Whether you want to call it as wedding day emergency kit or wedding day survival kit, they meant the same thing.
Wedding day emergency kit is as the name suggest for emergency and are store in much larger bag and contain items you would need for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and even mother of the bride and sometimes guests.
A ripped wedding gown call for a double side tape or hem tape, a groom who forgot to brush his teeth will need a toothbrush and toothpaste, a blister leg will need the blister balm and so on.
You can pack the emergency kit in a suitcase or smaller bags under the responsibility of several bridesmaids and place in an easy to reach place. Although we really hope that your wedding day runs smoothly, we have compiled a wedding day emergency kit to make sure you are prepared for any crazy mishaps! As far as planning your own emergency kit, consider making one for the bride and bridesmaids and the groom and the groomsmen since girls and guys won’t necessarily need the same things. This entry was posted in Planning, Wedding and tagged Emergency Kit List, Festival Wedding, Wedding 2013, Wedding Check List, Wedding List, Wedding Planning.
Welcome to Marry Me Ink!I'm Rachael and I started Marry Me Ink from my love of brides who choose to rock their tattoos on their wedding day. Marry Me Ink aims to provide the perfect place for alternative and tattooed couples to come and get ideas for planning their unique and tattooed covered wedding. Enter your email address to subscribe to the blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The minute the clock starts ticking toward wedding day, the panic starts setting in the hearts of even the most organized bride-to-be! First stock up on the basic essentials like a small sewing kit and safety pins, in case of loose buttons or beads and faulty hems. Mints and breath fresheners are always a good ideaa€¦a bride with not-so-fresh breath, eeew!
Throw in an extra pair of sandals or shoes for last minute glitches, as well as a towel, tissues and some napkins. Your wedding day can be stressful and emotional so add something to your kit that you know makes you happy like some music, a favourite picture or even some chocolate and candy!
This post is sponsored by Dove® ClearTone™ Deodorant – designed to visibly reduce underarm dark marks and even skin tone.
Step 2: Download the image here and follow the instructions on the package of the tattoo paper. Step 3: Carefully peel the green sheet apart and place the adhesive face down on the design on the white sheet. Step 6: Lay a very damp (but not drippy) paper towel over the design and allow it to saturate the back of the white sheet for about 15 seconds.

Step 7: Starting from one corner, slowly and carefully lift away the white paper backing from the design.
Step 8: Once the paper backing has been removed, if there are any air bubbles where the film with the design is not stuck to the surface, you can use a little bit of the white backing paper to rub them onto the surface. I have a ton of friends getting married and this is the perfect gift for the bride like the night or so before.
I tell all of my Brides that a little kit like this imperative on the day of their wedding. Super cool, I love that the wedding industry is expanding and becoming more creative and fun!
Normally the maid of honor will pack all of these items so that the bride doesn’t have to worry about it. Our creations include: Wedding Invitations, Save the Dates, Baby Announcements, Party Invitations, Thank You Cards, Personal Stationery, Custom Logos and More. Its a simple check list to make sure everything is in order on the day – There’s even space for you to add extra bits to keep it personal! SimplyBridal has created a list of emergency items that you should put in a small bag and have your bridesmaids carry along with the bridal party just in case.
Marriage event reviews, Wedding venue reviews and ideas, honeymoon destination tips, photography, wedding decor and much more. Yes ladies therea€™s a lot to plan, organize and put together so you can achieve that picture perfect wedding but dona€™t forget the fun bits.
Even if you are getting your make-up done professionally ita€™s best to have your go-tos handy for touch-ups and corrections.
If you are planning on using shape-wear having an extra of those is useful too so you have an option. Small special touches like a case or bag in the color she loves or a handcrafted compact mirror will have her feeling even more special on this important occasion. Alongside this, we run a pretty little gift store, Marry Me - The Store, and a floral design company, House of Flowers. You burnish it all over with something like a spoon to get it stuck down really well and get out any bubbles.
Peel the other side of the (formerly) green sheet off, leaving just the thin, waxy layer over the design on the white sheet.
If any bits of the design start to lift with the backing, lay it back down and rub those areas with the wet paper towel again. Couple of friends are getting married this summer and this box and is a great and very unique present for each bride!thank you for sharing!

I have two very close friends getting married in the next couple of months and what a perfect gift this will be!
My little sister just got her acceptance letter into O’more for fashion design, I’m so proud of her! Just when I think you can’t come up with a project more amazing than your last, you go and do something like this.
I had my wedding at home and set up pretty baskets in the bathrooms for guests with these types of things inside. I have been following your blog for a few months now and I just have to say you are awesome!!! I just finished creating a template for my bridesmaid Survival Kit that will be included in their gift bag. You can also separate out and make a bride-only and groom-only emergency kit (under the responsibility of groomsmen). Some people will choose to keep the kit somewhere close-by, and others will make a kit that is available for all of the guests as well (i.e leave a basket in the bathrooms at the reception).
This would be great especially if you’re having the festival wedding away from a central location!
Once your main wedding outfitsA and trousseau is out of the way, therea€™s a little more shopping you should doa€¦think of it as your very own bridal survival kit! Make sure therea€™s a nail-polish in your shade as well as cleanser, moisturizer, a small mirror and some make-up remover.
Oh, we are also bloggers about all things wedding related a€“ the beautiful, quirky, elegant, fashionable & oh so fun! Print the design on the glossy side of the white sheet on your inkjet printer with the photo setting. Contact us with your ideas and inspirations and we will bring them to life — together we can be extraordinary! So your wedding planner in India is taking care of the wedding preps and your clothes and decision making are done, now the bridal kit will get you through all sorts of a€?emergenciesa€™!

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