Previously I discussed how the Paleo Diet could be beneficial for couples with infertility problems. We are what we eat, and it should not be surprising to know that food has the capacity to positively or adversely affect all tissues of the body14-16 including the penis, the prostate gland, the testicles, semen and male hormones (androgens) – all of which regulate normal reproductive function in males. Regular ingestion of soda pop and sugary soft drinks is intimately involved in ED.18 If you have bought into the Viagra commercials and wasted your monies on this pharmaceutical, there is an alternative and healthier solution – stop drinking sugar laden soft drinks and stop eating processed foods loaded with refined sugars. Over the years since Paleo has increasingly come into the public eye, more and more versions of Paleo Diets have been put forth by people from all walks of life.
A recent epidemiological study31 in healthy, physically active young men showed that increased total dairy intake was related to impaired sperm morphology, particularly for full fat dairy products. At first, most people wouldn’t have a clue why milk and dairy consumption should have anything to do with male reproductive health.
In the “Paleo-sphere” there seems to be widespread approval of sea salt as an acceptable ingredient in Paleo recipes and menus. A increasing body of scientific research demonstrates that high salt diets impair a normal erection.
A caveat to this concept are foods which increase NO production and promote normal erectile function.
Omega 3 fatty acids stimulate NO release.51 The Paleo Diet is rich in long chain omega 3 fatty acids because it encourages regular consumption of fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, herring, and other seafood), free ranging meats, poultry and eggs.
As I have indicated time and again, The Paleo Diet is not a diet at all, but rather a lifelong program to maximize health and well being by consuming, natural living foods and avoiding processed foods.
With contemporary Paleo Diets, I advise you to avoid processed meats like bacon, sausages, bologna, salami, prosciutto, liverwurst, hot dogs, ham, and the like. I’m sure that I’m not going to get much disagreement in the Paleo community when I say that we should avoid trans fatty acids produced via the hydrogenation process used to manufacture margarines, shortenings and the vegetable fats found in many processed foods. If you voluntarily decide to eliminate or reduce animal foods from your diet via vegetarian or vegan protocols, you will almost certainly become deficient in vitamin B12. Infertility and ED are diseases which have increasingly been associated with the same dietary and environmental factors that elicit the chronic diseases of civilization (obesity, overweight, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, acne, gout and a number of cancers). Research suggests that kegel exercises, in combination with a proper diet and supplements, are one of the best options for increasing semen volume.
Interesting information about the erectile dysfunction and nutrients that helps you to recover from the erectile dysfunction. The paleo diet is simple and effective way to reduce your daily calories without starving or depriving yourself of vital nutrients. One interesting thing to point out is that the Paleo Diet is NOT a rich source of folic acid. Our development of sperm is extremely sensitive to external factors, like oxidative stress, heat and nutrition. DisclaimerHealth problems such as lack of energy, weak immune systems, hair loss, reduced potency, libido and erectile function problems have different causes and will require customised treatments based on the individual's needs.
Results of complementary treatments with nutraceuticals such as amino acids may therefore vary greatly between individuals and a guarantee of results cannot be provided under any circumstances. For instance, statements about the consumption of amino acids will apply differently to different individuals based on their overall health profiles. Two specialist companies with over 50 years experience join forces to design a new standard of integrated urodynamics system. With over 25 years experience in the field of Urodynamics, Albyn Medical recognised the need for a specialist integrated Urodynamics system. All investigation types may be performed including Uroflowmetry, Filling and Voiding Cystometry, UPP and EMG. Unique NDL software security system, data is maintained even in the event of power or other PC failure. Let’s not forget infertility is a two sided coin involving health issues which may affect sexual activity and reproduction in both males and females.
A review of the current literature supports the notion that the typical western, junk food diet is a major contributory factor to male infertility and ED.6-8 Further, as I will shortly demonstrate, adoption of a contemporary Paleo Diet may reduce male infertility and alleviate the symptoms of ED.
If we go backwards in time to the 1920s or 1930s, the decline in semen quantity and quality occurred shortly after the widespread introduction of processed foods.14 Are these two facts serendipitous or are they causally related? Accordingly, changes in the western diet that have occurred since the industrial revolution and earlier14 have now been implicated in male reproductive dysfunction.
