Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a debilitating condition that greatly decreases the quality of life for those afflicted. The only systematic review into Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) and ED covered 2253 patients. There has also been several studies examining the effectiveness for Chinese herbal medicine for erectile dysfunction.
The herb eucommia ulmoides oliv (DuZhong) reduced the impairment of myelinated nerve fibres and enhanced the penile tissue, improving erectile dysfunction in diabetic rats (13).
Another commonly used Chinese herbal formula, namely “Liu Wei Di Huang Wan” is well know to be useful in diabetic conditions.
Anti-psychotic drugs often cause sexual dysfunction in patients with schizophrenia, this can be as high as 50% of male patients (17).
Although the evidence that supports the use of Chinese herbal medicine for erectile dysfunction is growing it is important not to lose sight of the knowledge which has been recorded along with the names of the herbs.
To enquire about treatment for erectile dysfunction, please call the clinic on 1300 432 639 or click here to make an appointment with one of our experienced practitioners. RevitalizerTM Herbal Viagra Combo is a proprietary formulation of over 10 pure, natural traditional Chinese herbs.
RevitalizerTM Herbal Viagra Combo is a proprietary formulation of over 10 pure, natural traditional Chinese herbs for erectile dysfunction.
Expedite the commercialization of products because of the formula is proprietary and the powder is ready to manufacture as capsules or tablets. China Good Quality Female Sex Enhancements, Herbal Male Enhancement and Extenze Male Enhancement International Trade Site. 60 34 4 5 13 1 1 1 160 34 4 5 13 1 1 1 1In recent years, the use of medicinal herbs for impotence treatment has become popular alternative to the more dangerous pharmaceutical options and there are many herbs easily available that can help treating and even cure erectile dysfunction by addressing the underlying causes.
There are herbs that can help calm the nerves, increase blood flow to the penis, improve the circulatory system and increase the hormone levels which automatically decrease with age. What scientists are finding out today is that the age-old reputation and traditional uses of many medicinal herbs as a treatment for erectile dysfunction has actually some scientific foundation behind them. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a serious problem that affects millions of men around the world and it’s usually defined as the inability of maintaining an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Impotence is not classified as a disease but rather as a symptom that is caused by one or many underlying factors both biological and psychological. Factors like diabetes, hormonal imbalance, smoking, stress, depression, anxiety, alcoholism and certain medication can all contribute to erectile dysfunction (ED).
It was thought for a long time that the main reasons for impotence were psychological but now it has been confirmed that impotence can also be caused by biological factors. When using medicinal herbs for impotence treatment it should be done so under the direction of a qualified health care practitioner. Ginkgo works by improving circulation without increasing blood pressure, especially in those blood vessels just below the surface of the skin. This herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction is especially effective in those individuals who have other symptoms of poor circulation or as a result of antidepressant use.
This medicinal herb is probably the most popular herb today used for impotence treatment and yohimbine, the active constituent in yohimbe, is the most documented herbal solution for erectile dysfunction and has been proven to work.
The downside to this is that yohimbine can have many serious side effects like nausea, insomnia and nervousness. Both yohimbe and yohimbine are legally available over the counter as they are classified as an herbal remedy but they should always be used with the supervision of a health care professional. Asian ginseng, often used for its ability to improve mental and physical vitality, shows great promise among impotence herbs.
Studies in Asia have shown that this herb taken over a period of two to three months may improve sexual function and sperm count and motility. Ginseng is generally safe, although large amounts may cause over-stimulation leading to insomnia or irritability. A Brazilian shrub that has been used in South America for centuries as an aphrodisiac and to stimulate the nerves. This herb helps reduce fatty deposits in the blood and improves circulation, thereby helping erectile function.
As its popularity has grown, this herb has been dubbed “Peru’s Natural Viagra.” It also acts as an aphrodisiac and improves strength and quality of sperm. Maca?s abilitiy to increased energy production, as well as to improve stamina and sexual function make it a good herbal impotence treatment. Legend has it that this herb got its name from a goat herder who noticed an increase in sexual activity among his goats after they ate this plant. Horny goat weed helps improve circulation, reduces fatigue, increases sperm production, and enhances sexual desire.
