Remember how I told you on Monday that I was gonna give you all final 8 guys in Buenos Aires once I figured out who the one guy I didn’t know was? Two of these six guys were still part of the 8 guys who made it to Buenos Aires – Wells and Robby. Also, Robby is the one who JoJo was walking hand in hand with in Uruguay after they had drinks at the Capi bar and got a fireworks show that I posted last week.
Which makes for a whole boatload of questions, mainly what is a guy just out of a four year relationship doing on this show? I start out laid back, but then end up getting the party started…What are your three best attributes? Fresh off being dumped by "The Bachelor" Ben Higgins, who had told her he loved her, she met 26 handsome bachelors vying for her heart. Vincent Michael Bivins received his Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the University of Alabama. Openness, fun, first impressionAll-time favorite movies: Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Good Will HuntingIf you could be someone else for just one day, who could it be and why? He subsequently completed his medical education at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, his internship in General Surgery at Vanderbilt Medical Center and his residency in Urology at the University of Oklahoma.
Trump, just to see what the heck is in that guy’s head.What is your favorite memory from your childhood?
He then completed a clinical fellowship in Urology Oncology at the University of Washington, going on to join Urology Centers of Alabama in 2002. She says she's looking for someone with the same values as her and she's grateful for the experience and excited for whatever comes her way. NYC, because the restaurants all make you want to fall in love.What are your deal-breakers when it comes to relationships? Girls with chipped nail polish, girls who talk too much, narcissists, clingers, girls who have serious food allergies.Do you consider yourself a romantic and why? Evan Bass: Lives in Nashville, TN, but runs a couple of Erectile Dysfunction clinics, including the Alabama Men's Clinic.
Ali said that she didn't "focus enough on the compatibility," and she just thought Roberto was "so hot" so that's why it didn't last.

They all gave her the advice that if she likes someone a lot put them on the back burner for a bit and get to know some of the other people for a while, because that other guy will still be there. Also referenced the fact he has kids and didn’t want to say too much on the date in fear they might hear him someday. Must be very protective of them since there’s no pictures of his kids anywhere on his social media.
He says he's happy with his career and life and the next step is to find someone to share it with. He said he was lacking some direction when he was younger, but then he enlisted in the Marines.
Though he came off whiny on the 'Ette, I didn't have an issue with him and felt like much of it was producer manipulation.
He has a twin brother who is already married and that has spurred him on to looking for his own Mrs. I too think they would look cute together.___________________________________________________________________________________________________Be kind whenever possible. Ok, maybe one, he has "Mojo for JoJo." Ali lives in Santa Monica and he's an Iranian-American.
He talked about the struggles of not being accepted by his father's side of the family because he is biracial.
First out of the limo was Jordan who told her that his parents met and were married within just a few months and they've been married for more than 30 years, so he thought that would be encouraging. They drank out of the bottle and JoJo said, "My mom would like him." I liked this introduction, really creative and referenced her family in a fun way.
He then called himself the most beautiful woman in the world, and then said all joking aside; he's looking forward to getting to know her. Luke the cowboy got off of the "unicorn" and he said that he wanted her to know that he thinks "unicorns are real" and he told her he was from Texas. He joked with her about meeting Santa, and she said his confidence was reassuring and it felt great to sit with him.
She finally asked him about himself and he talked about how he's into media, and sports broadcasting, and how he does radio.

He thought that she was better than he was expecting and that their time together was very natural. He said he really wanted to kiss her, but he chickened out and he "instantly regretted it." JoJo said the conversations are coming along and she's feeling more connections! She was swept of her feet and said; "Now THAT is a kiss!" They danced in the moonlight and JoJo actually seemed weak in the knees! Chad continued to make jerk comments in his interview sessions about everything the guys said and did the ENTIRE night. For reference, this is what they were talking about: Meantime, the guys waiting around got drunk! Daniel poked Evan in the belly button and Evan was like, "Is that a Canadian thing?" The guys were pretty offended by it!
JoJo said, "What just happened?!" Daniel continued walking around in his speedo, looking for JoJo. Ali, (I'm seriously crushing on him), took to the piano and played some classical music for JoJo. They shared another little kiss and they held hands as they walked back to the inside of the house.
After a while, she returned to her platform of roses, but before she could start handing them out a limo pulled up and Jake Pavelka got out! Several guys tell JoJo they love her and she says that she feels love for more than one person, despite thinking that wasn't possible. There's a lot of drama, like does Robby have a girlfriend, and is Chad a violent guy who is out of control?

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