Everyone who has a basement full of canned goods and a survival garden started somewhere.  We will help get you started.
The top of the pyramid is for stocking the smallest amount of food for the shortest amount of time.
This pyramid will keep you from spending time and money on preps that, while they may be useful overall, are pointless to you right now.  How much of a 50 pound bag of flour or rice will you use in a 3 day long power outage? If you are new to prepping, or you are experienced but find your supplies jump all over the map, start by stocking enough food and supplies for a 3 Day Emergency.
If you have a typical local situation, such as a major snow storm or power outage, you won’t be one of the people raiding the grocery store.
Be sure to include at least 1 gallon of water per day, per family member, and something to cook on, Forge Survival Supply has several types of survival stoves.
Remember that the extended survival food supply is going to need regular cooking supplies to be stocked, such as oil, flour, sugar, spices, etc. You will have to have stocked bulk supplies of staple foods for cooking, like flour, wheat, sugar, and canned goods. The perpetual food supply is for total collapse from which there is no coming back or voluntary off grid living indefinitely. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email.
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I think a couple of coloring books, crayons and a deck of cards is probably also a good idea….
I ca print a copy of this and I will give a copy to my friends and or Municipality for them to distribute a copy to the community.
When you purchased your tent, you probably also purchased a tarp to put between the ground and your tent’s floor to protect it from rips and water seepage.
With prices starting at around $7, a plastic tarp is one item you cannot afford to go without. The number one use for cheap, plastic tarps is cover; cover your bags, food and other gear.

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The Survival Food Pyramid will get you started stocking food in a logical, simple, and economical way.
The idea being that someone who is completely new to prepping can start with a cheap and easy goal and build (downward) from there.
On further trips to the store, add a few food items to your 3 day cache each time and you will soon have enough to survive for several weeks.
You will also need larger water containers to support not only drinking and cooking, but hygiene.
A large fuel supply, or alternative cooking method will have to be used, and hunting if it is available. You must have a self sustaining food supply, like a garden with heirloom seeds and large hunting area.
I’m just putting everything together into 2 plastic tubs that can easily be tossed into back packs on the way out of the house, or into the trunk of the car. You want it somewhere that you can access easily when it’s dark and the power is out, not up in the back of a bedroom closet on the third floor! I can even prepare it in a color coded so that I will know what to color I will pick up if I needed something in my kit or survival bag. Through numerous camping fails, I have learned that packing a few extra multi-purpose items can turn a potential camping disaster into a weekend of camping success. Just one unexpected rainfall combined with a cheap tent will have you wishing you bought a spare tarp or two. Tarps can be used to cover your firewood, protect your floors when you paint and protect vehicles that you don’t park in the garage.

Today, she enjoys plinking with her S&W M&P 15-22, loves revolvers, the 1911, short-barreled AR-15s, and shooting full auto when she gets the chance. We were pretty well organized and everything fit neatly into four plastic crates like you see at home improvement stores and what was on top were two big plastic tarps. Join more than 1.4 million shooters, hunters, archers, outdoorsmen, survivalists and preppers now! Buy a 3 day supply of food for you household (be sure to get things with a long shelf life) and place it somewhere other than your pantry. You will also have to have an alternative water source such as water collection, filtration, and recycling.
Most often, the worst that happens is that we lose power for a few hours and we get a few big branches down in the yard, but even then, having a few supplies nearby would be really handy and comforting too.
I’m keeping it in a cupboard in our master bedroom, which is right off the living room and easy to get to whenever we need it.
Soon I’ll be fully prepared and maybe even a little excited to see how well we do when the first power outage hits this year. Instead of food sticking to the table attracting bees, mosquitoes and flies, you can easily wipe down the tarp after eating.
Suzanne specializes in writing for the female shooter, beginner shooter, and the modern-day prepper. If they had stepped out of their deluxe accommodations they would have been in fast moving knee deep muddy water. We reserve the right to edit as appropriate, delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments or posts, and block repeat offenders. If there was even a chance of rain the second tarp went over the top and overlapped past where the lower tarp was folded up onto the tent. I lived out of a back pack on the road in my hippie days and A 8×8 tarp was home, dry, warm, wind brake.

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