Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Jest bogaty w cynk i potas, ktore poprawiaja wydajnosc seksualna, zwiekszaja przeplyw krwi oraz wytrzymalosc erekcji. Niegdys sprzedawane w Polsce przez czolowe firmy suplementacyjne, jednak dzis trudno dostepne. This statement may seem does not make sense for many people because usually impotence/weak orgasm is a disease that mostly experienced by men in over 40 years.
Moze byc to spowodowane znaczacym spadkiem testosteronu, stresem oraz zaburzeniami psychicznymi.

Niekoniecznie trzeba siegac po viagre, gdyz natura obdarowala nas wieloma produktami, ktore naturalnie wplywaja na pobudzenie erekcji. There are an increasing number of young men around the world who suffer from sexual dysfunction namely impotence.An erection usually triggered the presence of stimuli that are associated with libido. The causes of erectile dysfunction at a young age In General, there are three main causes, namely physical disorders, disorders of chemically, and psychological disorders. This hormone is a hormone of sex men, responsible for the arousal of sex and sensitivity against the stimulus. At the age of adolescence, the production of this hormone is very high and become the cause of physical changes men as genital hair growth, change in voice, and also the advent of wet dreams at night. Testosterone deficiency also can be triggered because of the consumption of drugs as well as alcohol and cigarettes.

Thismainly because of alcohol, narcotic drugs and smoking affect system your nerves and block signals from the brain, which is responsible for sexual arousal, making your brain feel numb.Psychological causes It has been found that most of the young men experience a variety of psychological problems in the years of their growth. This may be related to changes during puberty, anxiety before engaging in sexual activity for the firsttime, stress, or other mental problems.Physical activity is largely driven by the wishes and feeling. However, one should not discouraged because there is some treatment today for heal sexual dysfunction.Medication against erectile dysfunction at a young age can notdone carelessly.

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