Real Sociedad forward Antoine Griezmann returned to San Sebastian, delighted to have made his debut with the French national team and keen to get more opportunities.
Upon his return to San Sebastian and first-team training with Real Sociedad on Thursday, Antoine Griezmann held a press call in which he explained his emotions and feelings, having made his international debut for France, during the 2-0 victory against Holland on Wednesday night. Griezmann started the game for France and played for 68 minutes, before leaving the field to a rousing reception from fans at the Stade de France. Settling into the squad was also aided by some of the most prominent members of the French team, explained Griezmann.
Looking ahead and at the prospect of being part of the French squad that heads to the World Cup this summer, Griezmann was cautious not to get too far ahead of himself, preferring instead to suggest that he must keep doing his talking on the pitch. The quality of his performances this season have wowed the fans at Anoeta and there’s no doubts, his call to the French national side have been more than deserved.
Villa keeps playoff hopes alive for New York FC with a late penalty - New York City FC captain David Villa kept his side’s hopes alive as New York defeated Vancouver Whitecaps this past weekend. Enjoy a classic tantric massage and allow yourself to be worshiped standing up and lying down, with feathers, fur gloves, oil, ritual washing as well as the feeling of sensual female palms.

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It’s back to action in La Liga this weekend for Griezmann, as he looks to help his side towards victory against Rayo Vallecano, in the Monday night game. Your body and lingam will receive worship, appreciation, attention, and loving care during this massage.

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