You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The CB 4-u (formerly CB 8) is a highly flexible wall or pole mount unit specifically designed for areas that do not have accessible power or phone lines. The low power consumption, LED-lit faceplate illuminates the exclusive analog InterAct and VoIP speakerphones designed for maximum reliability, vandal resistance, auxiliary functions, mass notification control, and fault monitoring and reporting capability. VOIP emergency call box, View voip, MEEYI Product Details from Fujian Quanzhou Huanyutong Electronics Co., Ltd.
Another type of call box just has a push button and it allows the user to speak into it without holding a handset. When someone presses a button on a wireless Emergency Call Box it transmits an alert tone to a two way radio or wireless base station intercom. The benefit of an emergency wireless callbox is that you save money by not having to do trenching and running expensive cable to the unit.
The range of these units is several miles, which can be extended by adding an external antenna.
If you have existing two-way business radios, you’ll want a system that can integrate with them.
You can get call boxes that require an FCC license, or you can get units that are certified for use on special FCC License-Free MURS Business Frequencies. If you need to remotely control gates, magnetic door locks, or barrier arms from your portable 2-way radio or desktop base station intercom, then select a unit that has this capability.

Another useful feature is the ability for call boxes to store a voice message that is played when someone presses its button.
If you have several callboxes in use and you need to know the location of the unit calling in, then you can get a call box that transmits a unique numeric identifier to a radio that has the ability to decode this identifier. These emergency callboxes are used for applications like parking lots, college campuses, airports, hospitals, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, resorts, hotels, farms, warehouses, delivery docks, campgrounds, gated facilities, or anywhere people may need emergency assistance. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Now the University Police Department can now send a vocal announcement through the boxes during an emergency. Together, we strive to produce relevant, compelling and informative content for our audience.
The most familiar are the emergency call boxes you see along side the highways in some states.
You also don’t have to pay any air-time or telephone service fees with these wireless systems. Some emergency callboxes can be programmed to be compatible with virtually any brand of VHF or UHF business band radio. If you choose a licensed version, the license is usually not too difficult or expensive to obtain. You can also get units that have optional solar power so that they can run for several days on a single day of sunshine.

So by using an emerency call box, you can put clear wireless voice communication anywhere you need it, quickly, without expensive trenching and monthly air-time fees. David has over 15 years in the telecommunications industry in various marketing and development roles and is very technically adept and marketing savvy.
These callboxes usually have a phone-type handset and they tie into some sort of central emergency assistance command center either through wires or a wireless link. Whoever receives the tone and message can then respond by pressing the Talk button on their wireless device. As mentioned, another benefit is that since the unit is wireless, people monitoring the units can carry handheld radios that communicate with the callbox. There are units that also let you turn on a strobe light at the callbox location to help draw attention to it. These units can also send a second and different voice message alert to the monitoring central location or portable radios. This message could give the callboxes location or it could be an emergency message of some type.

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