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ABOUT USSpread across 22 Acres, Annapurna Studios showcases itself as a technically advanced and integrated film & media hub. As a Studio, our aim is to offer a one-stop-solution for film making, post-production and event services for our clients.
THOUGHTS OF ANR"Cinema is our first love, and the desire to contribute to its growth has been very strong.
Here's Why You Wake Up Feeling HornyMore hard science on why you get an erection first thing in the morning.

We have newly augmented our facilities with five air-conditioned studio floors and a new Digital Intermediate facility powered by Mistika and Baselight colour grading systems. Through its production, post-production and educational initiatives, Annapurna Studios has been a crucial infrastructural entity for the industry for the past four decades. There are several different treatments that will get you back in the saddle—but you’ll never know which one is right for you until you call your doc. PDE5 InhibitorsIf you’ve just been diagnosed with ED, you’ll probably be asked to try a PDE5 inhibitor—the first-line treatment option. In fact, 75 percent of the men in the study were prescribed these meds.PDE5 inhibitors include options like sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra).
With Viagra, you may also find your color perception is a bit off—things can take on a blue or purple haze, says Dr. McVary.And with Cialis, you might be more likely to feel flank pain or side pain, possibly due to the blood vessels dilating.So what happens if your pill doesn’t help you perform? You might be asked to try another kind of PDE5 inhibitor before moving on to other options, since some guys will respond to one kind but not another.2.

AlprostadilIf you’ve failed pills—either they didn’t work for you, were too expensive, or you were bothered by the side effects—you may be asked to try alprostadil, a common second-line treatment, says Dr. McVaryAlprostadil works by increasing blood flow and causing the smooth muscles to relax, which can help you get an erection.
The drug can be given by an injection in your penis or a suppository in your penis’s opening.Sounds horrifying, right? Androgen Replacement TherapyAlso known as testosterone replacement, this treatment was prescribed to 31 percent of the men in the study. You might be prescribed injections, which you’d get every few weeks, or daily patches or gels.But if your levels are already adequate, supplementing T won’t help you get an erection—and might lead to some scary side effects.

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