This herb works at the hormonal level by increasing Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), in turn increasing LH and FSH which increase testosterone release. About Latest Posts Follow MeThordur SturlusonA biologist, zoologist, scuba-diver, blogger and aspiring herbalist with interest in nature conservation, animal protection, herbal medicine and medicinal plants.
Watermelon is a rich source of citrulline, which has been found to improve erection hardness in men with mild erectile dysfunction (impotence). As noted in a recent article in the Harvard Health Letter, up to three­-quarters of men with cholesterol­-narrowed coronary arteries have some degree of erectile dysfunction as well.
Obviously, if your arterial system is that damaged, a more intensive effort that involves much more than popping a pill can yield longer­ term improvements in both sexual function and cardiovascular health.
The way drugs like Viagra work is by inhibiting an enzyme that inactivates something called cGMP, which would otherwise dilate penile blood vessels. But there’s another way to boost cGMP levels, by going to the other side of the equation, and stimulating the enzyme that makes it. So just one serving a day, one wedge, one-sixteenth of a modest melon should provide the dose they used, allowing for a 68% increase in monthly intercourse frequency, which your heart should be able to handle, given how much lower your blood pressure will be with watermelon supplementation. Images thanks to tiny banquet committee, Life in Wonderland, and Starliner and Candie_N via Flickr. For additional context, please check out my associated blog posts: Pollutants in Californian Breast Tissue, and Flax Seeds for Diabetes.
To post comments or questions into our discussion board, first log into Disqus with your account or with one of the accepted social media logins. From my practice in Redding CA today there is going to be a mad dash to the store for watermelon! Are there any studies you have found on hair loss and diet, especially male pattern baldness?
For some context, please also check out my associated blog post Watermelon for Erectile Dysfunction! Dr.Greger,  I have read that Citryline is found in the rind of Watermelon and not watermelon. As manish mentioned, it seems that it’s better to eat both the rind and skin, as, evidently, 90 of the nutrient value lies there. Known also as herbal erectile dysfunction solutions, natural remedies have been used for centuries to treating erectile dysfunction.

Natural ED remedies are created with the intention to minimize tension in the body, which works to improve the blood flow to the penis. After you start using natural remedies to treat your ED issues, you will begin to notice positive changes in both your physical capabilities and your mental outlook on life. Yes – Bali Mojo is a blended formula of herbal aphrodisiacs, designed to help you achieve and maintain a stronger erection, and available in easy-to-take capsules.
This entry was posted in erectile dysfunction, herbal remedies and tagged erectile dysfunction. Balimojo specialise in natural remedies for erectile dysfunction and a wide range herbal remedies for impotence and other erectile issues. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , impotence is in most cases due to the deficiency of kidney Yang of the Yin-Yang principles.
In Jan 2013, a study claimed that ginseng was a viable alternative to Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction, a claim which understandably excited press across the world. The double study actually didn’t find much difference between the ED-fighting qualities of ginseng and the placebo pill.
Conclusion: There’s just not enough evidence to suggest that ginseng actually treats erectile dysfunction or any sort of sexual dysfunction. Some cautionary words: There are thousands of products on the internet which claim to be made of ginseng or have ginseng extracts but there’s no way to know whether these products even have the ingredient. Chinese Medicine has thousands of years experience in dealing with these type of conditions. He notably wrote about the efficacy of different types of ginseng in treating ED, which modern science has recently confirmed (1). A range of different drugs have been used over the past ten years providing varying therapeutic results, however most of them have been associated with serious side effects, including headache, facial flushing, myalgia and dyspepsia (2).
The analysis appeared quite positive with significant cure rates in CHM combined with western medicine including improved erection quality scores, erection angle and recovery times. It had a statistically significant higher effectiveness rates than controls with no side effects (6). In an experiment looking at ED in rats with high cholesterol, Chinese herbal medicine was found to significantly improve erectile function although the herbal medicine didn’t alter the cholesterol levels, it was thought that the herbs protected the smooth muscle and relevant cells from the effects of the cholesterol (9).
This commonly used herb prevented nerve fibres in the penile tissue from becoming irregularly arranged and degenerated, which occurred in the control. In one study, diabetic mice on this formula showed improved sexual arousal, erectile and ejaculatory functions.
