We have a great selection of first aid products including EMT Kits for consumers, kids and even pets. Objectives ? Compare the roles and responsibilities of the First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Intermediate, and Paramedic. Objectives (cont.) ? Define the role of the Automated External Defibrillator in cardiac arrest and identify the safety requirements for operating it. First Responder (cont.) ? First Responder Responsibilities – Take appropriate body substance isolation precautions. Emergency Medical Technicians (cont.) ? Responsibilities – Assess the situation to determine if it’s safe.
Emergency Medical Technicians (cont.) ? EMT Equipment – Cervical collars – immobilize neck, back, and spinal injuries.
Emergency Medical Technicians (cont.) ? Responsibilities of the EMT–Basic – Ensure personal safety and safety of the crew, client, and bystanders. Emergency Medical Technicians (cont.) ? Responsibilities of EMT–Paramedic – Effectively understand the local EMS system’s policies and procedures. Section 13-1 Apply Your Knowledge #1 Which two levels of EMTs are allowed to defibrillate the client? Section 13-1 Apply Your Knowledge #2 Why do you think all EMT personnel must use body substance isolation precautions at all times? Client Assessment Process (cont.) ? Documentation – Written reports of pertinent information. Airway Management ? First Responders and EMTs manage life- threatening problems of airway, breathing, and circulation. Additional Career Skills (cont.) ? Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – Used to treat ventricular fibrillation, a chaotic heart rhythm (the most common cause of cardiac arrest). Emergency Childbirth (cont.) ? Anatomy and Physiology – Placenta – allows oxygen and nutrients to go to fetus while carbon dioxide and wastes are eliminated by the mother. Emergency Childbirth (cont.) ? Labor – Uterus contractions in the ninth month signaling childbirth. Emergency Childbirth (cont.) ? Labor – First Stage – Regular contractions of uterus and gradual dilation of cervix become shorter as delivery is imminent. Emergency Childbirth (cont.) ? Labor – Third Stage – Starts after baby is born and lasts until delivery of placenta and umbilical cord is complete.

Section 13-2 Apply Your Knowledge #1 Why is it essential to perform a thorough client assessment? Section 13-2 Apply Your Knowledge #2 Why are a clear airway and breathing always given the top priority when providing care for your clients?
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Answer: The information obtained during the assessment provides the basis for the treatment given.
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