Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is quite the prankster, but in a recent interview with NBCa€™s Matt Lauer, she got a little serious when talking about her relationship with wife Portia de Rossi and when discussing news about a new baby.
Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is quite the prankster, but in a recent interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, she got a little serious when talking about her relationship with wife Portia de Rossi and when discussing news about a possible baby.
Amid a number of divorce rumors, DeGeneres is setting the record straight and putting the false reports to bed for good.
While the television host has cleared up the rumors about divorcing her wife, her fans have been eager to find out if she and her wife will ever have a baby with one another. Rumors that the couple was expecting the first child also took over the Internet last year, and de Rossi visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and explained that while multiple 'sources' have claimed that news to be true, the duo was not expecting.
When asked if she'd like to have kids, DeGeneres replied that she thinks she does, but that it isn't enough of a reason to go through with the plan. Is there a chance those Upper East Siders will be 'spotted' again for a 'Gossip Girl' reunion? Celebrity couple Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin have made it very clear on where they stand in politics.
One of the most talented contestants on 'America's Got Talent' opened up on his journey now that he's moving on. Dannii Minogue has a flourishing Pinterest account filled with fashion inspiration for her Project D line, her pop culture picks (movies, books) and things she loves for kids and around the home.
Lauren Conrad's Pinterest is bursting with beautiful images of style, food, fun, and beauty. Ellen, always the one to poke fun, asked the 34-year-old actress, “Were you just sewing that dress when you came out? Ernesto Sanchez Twitter Google Plus RSSErnesto Sanchez is the Editor In Chief for Latin Times.

I am loving the National Ice Cream Day Celebration at Ice Cream Delight's new name party! Die Playboy-Fotos entstanden Ende Oktober, als Lindsay Lohan mehrfach vor Gericht erscheinen musste und das Gericht ihre Bewährung aufgehoben hatte. Mittlerweile gibt es alle Nacktaufnahmen von Lindsay Lohan für die neue Ausgabe des Playboys zu sehen. Ryan Seacrest, Lauren Conrad, and Ellen DeGeneres are just a few of the famous faces who love to pin. It was all fun and laughs and Ellen and Matthew made Jennifer comfortable rather than ashamed. Ernesto oversees the editorial operation and content strategy of the website and its extensions, making sure it appeals to the diverse interests of the growing Latino audience. Einige Bilder mussten sogar noch einmal aufgenommen werden, weil Playboy-Chef Hugh Hefner mit ihnen unzufrieden war. In einem dazugehörigen Interview werden die Leser eine andere Seite von Lindsay sehen. Vanessa Hudgens' account is full of style snaps, Alanis Morissette shares personal vacation photos, and Martha Stewart gives followers an inside look at her life. The overly revealing dress even made Ellen ask whether Jennifer forgot to wear the rest of it! Jennifer seemed just a tad embarrassed and acknowledged that the dress and its plunging neckline was super sexy and maybe a little too revealing. Click through to see all the stars on Pinterest, and if you're still looking for more social media fun, then be sure to check out all the celebrities on Twitter and Instagram, too! He began his career as an entertainment journalist for the newspaper Reforma in his native Mexico.

Poor Alejandro Sanz never realized he conducted a full press conference with his zipper open. Grosby Group Eva Longoria Wardrobe malfunctions are unfortunate, alas pretty normal incidents that public figures are exposed to. Eva Longoria is the latest one to have suffered an embarrasing incident in the Cannes Film Festival 2013.
Getty Images Janet Jackson The most infamous of all wardrobe malfunctions was when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performed at the Super Bowl.
AP Khloe Kardashian Kim Kardashian's sister showed some unflattering undergarments when the wind caught her by surprise.
Grosby Group Sofia Vergara But Longoria and Dawson aren't the only Latinas that has suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Grosby Group Tara Reid Second to Janet Jackson's infamous 'accident', Tara Reid posed for the cameras at a party thrown for P. Grosby Group Ely Guerra The most famous Mexican that has suffered a wardrobe malfunction is Ely Guerra, who during a performance at the festival Vive Latino, found herself playing the guitar with one breast exposed.
AP The Top Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Click on the START button above to open the slideshow!

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