Typical sexual related side effects include disturbances of erection and ejaculation (30– 60% of patients). All herbs are carefully screened and selected to ensure the potency, then blended in optimal ratio based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Revitalizer improves blood circulation in penile tissues and modulates muscular, neuromuscular and central nervous system functions and these are keys for proper erection and prostate health. Some are used primarily for impotence, while others have different main functions with improved sexual health as a positive side effect.
The underlying causes must be establish in order to choose the appropriate herbal treatment and any significant interactions between the herbs intended for use and prescription medications must be investigated. This herb has been recognized for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and other sexual function disorders.
Considered by many as the best impotence herb available and in some clinical studies it has proven to be effective as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in some men. Its Chinese common name, he-shou-wu, was the name of the man who purportedly was healed of his infertility after taking this herb. Even with all those years of use, its potential as an herbal medicine is still being discovered. Its ability to increase energy, strength, stamina, and sexual function has earned it the title “Peruvian ginseng,” although it is not related to ginseng. The combination of effects helps males achieve and maintain erection, improve stamina and longevity and enhance the overall experience. It has been shown to increase testosterone levels, especially in those whose levels may be low, and increase sexual desire. Plant-based diets can not only reverse both conditions, but one plant in particular may be able to play a stopgap role in the meantime. Oral L-citrulline supplementation improves erection hardness in men with mild erectile dysfunction.
Effects of watermelon supplementation on aortic blood pressure and wave reflection in individuals with prehypertension: a pilot study. See Our Number One Killer Can Be Stopped, and my other videos on reversing chronic disease. See Our Number One Killer Can Be Stopped and the 10 other videos on reversing chronic disease. Not having the ability to get and maintain a hard, long lasting erection can have a major impact on your self esteem and confidence – and not in a good way! Commonly used in Chinese and African medical treatments, herbal ED solutions are created using only natural ingredients. This flow is what helps to sustain a hard erection, allowing you to last longer in the bedroom. You can actually improve the results of taking herbal remedies by combining them with healthy changes made to your lifestyle.
The natural ingredients used in Bali Mojo are gentle, yet effective in dealing with sexual performance issues. This article is described about its concepts, development, diagnosis, treatment modalities and preventions according to TCM viewpoints. Yang is the mannish and positive principle of Yin-Yang whereas Yin is the womanish and negative principle.
There have been claims that it can cure erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, act as a stimulant and even as a type II diabetes treatment. However,  the NHS found, on closer examination, that the study authors had exaggerated the findings which were picked up by the media and printed as gospel truth. The study tested various areas of sexual dysfunction including intercourse satisfaction, sexual desire, erectile function and ejaculation and it found that only ejaculation function was the only one which varied during the study. Please steer clear of them and only use ginseng as an aphrodisiac or Viagra alternative only after a doctor has suggested since there are a variety of side-effects that the herb is capable of causing. Therefore while the use of a herbal product is in high demand, the research to confirm the efficacy of such treatments is only beginning to emerge. It was concluded that CHM was superior to controls however due to the low quality of the studies it could not be recommended, as more rigorous research is necessary to make that level of recommendation (3). It was suggested that these results indicate that SA1 improves the sexual activity and erectile function. It is important to note that in this study, all subject who were chosen, had a traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis of kidney-yin deficiency. The therapeutic actions of this formula did not occur through the lowering blood sugar but through other pathways (14).

Rats on this herb had significant greater length in neurite length in the pelvic ganglia and improved erectile functions (15, 16). These effects often lead to impaired quality of life and failure to adhere to the treatment protocol.
What is important to understand is that different herbs are suitable in what kinds of situations that don’t always align with present day disease names. The product is provided in the powder form, and it could easily be transformed into either capsules or tablets. Studies have shown that it helps enable males to maintain an erection longer and achieve ejaculation. One of the traditional uses that are being rediscovered is the use of the herb as an aphrodisiac. Since decreased testosterone is one of the common causes of impotence, this supplement is a good herbal impotence treatment. How much watermelon would you have to eat every day to match the dose they used in the study?
For more on diet and sexual dysfunction, see Cholesterol and Female Sexual Dysfunction, Atkins Diet: Trouble Keeping It Up and Rosy Glow. Not only that, it can also lead to relationship problems with your spouse and actually lead to depression. By avoiding synthetic and artificial ingredients, a gentle formula is created that diminishes the chance of unpleasant side effects. For example – if you drink an excessive amount of coffee, you may want to consider reducing how much you have. Recent research shows, that this ancient chinese remedy works in a similar fashion as Viagra. Erectile dysfunction supplements and other natural remedies have long been used in Chinese, African and other cultures.
