Mother’s Day is not too far away so now is the time to start planning some gift projects for the Mothers, Grandmothers, or other special women in your life.
I hope you find some inspiration from these projects of easy gifts to sew- most are fairly quick to make and are suitable for beginner to intermediate sewers.
Cover a plain coat hanger with pretty fabric and trims so Mum has a special hanger to use with her favourite outfit.
Emergency Pouch is the perfect place to store some emergency first aid supplies (or credit card) in your hand bag.

A self-contained breathing apparatus allows firefighters to breathe in hostile environments. Nothing means more to a mother than putting some effort into creating a one of a kind gift just for them. Click on the link above each image to be taken to the our original tutorial which features all the project instructions and step by step photos.
Another couple of years and I’m hoping my girls will be proficient enough in sewing to send them ideas like this as hints for me!!

Identify the different features of a SCBA from a fire captain in this free firefighting video series about SCBA harnesses, gages, regulators, masks and more.

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