El ginseng una de las plantas mas conocida y apreciada en el mundo debido a sus propiedades  beneficiosas para la salud . Se utiliza en Asia desde hace siglos y sus usos son multiples incluso es muy apreciada en medicina y farmacologia. Existen varias clases de ginseng, pero los mas autenticos y apreciados son los llamados Coreano(o Asiatico) Americano, y el Siberiano (este ultimo es algo menos apreciado pues no procede de la planta llamada Panax sino de otra de la misma familia pero con principios activos diferentes). La parte de la planta empleada, no es la hoja sino la raiz, que acumula en su interior una gran cantidad de propiedades siendo muy importante que se trate de una raiz de al menos unos 6 anos de vida, ya que se considera que con menor de seis anos aun no contiene la cantidad de nutrientes que le hacen estar considerada como la planta de la vitalidad. Combate el agotamiento fisico, aumentando la vitalidad, energia y fuerza fisica en general. Combate asi mismo el agotamiento psiquico y mental mejorando la capacidad de concentracion,por lo que el trabajo mental se vuelve mucho mas eficaz. Esta especialmente contraindicado para las personas que padecen hipertension arterial por su accion  vasoconstrictora .Para estas personas existen unas hojas consideradas como un tesoro para la hipertension, son las hojas de olivo, esta demostrado que tomando dos o tres tazas de infusion de hojas de olivo desaparecen las taquicardias y se regula la tension, sin olvidar que siempre se debe contar con la supervision de un medico cuando existe hipertension arterial. No debemos olvidar que el ginseng puede interactuar con diversos medicamentos, por lo que debemos consultar siempre antes de hacer uso de esta planta tan beneficiosa pero a la vez poseedora de una gran fuerza. No es conveniente ingerir esta planta durante periodos prolongados de mas de tres meses de duracion continuada sin consultar a un especialista. Aplicaciones: El ginseng es una planta originaria de China cuya raiz es utilizada por sus propiedades tonificantes y afrodisiacas. Ingredientes: Panax ginseng extracto (60 mg con 80% ginsenosidos equivalente a 500 mg de raiz), y agentes de carga (maltodextrina y celulosa). Natural treatment – Like all other herbal medicines, Divya Peya Herbal Tea also provides natural cure for getting rid of extra weight. Free from adverse impacts – None of the ayurvedic and herbal elements contain any adverse ingredients and as such they do not produce any side effects upon the users.
Burns the fat – Fatty foods invite accumulation of fat in our physique that becomes heavy, thus making us difficult to move in an easy manner.
Regulates blood pressure and cholesterol – The level of these two major aspects of our physique needs to be kept at a reasonable extent. Relief from digestive disorders – Certain disorders related to our digestive system invite serious complications that become problematic for many of us who often suffer from constipation and serious stomach problems.
Relives us from fatigue – The Divya Peya Herbal Tea is a good tonic of nourishment for our bodies that are energized with it as it provides relief from tiredness and weakness.
An apt quantity of this herbal tea, healthy simple foods, yoga or other exercises, fruits and sufficient intake of water help in early weight loss whereas excessive drinks, junk eatables and smoking enhance obesity, hence the latter three should be avoided.
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Ingredients:American ginseng,netoginseng,make moth,pizzle, dog penis,dragonfly,east asian tree fern rhizone,herbal plooens extract etc. Product Description Green Coffee is an effective slimming coffee which is well received by consumer and sold very well.
Original Dr-Ming's Chinese Herbal Fast Slimming Capsule Enjoy the benefits that the ancient oriental formula of Dr. HerbKing Series- HK012 Giganta ( Breast Enhancement) Ingredients: Lobed Kudzuvine Root, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Common Floeringquince Fruit.
Benefits: 1)Contains natural herbal plant ingredients 2)Particular mild acid formula increase more rich natural mint essence.
But, severe changes in the hormonal levels at reproductive and menopausal phases may lead to complications and adverse effects like decreased libido, infertility, menopausal problems and depression.So, it is very important to restore the hormonal balance for the sexual and reproductive health of the body. Black cohosh is a wonderful herb containing various chemical compounds like isoflavones which stimulate hormonal activity and help in bringing the hormonal balance. It is a phytoestrogenic herb which means it contains natural estrogen produced by the plants. Maca root is a wonderful herb consisting of minerals, amino acids, alkaloids and antioxidants beneficial for all sorts of hormonal problems. It helps in regularizing the irregular menstrual cycles and acts as a fertility booster by increasing libido and sexual hormones. Asian ginseng also works on the liver and pancreas there by stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Ashwagandha acts as an adaptogen and effectively works on adrenal and thyroid hormonal imbalance. Before administering these herbs it is strictly advised to consult your physician or herbalist who can guide you about the effects and contraindications of these herbs on your body. Su alta composicion en ginsenosidos y vitaminas del grupo B, C, aceite esencial y aminoacidos, hacen que el ginseng sea un revitalizante por excelencia.Te ayudara a potenciar el sistema inmunologico y a normalizar la presion arterial, aumenta el tiempo de resistencia a la fatiga y mejora la tolerancia al frio. Same is true with Divya Peya Herbal Tea that is totally from any side effects for the fat people who use it. Divya Peya Herbal Tea, equipped with the herbal ingredients is capable of burning extra fat from our bodies that need to remain slim and smart. This herbal tea is there that strengthens the cells quite effectively by providing the requisite level of nutrition. Divya Peya Herbal Tea helps us greatly to maintain the requisite level of cholesterol and blood pressure that are responsible for overall functioning of our entire physique. We doesn't provide herbal health care products products or service, please contact them directly and verify their companies info carefully.

It can help to treat headache, dizziness, gingivitis, cold sore, constipation, and urine discoloration. When it comes to women’s health fluctuation and imbalance in the hormonal levels takes place at all stages of her life.
It works as an adaptogen and monitors and regulates the production of hormones inside the body depending upon the need of the body. Intake of Rhodiola helps the body to adapt to stress and exhibit greater mental performance with less fatigue. It contains an effective antioxidant called carnosic acid which increases the ability of thyroid hormone.
It works on the master gland that is pituitary gland by regulating its hormones such as TSH, CRH and ACTH. Este ginseng actua como un potente coadyuvante en casos de astenia, tension, fatiga mental y fisica, decaimiento o convalecencia.
Many companies across the globe boast of providing certain equipments and alternative medicines to reduce mass of our bodies but not all of them can ensure complete weight loss. It rejuvenates our energy that fights all sorts of diseases including fatness that is responsible for complications. We have no intention to hurt anyone, please use this information at your own understanding.
Read on to know more about the herbs which contribute in bringing back the hormonal balance. The lignans and phytoestrogens present in red clover work wonderfully in menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats.
Ashwagandha acts as an antidepressant and mood stabilizer which helps the body to overcome stress and exertion. That’s why large number of people with heavy bodies now prefers to go in for Divya Peya Herbal Tea, the wonderful combination of herbal ingredients that benefits them in a big way. Considerado como un elemento superior en la medicina oriental, por sus beneficiosos efectos sobre corazon, higado, pulmon y rinon. If you have a constant health state or your symptoms are rigorous, seek advice from a well qualified medical doctor.
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