The loss of a job or unexpected expenses are two of the many reasons a family may need help.
We collect non-perishable products any time, just bring your donation to the church when you come for Bible study or worship. While the clothes, books and dolls were nice, the real reason for our visit was simple: Nee’s 2-year-old doll needed a hair intervention.
We picked a hair style and watched as grown women fastened a styling drape around the doll’s shoulders before gently placing her into a miniature stylist’s chair. The hour Nee and I spent in the American Girl Store allowed us to recapture some of her little girl innocence. Flight attendants have a lot of power in the skies, and it turns out some simple, easy-to-follow rules can be the difference between a stressful travel experience and an extra pleasant one. While most airlines prohibit flight attendants from accepting monetary tips, there are plenty of little ways you can help make their days better, such as giving them your magazines, newspapers and books to read during breaks or layovers, or just saying hi when they welcome you aboard. Flight attendant Galen David calls it “Jetiquette” -- the basic rules all travelers should know to ensure everyone -- passengers and flight attendants alike -- enjoys the ride.
Flight attendants have a whole list of things to think about during a flight -- everything from making sure you’re boarded on time to running through emergency scenarios and getting food and drinks delivered efficiently. They work strange hours in physically demanding environments, and they frequently deal with unpleasant or dissatisfied passengers. In addition to the 84 people killed, 188 patients have been admitted to the hospital, 48 are in critical condition and 25 are in intensive care. French health ministry says 188 patients admitted to hospital after #NiceAttack: 48 in critical condition, 25 in intensive care. According to AP, the French interior minister has stated that the death toll has now risen to 80 people. BREAKING: Christian Estrosi, president of the region, says the truck in Nice was loaded with arms and grenades. As the world is still reeling from far too many instances of violence and terror, a deadly incident occurred in Nice, France, late on Thursday night.
It’s pretty safe to say people across the world, of all nationalities and creeds, are deeply saddened by this event and quite exhausted with this type of news.
We don’t yet have all of the details, and this post will be updated as more information comes in.
A truck drove into a crowd as spectators watched fireworks for Bastille Day, an important national holiday for France. DEVELOPING: Dozens are reported dead after a truck drove into a crowd watching #BastilleDay fireworks in Nice, France. No hostages have been taken in Nice, despite reports, French Interior Ministry says on Twitter. JUST IN: President Obama has been briefed on the situation in #Nice, France and will be updated as necessary, spokesperson says. A lightning rod, two lightning suppression units, and shielded cables are used to protect the setup from lightning strikes.
A huge thanks goes to View Into The Blue, a company in Boulder County that specializes in streaming webcams, for helping us with our camera setup.
Because this ia a live streaming video, YouTube blocks it to users who have enabled Restricted Mode.
Nepalese villagers carry their belongings while wading through a flooded street to move to safer ground, at Bardia, in western Nepal Friday. Houses in a residential area are partially submerged by monsoon floods at Nalanda district of Bihar, India, Sunday. KATMANDU, Nepal — The death toll from three days of flooding and torrential rain in Nepal and India rose to more than 180 people today, as relief teams sent food, tents and medicine to prevent any outbreaks of disease.
The worst-hit areas were in western Nepal and northern India, where swirling floodwaters submerged hundreds of villages and swept away homes made of mud and straw. Four helicopters with relief supplies and medical workers were sent to cut-off villages in western Nepal, said Jhanka Nath Dhakal of the National Emergency Operation Center.
Thousands of people are without shelter in 10 flooded districts, and local officials today distributed rice and lentils and cooking pots to people who lost their homes. At least 100 people have died in Nepal and 84 in neighboring India since Thursday due to torrential rains, authorities said.

