturally correcting penile curvature and reducing symptoms of Peyronie’s disease is the use of penis extender.
When dealing with more significant deformations, where surgery is appointed, the use of extender might help correct some of the curvature before operation, thus decreasing the part needed to be cut out. During any post operational period it is advised to use the penis extender – to help maintain and secure the result of operation and enlarge the penis. Men with this condition describe the curvature of the erect penis that has been present for as long as they remember, usually it is recognized around puberty or early adulthood. The strong curvature of up to 90 degrees frequently causes painful erections, erectile dysfunction, possible significant shortening of the penis. However, when the curvature interferes with the ability to have sexual intercourse the surgical operation is needed; the extender might help secure the result of such operation.

It differs from the Peyronie’s disease (described below) in that there is no scar tissue within the penis and the condition doesn’t usually change over time. During the healing process blood and other cells are trapped at the site of injury, leading to the build-up of a scar tissue.

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