Chinese Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction, Looking For The Best Chinese Herbs For Erectile Dysfunction? The Tole Institute Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Cure is one of Malaysia’s oldest and most established Alternative Medical Centres sexiouly uncapable, impotency herbs, impotency cure, impotency treatment, stroke herbs, infertility herbal cure, conceiving problems herbal cure, stroke by Master Leong, herbal exporter, malaysia herbs, malaysian herbs, impotence, stroke. Impotence refers to softness of the penis during erection, inability to maintain erection, or powerless erection during sex.
Ancient Chinese wisdom claims that ginseng cures problems with sexual dysfunction by acting on both the reproductive as well as the nervous to increase libido. In fact, the study found that those given the dummy pill also improved their sexual function suggesting that there is a psychosomatic aspect to erectile dysfunction.
Traditional Chinese Medicine provides the tools to understand how to apply these herbs appropriately and effectively. Three and a half servings a day—unless you eat yellow watermelon, which has about four times as much citrulline. Luckily, natural treatments can be taken to treat the issue, and there are a number of advantages that come with taking the supplements.
Caffeine can actually increase your blood pressure, which can result in obstructing the blood flow to the penis. Under the label of a natural cure for erectile dysfunction, horny goat weed is probably the most famous treatment available online. But unlike prescription medications for erectile dysfunction, such as sildenafil (Viagra) , vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn) , tadalafil (Cialis) and avanafil (Stendra) , erectile dysfunction herbs and supplements haven’t been well-studied or tested. Anusuya Suresh, author of a textbook on Industrial Pharmacognosy (study of medicines from national sources) says: ‘For centuries, people in China have used Ginseng to cure problems with sexual function because it acts on both the reproductive as well as the nervous system to increase libido. Sheng Li capsule shortened copulation latency (the time from meeting to mating), increased the speed that erection occurred and blocked the shrinking of the seminal vesicle. How to choose the correct herbs from the many, and how to progress with treatment and alter the treatment approach when necessary. Also, having high cholesterol can stop you from getting and sustaining a strong erection, as cholesterol actually harms the lining of your blood vessels in the body. Tongkat Ali is used to treat erectile dysfunction, and to increase sexual desire, libido and sexual performance.
Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is not a topic many men care to discuss, even though it affects men of all ages, and can be caused not only by medications, but medical conditions such as diabetes, or even anxiety, depression or stress, according to FamilyDoctor. By its action on the blood vessels of the penis, it helps to improve erections; through its tonic action on the body. It was concluded that SA1 can boost libido, increase erection frequency and improved sexual performance (5).
Without this knowledge we are simply using these herbs out of context which might be beneficial in some cases but also could be severely detrimental in other cases. This is another herb used for centuries in Chinese medicine to treat erectile dysfunction and low libido. Only with a solid foundation in the knowledge of western medicine and Chinese medicine can we provide a well balanced treatment, safely, appropriately and effectively. Concern about impotence in China first left the bedroom and entered broad daylight in the 1980s, when nanke (men’s medicine) arose as a new division of Chinese medicine specializing in impotence and other issues. Erectile Dysfunction, formerly called impotence, is a topic that is not commonly discussed and for a long time was considered taboo. Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can provide a safe natural alternative to helping men with this disorder. Impotence is considered to be the inability to achieve a hard erection or sustain a erection to ejaculate. This interest is also bringing to light some of the oldest natural remedies for both sexual dysfunction and enhancement. Traditional Chinese herbalists treat sexual imbalances such as impotence or reduced desire by improving adrenal energy, muscle strength and endurance with herbs that increase vitality and immunity.
Follow this timeline to see how ED treatment has evolved from blue lotus blossoms to blue pills. Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most frustrating conditions to strike men.
Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) claim high success rates in treating male impotence with a combination of herbs and acupuncture. According to TCM, a man’s ability to get and maintain an erection is dependent on his liver and kidneys functioning correctly.
A textbook of traditional Chinese medicine that dates back to 2500BC notes a potion created from 22 different ingredients that was concocted to help the Emperor bed 1, 200 women.

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