Exam Rooms: Twenty two state of the art exam rooms are arranged around the team area of and off the main waiting room in each of the two departments. The exam room configuration, is slightly larger than average with the additional space used for educational purposes, especially in the case of seriously or chronically ill patients The exams room furniture has been arranged so the doctor sits besides the patient rather than across a desk which has been shown to alleviate patient anxiety.
Procedure rooms: One of the two new procedure rooms features state-of-the-art equipment, which will provide patients with one-stop specialty care for the evaluation and treatment of disorders of the lower urinary tract.
This state of the art cysto procedure room contains a GE Healthcare OEC 9900 Elite Premium Digital Mobile C-Arm unit. Reception and Team Rooms The reception rooms and the team rooms have been centrally located within each of the departments so they are close to the main activity areas of the department. Administration: As a non treatment area, the administration offices have been located at the outer edge of the department, but can be easily accessed from each department via the main hospital corridors. This allows the doctors, nurses, support staff and patients easy access to all these areas.

This unit provides urodynamics, videourodynamics, diagnostic cystoscopies, bladder biopsies, and fluoroscopic studies of the urinary tract. This arrangement cuts down on walking distances for the staff thus improving the overall efficiency of the unit.
The mobility of the equipment and the counter locations allow for maximum flexibility and use of the room. The team rooms have been designed as large open spaces which allow for better communication between the different members of the team. The reception area is located adjacent to the waiting room and both are illuminated by natural light from the adjacent windows.

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