We’re proud to announce the release of Emsisoft Emergency Kit version 10, the ultimate malware cleaning toolkit. A typical malware scan of the whole system takes less than one minute and doesn’t leave out important stuff. Advanced cleaning routines allow you to get back control over your computer within seconds.
No internet connection is required for scanning or cleaning, but we recommend performing a one-click online update prior to scanning to ensure you have the latest malware signatures. The Emsisoft Commandline Scanner is known to be one of the most sophisticated and best-designed scanners for use in batch scripts and self-made programs. Corporate users, such as helpdesks and PC repair companies can buy Pro-licenses at a reasonable rate. Up to 250 cleaned PCs per year: Higher packages for 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 PCs available too. This is a great program which I use on my laptop when travelling .I also have emsisoft antimalware on two of my desktops. Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) like browser toolbars or annoying adware modules currently make up about 75% of all infections seen in the wild.
Emsisoft Emergency Kit 11 does not rely on cloud-scanning (files or meta-data is uploaded to some cloud server) like so many second opinion scanners do nowadays. Version 11 contains both native 32 and 64 bit scanners to make the best possible direct use of the system’s resources. Professionals who sell their services and therefore earn money by using our software need to obtain a license. Only US$99 a year buys you a 16 GB USB stick with the software preloaded on it, the license to clean up to 250 machines per year, corporate branding, GUI and Commandline scanners, and as a bonus a 1-year desktop license of Emsisoft Anti-Malware on top! Licenses for 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 cleaned computers per year are available at reasonable rates too.
Yes, but if you’re offering malware removal as a paid service you would need a PRO license. I sale and install Emsisoft everyday I have hundreds of customers that have paid to use your software that my company has sold and installed on there computers. In the mean time we have also issued signature updates to allow users affected by the hack to use our free Emsisoft Emergency Kit to find and clean any Citadel and ZeroAccess infections.

The digital revolution is increasingly transforming our lives, your world is dramatically different today than it was five years ago.
McAfee Multi Device Security is a cross-device security product that enables consumers to secure PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets with the optimal level of security protection for each device.
Allows you to be less exposed to viruses or threats and protects valuable files in case your device is lost or stolen.
3, Make sure the total = FREE, otherwise remove additional product to make total price to $0. The download package just unpacks to a destination folder of your choice from where you can run it right away.
Recommended by many experts it gives you the flexibility to not only scan specific files and folders, but also binary data via file handles or data buffers with ease. Your program downloaded fast your signatures 144MB took ages I could download a DVD image faster than your signatures. Now with native 64 bit support, it’s still free of charge for private use, and the tool of choice for obtaining a second opinion about any potential infections of your computer.
Many antivirus products don’t detect and remove them properly because they are often bundling PUPs themselves. You can just download the package, extract its content to a folder of your choice and run a scan – simple as that.
Additionally, it includes a command line interface for professional computer users that allows you to perform all actions from a command prompt. The product is free of charge, as we want to help achieving a malware-free world, even for those who can’t afford buying anti-malware software with real-time prevention. Emsisoft Emergency Kit is meant to be a cleaning utility for third party computers who don’t run Emsisoft Anti-Malware protection (yet). The exploit will then install the infamous Citadel or ZeroAccess malware on the user’s PC.
McAfee Multi Device Security’s consolidated dashboard enables consumers to quickly and easily monitor how devices are protected, invite family members to install protection on their devices, and instantly access free premium technical support.
As part of the PC service provided by Tech Depot Services at Office Depot, you are eligible to receive a one year full version McAfee Multi Device Security software for free. If you do not want to pay for this software, be sure to cancel auto-renew before the end of free one-year subscription.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is specialized in removing potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), like unecessary browser toolbars or annoying adware that are notorious for bloating your system.
Emsisoft follows high ethical standards and would never sell out their customers for quick cash made for example via PUPs. As a result, it can scan while being offline which is often crucial on heavily infected machines and for privacy reasons. Today Citadel is used mostly for banking fraud, espionage, as well as as a distribution network for other malware. The ZeroAccess malware will essentially cheat advertisement networks out of money by simulating clicks on advertisements or by redirecting search requests. This has given hackers, scammers, and cyberbullies unprecedented opportunities to target your personal data and identity. With one central location to install and manage mobile, data and system security as well as family protection, McAfee All Access safeguards all facets of users’ digital lives and enables them to enjoy a safe online experience regardless of device or location with an even greater level of ease and simplicity. I received another phone call a hour later and he managed to get your program working and it said apparently that he had loads and loads of malware.
Emsisoft Commandline Scanner is said to be one of the most sophisticated command line malware scanners available, even offering scans of memory buffers or file handles. At the moment the detection rate of the Citadel variants used for the attack are particularly low. With the subscription, you can install any combination of the 5 product licenses provided on any of your devices. It is possible to update the Emsisoft Emergency Kit 11 with a simple click, even after months of inactivity.
He said the ransomware had just popped up on the screen again with a message and he could no longer uses keyboard.
So just put it on a USB flash drive to scan infected computers in case of an emergency – without the need to get online.

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