A good starting point would be for you to adopt the Paleo Diet which is almost totally devoid of refined sugars and processed foods. One issue is dairy – should you or should you not include milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products in your modern day Paleo Diet? Milk and dairy products are concentrated sources of calcium which impair absorption of zinc and iron.40, 41 So if you decide to put a slice of cheese on your grilled burger, you unknowingly will severely reduce absorption of the zinc and iron normally present in ground beef. As I have laboriously pointed out, nothing could be further from the truth – our Stone Age ancestors rarely or never added salt to their foods.47 Sea salt maintains the same adverse health effects as does commercially manufactured salt. Most men eating an average American diet are completely unaware that they are consuming a high salt diet.
Salt which we get mainly from processed foods and cereals severely reduces NO in blood vessels, including the penis. All body tissues (be they male or female), including our reproductive organs respond positively when they are provided an environment and milieu consistent with that which shaped our species over millions of years of evolutionary wisdom.

All of these meats are incredibly high in salt and typically maintain a fatty acid profile that looks nothing like fresh, unadulterated wild or grass produced meats59, 60 – to say nothing of the preservatives and additives which are part of these meats. As I have previously pointed out, B12 deficiencies universally result in elevated homocysteine concentrations throughout the body, including the testicles and ovaries which impair fertility for both men and women.
The same protective dietary measures (The Paleo Diet) that reduce or eliminate symptoms of the diseases of civilization almost certainly will promote positive reproductive function in men of all ages.
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The suggested foods contain most of the best protein supply such as Meat, Fish, Eggs, Fresh fruit, Green leafy vegetables, nuts etc. It’s a rich source of folate which is more biologically active than folic acid which is a processed, industrially manufactured supplement. Three capsules per day is the recommended intake, so one pack lasts for one month.We recommend that you take the capsules at least for four months, because the development of male sperm requires about 80 days.
With the help of table specialists Medifa, our new integrated system is manufactured from the highest quality components and materials.
The integral pressure transducers, flow sensor and puller automatically move with the chair height therefore no re-positioning is required. In this blog I will focus upon a number of recent scientific studies which confirm that male reproductive health (including sperm quality, quantity and erectile function) are closely associated with diet and overall health. If we look at the anthropological and evolutionary data, the answer is a resounding no!26 Ancestral hunter gatherers could have never included dairy products in their daily menus because it is nearly impossible to approach large, wild mammals – much less milk them. Both should be avoided in contemporary Paleo Diets for a wide variety of health reasons including erectile dysfunction.
An erection required for intercourse cannot occur without normal blood concentrations of NO.
You don’t have to look far to discover these healthful NO eliciting foods, as they are nothing less than the quintessence of The Paleo Diet.
Male reproductive function including ED can improve by eliminating the ubiquitous processed foods in the standard American Diet.
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Dietary intake of antioxidant nutrients is associated with semen quality in young university students. Differences in blood and semen oxidative status in fertile and infertile men, and their relationship with sperm quality. Fatty acid analysis of wild ruminant tissues: Evolutionary implications for reducing diet-related chronic disease. His research emphasis over the past 20 years has focused upon the evolutionary and anthropological basis for diet, health and well being in modern humans. Squeezing these muscles, holding the contraction for 30 seconds and releasing is the simplest form of kegel exercises. Stress, various health conditions and relationship issues are the main cause behind Erectile Dysfunction.
Intake of concentrated antioxidants is recommended as a preparation for supported fertilization (IVF, ICSI), but also as a general support to a successful natural conception. Short term effects from the intake of the product over a couple of weeks therefore should not be expected. The quality of Urodynamic studies can be improved considerably if the patient is at ease and comfortable during the test, and this aspect was given a high priority in the design of our new integrated system. So any nutritional factor, such as salt, which reduces synthesis and production of NO should be avoided, if your goal is to maintain a fully erect penis during intercourse. You can go a long way in improving your erection and sperm quantity and quality by eliminating refined sugars, high glycemic load carbohydrates, dairy products and salted foods. Malaria and rickets represent selective forces for the convergent evolution of adult lactase persistence. Here are a few additional scientific tidbits of advice which add credence to The Paleo Diet and men’s reproductive health. Cordain’s scientific publications have examined the nutritional characteristics of worldwide hunter-gatherer diets as well as the nutrient composition of wild plant and animal foods consumed by foraging humans.
Beef is a great dietary source of zinc – eat it regularly (particularly the grass produced variety) and your blood concentrations of zinc will rise. He is the world’s leading expert on Paleolithic diets and has lectured extensively on the Paleolithic nutrition worldwide. One of the richest sources of zinc is found in oysters, a food which historically has been associated with increased male libido and fertility.

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