The same arguments that you have made could translate to most AR platforms when comparing them to any of these takedowns and the defensive limitations of the .22LR. The mini 30 is a nice platform, but given the choice I’d rather have the mini 14 because of the ability to shoot the same ammo than an AR15 fires.
I am not a fan of the .223 either but you are entering the realm of personal preference here. In the end, it all boils down to what you need, what you are comfortable with, your budget, and a whole host of other factors that are unique to you. The Henry is a good SHTF rifle just from the stand point of portability… the Ruger is more accurate but heavier and larger. According to the 2011 US Census Bureau, there are over 5 million people living in Colorado.  Do you have sustainable food, water and protection to prepare your family and yourself for an urban disaster situation?
You might also consider the following items for protecting your family from potential shortages in emergency situations. Rapid Fire Bunker’s Mission and purpose is to enrich the lives of individuals and community by Educating, about emergency preparedness, Providing affordable survival gear and emergency gear, and Developing an environment for safety and protection. The personal service and over 40 years of honed Survival and Military expertise from the Founders allows shopping at the “Bunker” to be an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for inventory questions at 303-797-8278, or just come in and see us in downtown Littleton, CO just minutes from Denver. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Lee U Carbide Small Base Sizing Dies are great for reloaders looking for ultimate feeding reliability in their handgun.
It does have a folding stock , one thing that I do is put it in a fishing rod tube , people see that and dont freak out ( or snitch ) made sure it has a big Zebco emblem on it as well as other fishing stickers .
The British have been trying to get us to switch to the 8mm , which is a far superior round for years .
When your talking about walking away OR back home, weight x distance x whatever your comfortable shooting x will it feed me? Every member of the Rapid Fire Bunker team is trained to educate and direct customers to Emergency, Disaster, Evacuation Outdoor and Survival Gear that suits each individual’s specific needs. Ammunition with undersized brass cases will chamber each and every time it is loaded out of a magazine giving reliable chambering each time a round is stripped out of the magazine or loaded into a cylinder. Plus , you and I both know that most people will get stuck in an urban area no matter how much they say they are a rural.

Competition shooters rely on having ammunition that will feed and chamber each round of ammunition as it is stripped out of the magazine.
One of the other benefits reloaders have reported when using Lee U dies is increased consistency and accuracy in loaded rounds because these dies help increase and provide more consistent neck tension on loaded bullets.
The solid carbide insert inside of these dies is ground to a special contour that does not leave a belt mark on the case. These carbide dies do not require lubricant while resizing, though a little case lube will make the sizing process easier. I would think that if you want the best of both worlds , than a .22 anything is not what you need , although it is better than just a knife .

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