You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. CircuitsToday has introduced an online bookstore where 4 books on basic electronics are reviewed in detail. I would like to make a bright led lamp for household use which works as normal light when supply main is available and also as an emergency lamp when supply is turned off.
I have tried some circuits but lacking practical kowledge.I am planning to start a small scale production with this idea for household lighting so please help me out.
Use 24 to 36 High bright (similar to 50-50 6 pin SMD LEDs capable of operating at 60mA current) Use 12 volt 7AH battery with charger to operate it. Kindly let me get the formula for calculating the values for R1 and C1 for a DC output of 12V across C2, OR the formula for calculating the values of R1 and C1 to get a DC output of X Value across C2 point. Just wondering if you had any ideas on a circuit to run 50watt Leds from 240v AC I was thinking of running as many 50watt modules in series to add up to the voltage that would be produced after filtering 240volt AC. I are trying to build a flashing led sign with 3 stage flashing and 1 color on all the time . Hi Mahajan The reactance of the capacitance (AC resistance) is used as series, instead of a resistance in series. F = 1 ? {2? (R X C)} where F is the frequency in Hz, R is resistance in ohms and C is capacitance in Farades. Hi Mukherjee without any modifications you can disconnect D2 to D13 and just use 5 LEDs of 100mA in series. Hi Bikash C1 is polyester with 400volt DC rating (250volt AC capacitor also can be used and C2 is used in DC circuit with a rating of 50volt DC.
Hi Prasad use simple Emergency light circuit with a by pass switch to use the light as normal LED light. Hi Bhuvnesh Using 50LEDs in parallel will ammount to 1.25amps requirement you have to raise the capacitor C1 value to 25uF 400volts AC.

Hi Deepak you can use a multi vibrator using HV transistors and connect your chain to their collectors. Hello sir, i want to make mains operated 2 chains blinking led circuit with 25 leds in each chain and 2 chains should flashes alternately. Four Pole Time Delay RCD 100A 100mA for Wylex NH Series Type B TPN Meter Ready Distribution Boards. The Wylex range of NH distribution Boards is designed to cater for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.
The wide range of boards is complemented by an extensive choice of incoming Devices including direct connection, switch disconnector and RCD, outgoing devices include a broad selection of MCBs and RCBOs . This comprehensive collection of circuit protection and distribution products allows the contractor to select the most economical and electrically appropriate solutions. Warm start ballast ignition within two seconds, so suitable for use with automatic switching devices, i.e. These books are written by renowned authors like Forrest M Mims, and other famous personnels. Since the current lag voltage by 90 deg across capacitor the power dissipated is Zero, hence no loss across like resistance. You may add a 56 ohms 2watt in series with the mains lead which is directly connected to Bridge rectifier, which may limit the incomming surge current. I was using it 4 to 5 hour a day, but today LED’s starts dimming then closed, my 1uF 400 V polyester capacitor was blone, kindly tell me the resion of it and tell me what to do? I was using it 4 to 5 hour a day, but today LED’s starts dimming then closed, my 1uF 400 V polyester capacitor was blone, kindly tell me the resion of it and tell me what to do? One room I can place 3 series and I use it in three rooms added to the two sets of street lighting. I wore hand phone charger because the fare is cheaper when assembling the adapter itself, equivalent to 6 watts lamp flame.

The flashing colors are blue 32 5 mm superbright blue leds , green 5 mm superbright leds qty 10 , and yellow superbright 5mm leds qty 18 .We have tried all the available circuits on the net for 220 -250 volts 50 hz but find we have a massive power drop which does not light up sufficiently or very dimly . The high value resistance across the capacitor is used to discharge it when the supply is switched off. For power LEDs the requirement is > 500mA it is better to use switched mode power supplies.
In my house it has been under service for the last six months (13 LEDs with 0.47uF)it is still maintaining 210 Lux at 1 meter.
In one room I had to install two series with 75 LED flame parallel and equivalent to 11 watts. With parallel wiring tolerance-related differences in output are possible (thermal stress of the module) and can cause differences in brightness. It will allow the emergency operation for a minimum of 14 hrs non stop with a fully charged battery. The sign is supposed to flash green , yellow , blue repeatedly while the red leds stay on and do not flash . Is there anyone on this site with the knowledge to assist me with a viable circuit either in parallel or series which would work for this application or maybe a challenge for the very capable experts on this site . Entering the 80th day of the nine remaining circuit that lights … led glow dimmed to 50%, and I expect a maximum of 16 days ahead will die all. 3, I make the above circuit mounted 40 series and parallel (to the truth He led 10% brighter than the No.
1 is the most efficient (but unfortunately led is still less bright flame, no 2 …, 15% brighter than No.

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