Between my home lab, the hackerspace that I co-run, the booths we set up at various events, and my day job, I find myself packing and unpacking electronics supplies pretty often. An Arudino Uno, which is the handiest Arduino for prototyping, because it comes with little slots over the pins to allow for solderless connections. A strip of individually-addressable RGB LEDs, because they are extremely easy to work with and make every project 10x pretty. A Lighter for shrinking heat shrink tubing, melting rope ends, and burning the scum off of audio wires.

USB LiPo Charger, to charge up your LiPo, which has probably been in a drawer for the last month. In the past, I've worked with the MythBusters on the Discovery Channel, lectured at the university level, coached an all-girls FIRST Robotics team, and designed and taught a number of classes in programming and electronics to children and adults. Most projects can be covered in the prototype phase with some combo of these values, in my experience. I enjoy writing code, designing new systems, thinking of and building new inventions to make life easier, and encouraging little girls to tell anybody who says engineering isn't cool to go kick rocks.

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