Last year I wrote a post asking for ideas for a marriage survival kit for my friends wedding. Peanut butter; our bride-to-be’s fiance loves Peanut Butter and so his family gave her a couple of jars to keep him happy! Chocolates; because life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get! I’d sent a message to the guests asking them to bring along a gift for the kit and everyone joined in and it was a huge success.

The kit was a great success and as soon as my bestie told me she was getting married, I immediately started to plan some ideas for a similar kit for her hen do. We had afternoon tea and champagne at The Grosvenor, London which was very yummy and once we’d all had a bite to eat and a sup of the fizzy stuff, we presented the bride-to-be with our kit. I was so pleased that out of a group of 30 ladies, we didn’t get many duplicates at all.
She had invited a large group of friends so I knew that if we all pulled together we’d be able to give her a fantastic kit.

The bride-to-be was overwhelmed and had a lovely time reading each of the tags and guessing which gift came from which friends.

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