Many candidates who want a certificate of English, have stressed for speaking test due to face to face contact with the examiner. Cartoons are animated drawings, usually popular with kids but there are some popular cartoons for adults such as the Simpsons and Family Guy. Since the target audience for most cartoons is children the language used is purposefully simple. Some cartoons are repetitive and ask the people viewing questions and to repeat back what the character has to do. Being able to see and hear what is going on at the same time will likely improve your listening comprehension. On many DVD’s you can change the language that is spoken to English or you can add English subtitles. I didn’t realise how tricky it would be to narrow down my counselling tools to the top ten. Using a box full of animals is a fun activity to get young people to talk about their friends and family. A collection of different types of hearts is great to get clients to talk about their loved ones and close friends. Centre for Clinical Interventions– This Naturopathy Clinic site includes Tip Sheets, Workbooks, Huge range of topics! You can explore some common thinking errors on the beyond blue website and there are some great downloads for teens.

Another worksheet that might be useful when working with young people explores the Tyranny of the Shoulds! This worksheet is designed to help clients think about their current dysfunctional thinking in terms of what they should be doing and what they should not! Or if your client needs to let off a scream… check out this fun colouring activity here.
Here is a Power point presentation from Eliza Smith who works at Wesley College. Using solution-focused questioning- Eliza Smith. So I think we need to try extra hard.  Create little tips and cheat sheets that remind us how to differentiate them, and what their intensity is so we know how important the feeling is to our actions. Last updated: 29 Apr 2010Views expressed are those solely of the writer and have not been reviewed. Chris: Amazing company founded by an amazing woman doing amazing things for mental health and depression! In this PDF document you will find a list of all the irregular verbs with their phonetic transcription, and by clicking on each one you can hear how each word is spoken. Fotobabble is software which allows you to capture and share mobile photos and audio content on location and in real time.
For this reason in this article I will give you some advice which help you success in the exams. The English verbs that are used are common and words that you could most likely use in your every day when speaking English. You will be able to relate words and phrases said to the actions or things you see the characters doing on the screen.

The linked chart does a really good job of breaking up emotions — not just by type but by intensity.  If we are feeling sad, are we feeling only slightly sad or extremely sad?  And how do we communicate that to others?
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Once the resource is approved, it will be made public and you will receive a notification on your Activity screen. Even if you do not understand every single word you will be able to visually see the storyline play out and that will increase your comprehension because you will be able to use more than one sense at the same time. I find many of the ones that are running right now to be very interactive and some even educational. This aids communication when students find themselves in an English-speaking environment.•Each entry has its corresponding phonetic transcription.
When watching cartoons you use your sight (eyes) and hearing (ears) to increase your comprehension. Your students will be able to recognise and produce the individual sounds that exist in spoken English. It is often useful to have cards or pictures to represent emotions – as they are often hard for kids to articulate!

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