The situation in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh worsened after dams were opened in Nepal, said Alok Ranjan, a top official in Uttar Pradesh.
Officials in the state reported 10 more deaths overnight, pushing its toll to 34 over the past three days. Also in northern India, at least 50 people have died in Uttarakhand state, many of them washed away as rivers overflowed, submerging villages and fields.
People in the worst-affected villages were being evacuated to relief camps set up in government and school buildings, Ranjan said. State authorities said paramilitary soldiers in about 400 boats were helping to evacuate people from their homes after entire villages were marooned in northern Uttar Pradesh.
Vinod Kumar, a resident of Karonda village in Uttar Pradesh, said flood waters moved in so swiftly that they barely were able to escape. Schools and government buildings were hastily turned into makeshift relief camps, and officials were struggling to provide food and other necessities to thousands of people in the camps, said an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media. In the remote northeastern Indian state of Assam, flood waters submerged large swathes of Kaziranga National Park, a wildlife reserve, forcing animals to cross a highway to escape to higher ground, said M.K. The Kaziranga reserve is home to more than 2,500 of the 3,000 one-horn rhinos left in the wild. Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala appealed to domestic and foreign agencies to help flood victims.
Dhakal said the government was trying to send medical teams and supplies to prevent diseases such as cholera that can follow flooding. Last year, more than 6,000 people were killed as floods and landslides swept through Uttarakhand state during the monsoon season. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?
Alfalfa is high in minerals, vitamins and protein making it one of the most nutritious crops that can be utilized in any forage situation whether for pasture use or as a wildlife food plot crop.
Annual ryegrass is a small seeded grass that can be grazed in spring or fall, hayed, used as a cover crop, plowed as green manure or used as a nurse crop for fall-seeded legumes. Sorghum-Sudan grass offer a solution to producing forage dry matter when an emergency occurs. Majestic Bermuda grass seed is clearly the choice of homeowners, golf course superintendents, sport turf managers, and landscapers. Fescue grass is a group of cool season grass varieties that grow from the USA transition zone, north into Canada as lawn, sports fields, commercial lawns, and pasture grass. Founded in 1989, Modesto Seed initially concentrated on contract seed production for exports. After a couple of years of being braided and re-braided, the poor doll’s hair was a knotted mess. It was going to take a while to get the doll back into shape, so Nee and I began to look around.
I’d pay for the doll’s new hair style and Nee would buy a pair of replacement glasses for the doll. He’ll understand,” I assured her, but I was still a bit nervous about telling Fred about how much we spent during our shopping spree.
Alice, a flight attendant for United Airlines who asked us not to use her real name, told HuffPost that most airlines do not let flight attendants pick up passengers’ bags.
French President Hollande extended the state of emergency put in place following the Paris attacks. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer and are unable to see all the other great content we have.
In the spring of 2003, this osprey pair began nesting on a light pole at the Boulder County Fairgrounds and returned each year. We reported the band number to the United States Geological Survey Bird Banding Program and received the band report. There were reports of scuffles between the two birds and the first osprey was eventually displaced.
Magpies and blackbirds have been spotted on the platform or camera when the osprey were on the nest.
We can provide you with educational materials to support learning about osprey and other wildlife in Boulder County.

The infrared light is powered using a battery that charges during the day with a solar panel. This is our fifth year running the camera and our first few years were plagued with technical difficulties. To turn it off, scroll to the bottom of any YouTube page and click the Restricted Mode button. Most roads into the area are submerged or damaged by flooding, preventing vehicles from passing. The area is mainly farmland where the poor live in mud and straw huts that wash away easily. Along with incessant rain, the rising waters caused several rivers to breach their banks, he said. The main opposition party, the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist, disrupted parliamentary proceedings and demanded that the government declare a national emergency. It was also distributing tents and plastic sheets to make temporary shelters, utensils to cook food, and clothes for those who lost their belongings. The rains caused a landslide earlier this month that covered an entire village near Katmandu, killing 156 people. Heavy deforestation over the last few decades has made the area more vulnerable to landslides.
Depending upon the cultivar, Alfalfa withstands a wide variety of climates and is highly drought resistant because it can lay dormant for up to 2 years when in a drought situation. They are warm season grasses, unlike most of our forage species which are cool season grasses.
With successes achieved in the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia) Our hybrids have been accepted in many of these markets. But when I looked at Nee’s smiling at her freshly styled doll, all of my apprehension disappeared. Be sure to have everything you’ll want during the flight ready before you get on the plane. In 2009, wildlife biologists moved the nest to its current location just east of the Cattail pond for the birds' safety. The male and female migrate and winter separately but return to the same nesting site each year. If you are a teacher looking for more information, please contact Deborah Price, 303-678-6215.
They are powered directly from a building that is approximately 750 feet away but the video and audio feed is transmitted wirelessly. View Into The Blue helped us work out those issue and last year we had a successful watching season with no major technical issues. With Majestic Bermuda's fine leaf, dark green color, uniform texture and dense turf, it is truly the royalty of Bermuda grass seed varieties.
Unfortunately my will power was no match for the money making behemoth that is the American Girl Store. Offspring usually remain at their wintering grounds for their entire first year before beginning a migration and nesting pattern. One year we saw a Great Blue Heron perching frequently on the platform with no apparent disruption to the osprey. No one knows why they collect all the different things that they do for their nest (including trash), other than to make the lining soft and to keep eggs from falling into voids in the stick nest. Our biologists believe that the local surge in nests may be offspring returning to their previous habitat area. There are no markings to indicate which osprey is male and which is female, but the females are generally larger than the males. They show up around the first of April and complete mating and egg-laying within the first two weeks after both have arrived. Some of the public places you can see them fishing are: Fairgrounds lake, Twin Peaks golf course, Lagerman Reservoir, Izaak Walton Pond, Golden Ponds, and Pella Crossing.

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