By implementing practices that restore or mimic natural water and tree cycles at your home (or commercial, industrial or other type of site), you can help heal the environment.
Water captured from storms can percolate into the ground to recharge the aquifer or it can be stored in a cistern or rain barrel for irrigation. Capturing rainwater for recharge or reuse decreases polluted urban runoff to our streams, bays and ocean.
Using harvested rainwater can save money on your water bill; some of the other practices can also lower your electric bill. Planting trees is a great way to help your property capture water to recharge groundwater supplies. The strategic planting of deciduous trees (trees that shed their leaves) creates summer shade and decreases the amount of electricity used for air conditioning.
Trees hold rainfall and also sequester greenhouse gases and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Ruby Mountain Hotshot Crew Wins BLM Fitness ChallengeThe Ruby Mountain Interagency Hotshot crew was recently awarded the BLM Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) Fitness Challenge Trophy for having the crew with the highest average physical fitness score of 11 crews across the nation. Harvesting rainwater reduces the use of potable water (water suitable for drinking) for lawns, trees, car washes, etc.
In the winter, a tree's bare branches let sunlight through, decreasing electricity used for heating.
Trees also mitigate (lessen) the heat island effect a€“ the air temperature increase caused by heat-retaining buildings and paved surfaces. The purpose of the BLM National Fire Operations Fitness Challenge is to create a system that measures an individual's level of fitness, help them create goals, track their fitness improvements and provide recognition for individual efforts.
By decreasing our need for electricity to cool and heat our homes, schools and businesses, we are reducing the use of fossil fuels. The Ruby Mountain Hot Shots scored an average 312.6 points with the top score belonging to Tim Hart with 381 points.

The IHC Fitness Challenge Trophy was created to take it a step further and promote healthy competition between the BLM Interagency Hotshot Crews.
The trophy features two full size Pulaskis with all 11 BLM Hotshot Crew's insignias etched into the handles, multiple placards for commemorating each year's victor and a hook for hanging the current trophy holders hard hat during the year of their accomplishment. The individual is given points for each category which is then totaled and averaged for the crew. In 2013, its inaugural year,the Midnight Sun Interagency Hotshots of BLM Alaska were awarded the trophy for averaging a score of 311 out of a possible 400 points. Many times individual fitness is the limiting factor on work production in wildland firefighting.

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